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MaHa Yoga eBook

MaHa Yoga eBook

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Published by Eva Wright
Maha Yoga Siddha Yoga by P.P. SHRI NARAYANKAKA DHEKANE MAHARAJ. Copyright Mahayoga.org respectfully.
Maha Yoga Siddha Yoga by P.P. SHRI NARAYANKAKA DHEKANE MAHARAJ. Copyright Mahayoga.org respectfully.

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Published by: Eva Wright on Dec 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the quest of the everlasting, the fountain of the spiritual Mother Energy has always beena source of investigation. Such a search has been carried out through an innumerable agesin India. India has been a sure asset for tapping such an energy and has always been amaster guide to satisfy such a quench. Among the stalwarts the crown jewel of saints ShreeJnaneshwar Maharaj has already been a pathmaker for a man in the street hankering andreally thirsty and full of inquisitiveness for such knowledge. He has explored it throughJnaneshwari in which every stanza is drenched with nectar of everemerging Mothers Grace.‘Kundalini Shaktipata Yoga’ will have to be regarded as
the simplest, cheapest, topmost
,the world has since ever seen. Various means and methods have been glorified and they possess their own specificity.This information comprises in a nutshell, the cardinal essentials which would encompassthe practices as well as the amazing experiences which bear truth as gathered from thevaried masses, those would ensure its effectiveness leading slowly toward entiresatisfaction and attaining of real worth of life structure.Even a clear observational
glance through the "signs of awakened Kundalini"
especially by this marvelous method of ‘Shaktipata’
would capture the hearts of the eagerly
searching souls
in the real quest of living eternal happiness.Words have their limits and would surrender to the eternal unfathomable depth and wouldcease and merge in themselves.Oh! My dear friends! ‘Shaktipata’ method in these mundane transitory evermarchingworldly affairs, positively and spontaneously too, move your hearts and would try to bringon a natural automatic overflowing nectarous stream with an everlasting peace of mind.The amazing wonderful part of this Shaktipata sadhana is that the things would
happendue to a powerful (perhaps unchallengable) force, automatically driven by a divinepower
due to which the world exists and moves without any purposeful effort.The readers are therefore requested to throw off themselves in the everlasting potential of the
Mother Energy
by relaxing their body elements
to the highest relaxcity and thepar excellence surrender of thoughts to experience the inner core of solemnity.
Entry towards the ‘Shaktipata’ doctrine, by accepting Deeksha (initiation), would be the
only course to achieve
the ever melodious and evercharming blissful grace.
(N. Y. Dhekane)Chapter 1 - General Outline of SiddhayogaIntroduction
1.Throughout the world it is only in India that the Science of Yoga has been studied indetail with good depth and with practical demonstration. The four main branches of the Science of Yoga known to the people are Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Laya Yoga,and Raja Yoga. But the path of the Siddha Yoga (Maha Yoga or the Yoga of awakening the Serpent Power, Kundalini Shakti Jagaran), the supreme path of the
Indian Origin, is recently coming into light among the people. This narration has been put forward to acquaint the common people the importance of the SiddhaYoga.In these days of intolerable stress and strain prevalent in our homes, country and theworld, to maintain the balance of mind is exceedingly difficult. Following the pathof Siddha Yoga it would be easier for anyone to maintain the mental equilibrium.2.Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta can be considered as an authentic text on the SiddhaYoga. Each and every chapter of this Divine Song (
) concludes with refrain,[Tr.: Thus in the
Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta
, the science of AbsoluteReality (
) and in the scriptures of yoga......]Even on the battlefield Lord Krishna insists on Arjuna, to be a Yogi rather than becoming an ascetic (one who performs penance) or a
(pursuer of knowledge),or a
karma yogi
(a man performing rituals or selfless actions).In the
 Bhagavad Geeta
, Lord has advised people making Arjuna as the medium, tofollow and practise this secret
. This
is the supermost spiritualknowledge. Lord desires that people should procure that knowledge which isadvocated by the Vedas. Shri Jnaneshwar Maharaj, the crown jewel amongst theSaints has expounded the Geeta through his commentary
so explicitlythat the (bottom most people) layman can follow it. He begins his

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