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Heroes & Villians v1 0

Heroes & Villians v1 0



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Published by lampros

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Published by: lampros on Oct 31, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Characters of KrynnCharacters of KrynnCharacters of KrynnCharacters of Krynn
--- Dragonlance Projects - Project 1 ------ Dragonlance Projects - Project 1 ------ Dragonlance Projects - Project 1 ------ Dragonlance Projects - Project 1 ---
One of the greatest strengths of the DRAGONLANCE saga is its cast of well-developed characters. Ansalon contains many unique heroes, each with his or her own goals and motivations, hopes and fears. In addition to well-detailed heroes, Ansalon has a huge and varied cast of allies and villains who help shape the world and its conflicts.
Tales of the Lance
Writen by : Cihangir TEZCANCover Art : Larry Elmore
( Background taken from Daggerfall. )
Researchers : Ilango Subramanian & Chris Cotto
Firstly, I want to thank to my brother Cem TEZCAN for his support and help. I alsowant to thank [Warlords of Blood] members and Paladin – webmaster at Dragonlance.com – for their support.
 DRAGONLANCE is a registered trademark owned by TSR, Inc.TSR, Inc. Is subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. All Larry Elmore artworks copyrighted. Used by permission. www.larryelmore.com
Cihangir Tezcan – webmaster at
Cihangir Tezcan webmaster@majere.zzn.com
This is the first version of Characters of Krynn. For the newest version or otherDRAGONLANCE Projects, please check : http://nebula.spaceports.com/~krynn/projects.htm
A warning to the reader of this project, since this online book contains spoiler.If you don't want the stories ruined and want to enjoy the books, do not read anyfurther!
Note :
Biographies of Heroes of the Lance are someone’s work whom I don’t know.
Alhana Starbreeze
Race :
Gender :
Class :
Fighter 7
Alignment :
Lawful GoodStr 9; Dex 13; Con 10; Int 16; Wis 15; Cha 15 Ac 2 (plate +3, shield +1) THAC0 14 hp 32
Silvanesti Ht 5'4"; Wt 107 lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon:
Long sword +3, short bow +2
Special Abilities:
Infravision, 90% resist sleep/charmAlhana is the daughter of Lorac Caladon, the Speaker of the Stars in Silvanesti, and is theSilvanesti princess. Alhana Starbreeze met the companions in Tarsis and helped them to restorepeace to her elven kingdom during the War of the Lance, and she took an exceptional liking to SturmBrightblade - she gave him the magical Starjewel, a sign of everlasting love between two people.Alahana’s starjewel rests on Sturm’s breast in his tomb. Several years after the War of the Lanceended, she married Porthios of the Qualinesti in an effort to unite the two elven kingdoms. Alhana andPorthios, along with Tanis and Laurana's son Gilthas, became involved in a large political scandal inQualinesti against their will. Alhana and Porthios were exiled from the elven kingdom, but she doeswhat she can to help her people fight against the green dragon Beryl.She was once considered the most beautiful of all elves, but a few years before theChaos War fell into disgrace with her husband Porthios as a dark elf, the victim of plot hatched byconservative elven senator and general. After the Chaos War and the great magical shield havingbeen erected over her homeland of Silvanesti, she continued the good fight by trying to break through.
Astinus of Palanthus
Race :
Gender :
Alignment :
NeutralStr 12; Dex 17; Con 15; Int 21; Wis 19; Cha 17AC 10; THAC0 2; hp 980
PalanthusHt 5'7"; Wt 155 lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon:
None carried
Special Abilities:
Has knowledge of most things present and past.
Special Items:
The Iconochronos, the great book of AstinusAstinus appeared in Krynn during the Age of Dreams, apparently sent by the gods torecord the ongoing history of the world. He is ageless and deathless, and his cold, uncaring moodleads many to misinterpret his actions - Astinus never reveals information that may affect the future,for better or for worse. He sees all that happens on Krynn, knows all. Some speculate that Astinus isthe avatar of Gilean, the god of neutrality. This may indeed be true, for Astinus vanished along with hishistorical scrolls on the same night that the gods left Krynn.Who is the mysterious scholar Astinus of Palanthus? An uninformed rumour claims eventhat Astinus is one of the gods (maybe Zivilyn, god of all wisdom or Gilean, god of all knowledge.)Here’s the tale: Gilean had a daughter and two sons. The daughter being Lunitari and thetwo sons being Astinus and Sebastius. Both are immortal and both chronicle krynn. Astinus chroniclesit through books...and has a similar appearence and personality as his father...as where Sebastiuschronicles it through travelling shows.

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