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Jewish Peril Protocols of Zion

Jewish Peril Protocols of Zion

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Published by Imam Sedin Agić

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Published by: Imam Sedin Agić on Dec 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Jewish Peril
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
The Jew-Bolshevic Emblem, surrounded by the Symbolic Serpent.See
Protocol III 
and also the
Published by"THE BRITONS,"62, Oxford Street,London, W.1.
Fifth Edition1921TheTable of Contentscan be found at the end of this document and also by clicking thesection and paragraph headings.
of yet another edition of this work shows that there is no fallingoff in the public demand to be informed about the Protocols of Zion. It is becomingclearer every day that the policy of the Protocols is now being enforced on all nations,since, as Mr. Israel Zangwill boasts, their governments are all packed with Jews and theiragents.
To Professor Sergyei Nilus the world is indebted for the publication of this terrible book.Thus it happens that whilst Russia has been made the victim of Jewry's undying hate,having been selected by the Elders of Zion to be made an example of Jewish vengeance,Russia has also sounded the tocsin which has aroused the world. To the courage,persistence and devotion of this true son of real Russia the world owes it that the HiddenHand is now laid bare to its skin and claws. The chaos prevailing everywhere here findsits object and cause explained.
Let every reader of the Protocols study well theIntroductionand theEpilogue, which are contributed by Nilus himself, and especially the Epilogue in connection withProtocol III,revealing the track of the Symbolic Serpent in its strangling coil round Europe. Thepoignency of the writer's grief over the then impending fate of his beloved country, whichhe tried in vain to avert, cannot fail to cut every sympathetic reader to the heart.
And it must be borne in mind that Nilus first published the Protocols in 1902; that theedition from which our translation was made was published in 1905, and that the actualcopy which was used in the translation is now in the British Museum, having stamped onit the date of its reception, 10th August, 1906. There is no getting over these dates, whichprove that the World War, the crucifixion of Russia, strikes, revolutions andassassinations, have all taken place "according to plan." And that plan was not the plan of Germany, nor the plan of England, nor the plan of any other nation except the Nation of Jewry, with its secret language and secret government—The Hidden Hand—now, atlength, completely revealed in the Protocols, which, it need hardly be said, were neverintended for Gentile eyes to see.
Of course, Jews say the Protocols are a forgery. But the Great War was no forgery; thefate of Russia is no forgery; and these were predicted by the Learned Elders as long agoas 1901. The Great War was no German war—it was a Jew war. It was plotted by Jews,and was waged by Jewry on the Stock Exchanges of world. The generals and the admiralswere all controlled by Jewry. The revelations of the Jutland Battle and its sequel give onesmall example of how the Jews conducted the war, whether by land or sea; how theysecured the "profits" of the war for Jews, and how they obtained controlling power forJewry over all the belligerents.
Reader! The publication of this work throws a great responsibility on You.

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