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Final Report

Final Report

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Published by shininglifestar

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Published by: shininglifestar on Dec 13, 2010
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Internship Report on The Bank of Khyber by Imran Khan Afridi
This is an essential and pre-requisite academic requirement to complete aninternship program of eight weeks/two months in an organization of repute. Reportwriting follows the internship, which is an integral part in fulfillment of requirements for degree of MBA and also it is an opportunity for a student to work practically in anorganization. The main purpose of an internship is to show a difference in practical work and theoretical. A report encompasses the experience of the internee, his learning, andanalysis in the light of which recommendations are made. During my internship I felt thatthe practical field is much easier than the theoretical approach.This internship report has been written on The Bank of Khyber, Saddar Road BranchPeshawar Cantt.
1.1)Background of the study
Today, banks are the most important financial institutions, which play a vital rolethroughout the world’s economic system. Because most of the sectors likeIndustries, Commerce and Agriculture need financial assistance, it is the banks,which carefully entertain them.A resolution was passed in the Provincial Assembly of NWFP, in the year 1991for the establishment of a provincial bank. It proved successful and the result wasthe emergence of a new bank in the banking sector, i.e. The Bank of Khyber 
Internship Report on The Bank of Khyber by Imran Khan Afridi
Pakistan. In the year 1994 it became a scheduled bank. The Head Office is situatedat 24-The Mall, Peshawar Cantt. NWFP-Pakistan. This bank has been playing animportant role for the development of different sectors in Pakistan and especiallyin NWFP. It has a network of 29 branches, which are located in different locationsof our country. Despite difficult economic conditions, like lack of suitable lendingopportunities, volatility of interest rate and equity prices, the bank manages toshow good results for every year.
1.2)Purpose of the Study
Then basic purpose was to work in an organization and to compare the theory andapplication of the management knowledge in real life situation. Another purpose was toimprove personal skills i.e. human relations and communication skills that is to interviewand work with them, similarly the report’s purpose is also to develop analytical skills byanalyzing the working of the organization through, critical and financial analysis.Moreover, it is also required to analyze different aspects of the organization and toforward suggestions to put right problems, which are being faced by the banks- if  possible.
1.3)Scope of the study
The internship report is the reflection of analytical power of the students in case of BoK.Main emphasis has been given to the ratio analysis by merging theoretical aspects and practical outcome of different situation for example increase and decrease of financialtrends because of the operations of the bank. This report may help students in future tounderstand banking practices in our country. It would also attempt to evaluate the overall performance of The BoK through a thorough & detailed analysis of its daily working.
Internship Report on The Bank of Khyber by Imran Khan Afridi
1.4)Research Methodology
Majority of the data presented in the report is
. Mainly interviewsin this regard have been conducted. Three modes of interviewing have been usedthat are structured, semi structured and unstructured. These interviews were takenmainly from the persons in authority of the concerned posts.
Secondary data
has also been used. Which is gathered from Managementand Human Resource Management books for the definitions and elaborations of certain topics; Documents
 published by The Bank Of Khyber (BOK) i.e. TheBank Of Khyber Annual Report 2003 and The Bank Of Khyber Official Website:i.e. www.bok.com.pk.The methods of data collection are mostly based on personal observationsand experiences of actually working at the Bank. Dealings with customers, alongwith general procedures involved were observed. Moreover, as the departmentsare always bustling with activity, there was not enough time to carry out formalinterviews or surveys, the methods used for data collection are:
aPrimary Data
The data, which is collected for the first time and exist in raw form, is called
 Primary data
Sitting with Staff Members.
Discussions with Bank officers.
Annual Reports
bSecondary Data

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