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The Man Nobody Knows by Bruce Barton

The Man Nobody Knows by Bruce Barton

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Published by Frank Nic. Bazsika
A young boy turned off by the Jesus presented by religion grows up to research and find the True Jesus of the Bible!
A young boy turned off by the Jesus presented by religion grows up to research and find the True Jesus of the Bible!

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Published by: Frank Nic. Bazsika on Dec 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Man Nobody Knows
By Bruce Barton
Foreword by Richard C. Nickels page 2How It Came to be Written page 3CHA!"R# $F %$$&'
Chapter One page 6 “The Leader Chapter Two page 17 “The Outdoor Man” Chapter Three page 26 “The Sociable Man” Chapter Four page 3 “!i" Method” Chapter Fi#e page $3 “!i" %or& and %ord"” Chapter Si' page 6$ “!i" %a( in Our %orld” Chapter Se#en page 77 “The Ma"ter”
Originally published in 1925.Reprinted in 1999 by:Giving & Sharing, PO B! 1"", #e$% ity, 'O ()*)9+dited by harles eldbush and Ri$hard . #i$%els.
Foreword b( )ichard C* +ic&el"Originall( publi"hed in 1,2$- The Man +obod( .now"- b( /ruce /arton-i" a Chri"tian cla""ic- with o#er 600-000 copie" "old* Founder and later Chairan o the /oard o one o the world" large"t ad#erti"ing agencie"- /arton paint" a picture o the real 4e"u"- the Me""iah* One o the a#orite boo&" o !erbert %* 5r"trong- The Man +obod( .now" "et the tone- the attitude- or the Church o od in recent tie"* t" a renewable re"ource- which can be ined tie and again or "piritual in"ight"* Thi" i" one boo&  go bac& to- tie and again*The real 4e"u" i" not li&e the "i""i8ed- pale- "ad- (oung an pictured on Sunda(9"chool wall"* !e wa" not a ph("ical wea&ling- but a "trong carpenter who "lept outdoor" with u"cle" "o "trong that when !e dro#e the one(changer" out- nobod( dared to oppo"e !i: !e wa" the o"t popular dinner gue"t in 4eru"ale and en;o(ed a heart( laughand good wine* 4e"u" would ne#er ha#e been able to in"pire an&ind i !e were not the d(naic leader !e wa"*!one"tl(- (et re#erentl(- /arton paint" a picture o the real <ah"hua o the /ible a" a leader- an outdoor an- a "ociable an- who"e ethod wor&ed- who "po&e incredible word" o wi"do- wa" a "er#ant o all- and wa" indeed the Ma"ter worth( o wor"hip*
The parable"- a;or teaching" o 4e"u"- are conden"ed and to the  point- entirel( unli&e the dri#el and non"en"e (ou oten 8nd on nternet oru" toda(* !i" language wa" ar#elou"l( "iple- u"uall( u"ing one and two9"(llable word"* There i" hardl( a "entence in !i" teaching which a child cannot under"tand* Sincerit( illuinate" "trongl( e#er( word- and repetition in di=erent wa(" dro#e hoe !i"  point"* !i" "torie" are unorgettable and tiele""- eternal*>e"erted b( !i" hoe town- !i" be"t riend- !i" relati#e"- the crowd- and 8nall( the ele#en- the Sa#ior ne#erthele"" triuphed gloriou"l(* /lood( and beaten- d(ing on a "ta&e- 4e"u" "till perored one la"t iracle* One o the robber" cruci8ed ne't to !i "aid painull(- ?4e"u"-reeber e- when thou coe"t into th( &ingdo:?/arton conclude"@ ?)ead that- ( riend"- and bow (our head"* <ou- who ha#e let (our"el picture !i a" wea&- a" Aonl(B a an o "orrow"-unin"piring- glad to die* There ha#e been an( leader" who could call orth enthu"ia" when their ortune" ran high* /ut !e- when !i" eneie" had done their wor"t- "o bore !i"el that a cruci8ed elon loo&ed into !i" d(ing e(e" and "aluted !i a" &ing*?The Man +obod( .now"- b( /ruce /arton- i" in the public doain* ?The lie o 4e"u"- a" we ordinaril( read it-? the /o"ton !erald wrote- ?i"what the lie o Lincoln would be i we were gi#en nothing o hi" bo(hood and (oung anhood- #er( little o hi" wor& in the %hite !ou"e and e#er( detail o hi" a""a""ination*** 4e"u" li&ed to dine out* !e wa" the o"t popular dinner gue"t o 4eru"ale*** The reader i" not "hoc&ed b( thi" ethod o Mr* /arton" * * * 4e"u" "ee" e#en ore thebeing or the age"*? !ow t Cae to /e %rittenT! little bo( "at bolt upright and "till in the rough wooden chair- but hi" ind wa" #er( bu"(*Thi" wa" hi" wee&l( hour o re#olt*The &indl( lad( who could ne#er "ee to 8nd her gla""e" would ha#e been terribl( "hoc&ed i "he had &nown what wa" going on in"ide the little bo(" ind*?<ou u"t lo#e 4e"u"-? "he "aid e#er( Sunda(- ?and od*?

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