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The Key to the Order & Value of the English Alphabet

The Key to the Order & Value of the English Alphabet

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Published by D G Mattichak, Jr
The English Qabalah as it is found in The Book of the Law
The English Qabalah as it is found in The Book of the Law

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Published by: D G Mattichak, Jr on Dec 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 2- the Key to the Order & Value of the English AlphabetSeveral verses of the Book of the Law indicate that there is a hidden “key” somewhere in thetext. In the first chapter on page 16 there is an indication that ‘mysteries’ are hidden in thescript itself and that these secret were to be revealed by “the child of thy bowels”. In thesecond chapter, verse 76 again refers to ‘one to follow thee’ who will expound the mystery of the book. In this verse an apparently random string of letters and numbers seems to beconnected to these hidden secrets. The string of characters is certainly attributed someimportance and meaning by the text itself. Finally in the third chapter, verse 47 defines thekey by three distinct points of reference, and again ‘one chosen’ is prophesied to come toelucidate upon the mysteries of this key.This same page of the third chapter that contains verse 47, is unique in that it has a griddrawn over it measuring 8 inches by 10 inches (the original page being quarto), and acrossthis grid is a roughly drawn diagonal line near which is drawn a small circle with a crossinside of it. From its appearance one must assume that the grid was drawn over the line andthe ‘circle squared’, as it is referred to in the text. The MSS refers to these two marks as‘keys’. The third point of reference given on this page is the word ABRAHADABRA. Thegrid is further marked along the top of the page with the letters A through H and down theleft edge with the numbers 2 to 10, with the top square left un-numbered yet implying a valueof 1. From all of this I deduced at the time that ‘the key of it all’ was the ‘key to the order &value of the English Alphabet’, as was indicated in verse 55 of the second chapter.When I saw these keys on the page it was immediately obvious to me that I was looking at asimple graph of an elementary algebraic expression. Taking the top of the page and the leftedge of the page as representing a null value, or as no letter, each line can be easily assigned
a literal and numerical value. The first point of reference for the key is “this line drawn”which passes through the grid in two places: D=5 and C=3. Mathematically a line can beextrapolated indefinitely from two calculable points of reference and thus, workingbackwards B=1, and forwards E=7. This is where the second point of reference comes intoplay. “The circle squared” indicates that the value of 7 is not applied to the sequence of lettersas they stand, and the text describes it as “in its failure”, or E
The inclusion of thisexception to the rule of the letters, the exception of the vowels from the alphabet, marks theBook of the Law as a true Grammar, or Grimior.Also, the letter A is not given a value on the grid, if any mathematical value were indicated itmight be ½. In this case it would seem common sense to attribute to it a decimal integralvalue of zero, as in the Tarot. The second chapter, in verse 55, indicates that there is anotherorder to the English Alphabet, and only a small amount of research reveals that its order isvariable in any event, having changed many times throughout history. In fact since theRomans Latinized it about half of the vowels of the English Alphabet have been lateinclusions, or are mere variations upon existing characters. In addition, the Holy Qaballahassigns integral values only to consonants in Hebrew, vowels being indicated by diacriticalmarks in that script, so the Paths of the Tree of Life correspond to consonant rather thanvowel sounds. From all of this it seems not unreasonable to agree with the indication thatE
 From the line drawn and the circle squared I surmised the following equation for calculatingthe integral values of the English Alphabet: for (the alphabet)-(the vowels a,e,i,o,u), and B=1;the value of the next letter is +2, giving the following values:A=0, B=1, C=3, D=5, E=0, F=7, G=9, H=11, I=0, J=13, K=15, L=17, M=19, N=21, O=0,
P=23, Q=25, R=27, S=29, T=31, U=0, V=33, W=35, X=37, Y=39, Z=41.Whilst the line drawn and the circle squared determine what are and what are not the correctvalues of the letters of the English Alphabet, the third point of reference on this page,ABRAHADABRA, is the proof of the correctness of the newly found values.Aleister Crowley was aware of the word Abrahadabra and of its symbolism as the GreatWork completed, and of the method that it indicated for the uniting of the microcosm withthe macrocosm (see; the Confessions of Aleister Crowley pp. 212). It follows then thatbecause Abrahadabra expresses this known quality that it is the perfect test of the key’sveracity. When the values from the key are applied to this word it must in some way expressthe completion of the Great Work, qaballistically and by Gematria. The total enumeration of ABRAHADABRA by the values for the letters from the key is:ABRAHADABRA=0+1+27+0+11+0+5+0+1+27+0=72. By qaballah 72 represents thecircumference of the circle of the Zodiac, as well as the Schemhamporesch, or the dividedname of God, a symbol of the unity and the totality of the universe.Yet upon closer inspection the key is further confirmed by Abrahadabra, by its literalconnection to the cosmology of Thelema. Even Crowley had noticed that “HAD” forms thecentre of the word ABRA-HAD-ABRA (see; the Comment on the Book of the Law). Uponeither side of HAD is ABRA, and symbolically everything that is not HAD is NUIT,therefore ABRA+ABRA=NUIT. The first chapter states, on page 5, that Nuit’s word has avalue of “six and fifty”, and ABRA has a value of: 0+1+27+0=28, andABRA+ABRA=28+28=56. This adds depth to the meaning of Abrahadabra whilst stillexpressing the union of microcosm and macrocosm even to the highest, making it a symbolof the union of Nuit and Had, or of the Great Work accomplished upon the divine level.

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