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Music Magazine Evaluation

Music Magazine Evaluation

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Published by JenJenWentz

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: JenJenWentz on Dec 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Jenny Hayes
In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products
My main image is the most dominant part of the page,taking up most of the space on the page to create thereaders eye. The person in the picture is posing without asmile, but yet is still expressing the “peace” sign, so ithighlights how she is effortless in portraying her image, yethighlighting a friendly side to her. A selling line was included, and because one of my maininfluences for this magazine was Kerrang! I used the samelayout technique of layering it above the main-heading.I did a lot of research when it came to Japan and acommon feature that they have is the image of a cartoonred sun emanating rays from the centre. Using Photoshop,and using the shape control, I managed to create my ownbackground and used it to incorporate it with the Japanese style and conform to the J-Pop genre of thismagazine very well.
The rule of thirds in the photography in the featurearticle photo is very suitable for the use of the cover. Thecover star is the centre of attention of the main headline,therefore her face is in the right in the middle, thereforeit plays with being the ‘centre of attention’. Also, for thefeature article photo, I also used a white ‘Stroke’ effecton Photoshop, so the image would look as much as it isreal with the outer shadow effect, a little “cartoony” toincorporate it well with the animation trend that Japanis known for with its cartoons (anime).The colour use of turquoise for the main headline is very suitable, because it opposes the main colour use of red very  well and it doesn’t clash to make it messy. It stands out very well, and I used the effects of stroke and outer glowalso made the impact of making it stand out, as if it were inbright lights in a large city.
For the feature article photo and secondary lead, I usedthe effect of outer shadow to make it stand out and lookmore ‘real’ on the page as if they were alive on the cover. Ichose the effect personally, because I believed if I hadn’tincorporated these effects then the magazine cover would look more flat and bland. The cut out of herfingers and placing them above the text also makes theimage look more lifelike, as if they are alive on the cover.
I used a black banner at the side of the cover tomake it more organised, but still make the kickersand cover lines stand out so they were hiddenaway from the array of colour that the backgroundhas.Due to one of my main influences for this magazine coverbeing the rock magazine Kerrang! I also used a menu strip(horizontally) at the bottom of the page to conform to therock style of magazine covers well. I used a colour schemeof white and black to make it stand out less than the restof the main features of the cover.The cover lines and kickers are in a column on theright-hand side of the cover, to conform well to the
 conventions of a magazine. The kickers are in abolder white text that is much more youthful toattract the eyes of its teenage target audience. The ina much more plainer and smaller text, the kickersappear, with added information if the readers want toread it instead of just the band names.Due to the secondary lead incorporating the propof glasses to create the typical immature, geeky trend that pop/punk acts have, a pun ‘look’ (peopleuse glasses to look at things) is used along with thatin the anchorage to create a sense of humour withthe target audience because that is what they areaccustomed to in the genre of pop/punk music.For the anchorage I used a stroke effect on the text tomake it stand out because it has equal importance asthe headline, however, I didn’t want to distract fromthe headline, therefore I didn’t add Outer Glow toincrease its importance.The masthead of the magazine had a font fromdafont.com to make it stand out than the rest of themagazine with its distinctive style. Because my magazine is a J-Pop magazine, I wanted to make acultural stamp of Japan with the use of the font. Thecolour of the text it white to match with the housestyle of the magazine, but so that it went with thered effect of the Outer Glow as well.To also incorporate to the conventions of amagazine, I added a barcode, price and websiteto add extra information to the audience whenpurchasing the magazine. It is in a small whitefont, tucked neatly away in the corne
r so itdoesn’t distract from the rest of the cover.
In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products
The logo of the magazine is used for the contentsbecause it conforms well to the conventions of amagazine contents page, where the magazine logo isprinted in big text across the top of the page.The colour theme and house style of themagazine continues on the contents withthe same use of the colours red, white,turquoise and black and also with thefonts.The conventions of the typical magazine contents pageare incorporated with the use of an editorial to create aconnection through the editor and the readers of themagazine with a letter that involves slang to make aconnection with the target audience of teenagers.
The main headings on the contents have thePhotoshop effect of Outer Glow to make them eye-catching (same technique used on the cover). Thisseparates the contents into sections, creating anorganised look to it. Then with each section it goes in apattern of font colours of blue and red to alsodistinguish their separations.
 Just like the kickers and cover lines on the magazinecover, I used the same types of font for the mini-headlines for the article in each section on thecontents. It incorporates itself well with the cover, apattern of colour of red and turquoise is used onceagain to separate them all appropriately. Columns arealso used to make the page more organised.I used a band index for the contents page becauseKerrang! also does this, so it conforms to the rightmusic genre of the magazine very well. The text of the bands is much more simple and also with the useof the colour white so it doesn’t stand out too much,but the readers still get a little bit of extrainformation if they want to read it. The title of theband index doesn’t use the outer glow effect so itdoesn’t stand out too much. Just like the magazine cover, I used a blackbanner at the side of the page to organise it well,
 and separate different information appropriately.Once again I have used the background of the‘Japanese-sun’ to conform to the Japanese style of the magazine well, but it also separates the mainpart of the contents away from everything else,so it upholds the most importance. Its also in thecentre of the page to highlight being the ‘centreof attention.’The photography on the contents page, I believe fits inthe genre of pop/punk music very well. From researchI have done for the pop/punk genre, it is a commonfeature for comical poses to be executed. The mainimage on the page does this very well, but still upholdsthe girly-style that Japan is known for with its femaleartists.The ‘Contents’ heading is used to conform wellto the style of a typical contents page andnotifies the reader what they are looking at onthis page.For the background of the contents page, I used blackand white stripes to make the page much more busy and exciting to the readers eye, but at the same time itis still within a sophisticated style so it doesn’t distractthe readers from the main parts that the readers aremeant to see.

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