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Table Of Contents

1.1 The scope of chemistry
1.2 States and properties of matter: the kinetic theory
1.6 Separation of mixtures
1.7 Chemical analysis
*AppLicAtion And inVEStiGAtion
2.1 Abundance of elements on Earth
2.2 Formulae of elements
2.3 Reactivity of elements
2.4 Metals, non-metals and semi-metals
3.1 Atomic theory
3.2 The arrangement of electrons in atoms
3.3 Ions
3.4 Electron dot diagrams
4.1 Physical and chemical changes
4.2 Chemical equations
4.3 Balancing chemical equations
4.4 Decomposition of compounds
4.5 Synthesis of chemical substances
4.6 Bond energy
*ApplicAtion And inVEStiGAtion
5.1 Physical and chemical properties of matter
5.3 Structure and bonding in substances
*ApplicATion And inVESTiGATion
*MoDULe 1 ReVieW
6.1 The historical use of metals
6.2 Contemporary uses of metals
6.3 Alloys
6.4 Minerals and ores
6.5 The extraction of metals from their ores
6.6 Factors affecting the use of metals
6.7 Recycling of metals
7.1 Reactions of metals with oxygen
7.2 Reactions of metals with water
7.3 Reactions of metals with acids
7.4 The activity series and ionisation energy
7.5 Oxidation–reduction reactions
7.6 Metals for different purposes
8.1 Development of the periodic table
8.2 The modern periodic table
8.3 Trends in the periodic table
*AppLicATion And inVESTiGATion
9.1 Relative atomic mass
9.2 Relative molecular and formula mass
9.3 Avogadro’s number and the mole
9.4 Moles and numbers of particles
9.5 Moles and mass
9.6 Percentage composition
9.7 Empirical and molecular formulas
9.8 Gay-Lussac’s law and Avogadro’s hypothesis
9.9 Chemical equations and reacting masses
9.10 Limiting reagents and theoretical yields
*MoDule 2 ReVieW
10.1 The distribution of water on Earth
10.2 Solutions
10.3 The importance of water in Earth processes
10.4 Water density
*Key points
11.1 The shapes of simple molecules
11.2 Polarity of bonds and molecules
11.3 Forces between molecules
11.4 Properties of water
12.1 The solution process
12.2 Relating solubility to structure
*APPlIcAtIon And InVEStIGAtIon
13.1 Solubility rules for ionic substances
13.2 Reversible reactions and equilibrium systems
13.3 Concentrations of solutions
13.4 Dilutions
*APPLiCAtion And inVEStiGAtion
14.1 Specifc heat capacity
14.2 Energy changes in chemical reactions
14.3 Heat of solution and reaction
14.4 Thermal pollution
*MoDule 3 reView
15.1 The production of carbohydrates by plants
15.2 Fossil fuels
15.3 The origin of fossil fuels
16.1 Carbon chemistry
16.2 Allotropes of carbon
16.3 Bonding in carbon compounds
16.4 Representing the structures of carbon compounds
17.1 Defning hydrocarbons
17.2 Naming hydrocarbons
17.3 Separation of petroleum (crude oil)
17.4 Physical properties of hydrocarbons
Physical properties of hydrocarbons
17.5 Evaporation, vapour pressure and boiling
17.6 The safe handling of hydrocarbons
*ApplicAtion AnD inVEStiGAtion
18.1 Combustion reactions
18.2 Energy changes in chemical reactions
18.3 Pollution caused by burning fossil fuels
19.1 Chemical reactions occur at different rates
19.2 Factors affecting the rate of reactions
19.3 Collision theory and activation energy
19.4 Applying collision theory
*MoDULe 4 ReVieW
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