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John 17-7 Given From God

John 17-7 Given From God

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Published by William Hamblin
Discussion on the meaning of "all things given" to Christ by the Father in John 17.7
Discussion on the meaning of "all things given" to Christ by the Father in John 17.7

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: William Hamblin on Dec 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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John 17:7, Given From God
John 17:7 (KJV, literal)John 17:7 (Greek, transliteration)
 Now they know that everythingthat you have given meis from you.
nuvn e¶gnwkan o¢ti pa¿nta sa de÷dwka¿ß moi para»souvei˙sin:
now they-know that all-thingsthat you-have-given to-mefrom you are
nun egn
kan hoti pantahosa ded 
kas moi para sou eisin.
 Now they know that all things you have iven me are from you.
17.7, Now they know that all things you have given me are from you.
This passage does not mean that Christ has received “all the things that the Father happens to have given,” but that the Father has given the Son “everything that there is” (
).Thus, in sone sense this passage could be paraphrased: “they [the disciples] know that all thingshave been given to me [Jesus] by you [the Father].” This interpretation is confirmed by the factthat elsewhere John explicitly states that the Father has “given all things” (
) to the Son.
 Matthew expresses this concept a bit differently when, after his resurrection, Jesus says: “allauthority (
) in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (Mt 28.18). For the disciplesto know that the Father has given all things to the Son is to know that the Son is divine, and isone with the Father. It is thus an important part of knowing the Father and the Son that bringseternal life (17.3).
Hamblin, John 17:7, Given from God 1 Dec 11, 2010
Jn 3.35, 13.3; Mt 11.27; Lk 20.22.
On the other hand, throughout his gospel, John enumerates a number of specific thingsthat the Father has given the Son, giving us a fuller sense of what this passage means.The Father gives Jesus “
) over all flesh” (Jn 17.2).The Father gives the Son his “
” (17.1, 22, 24).The Father has given the Son his
(Jn 17.6, 11-12).The Father gives the Son “
what to say
” (Jn 12.49-50), and
what to do
(Jn 5.19-20),including specific
or assignments to accomplish (Jn 5.36).The Father gives the
, or teaching
, to the Son (Jn 17.6, 14).The Father gives the “
true bread
from heaven” (Jn 6.32).The Father gives “gives the
” (Jn 3.34), and the Second Comforter (14.16, 26).
Whatever the disciples ask 
in the Son’s name, the Father will give (Jn 15.16, 16.23).The Father gives Jesus the “
” that he must drink (Jn 18.11), meaning his sufferingand death of the atonement.“All
is given to the Son” (Jn 5.22, 27).The Father has given the Son to have
in himself (Jn 5.12, 26), meaning that he canovercome death through the resurrection.The Father gives
eternal life
(Jn 5.21, 27).Finally, it is important to note that the Father has given the
to the Son,
 indeed, “no one can come to [Christ] unless it is given him by the Father” (Jn 6.55).
Hamblin, John 17:7, Given from God 2 Dec 11, 2010
Jn 6.37-39, 10.29, 17.9, 11, 24.

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