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Power Point 2007 Essentials

Power Point 2007 Essentials

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Published by mekkouk9

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Published by: mekkouk9 on Dec 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Desktop Mentor
 © Hewlett-Packard 2007 Page 1 of 8
PowerPoint 2007 Essentials
Navigation Shortcuts
Action Shortcut
First Slide Ctrl HomeLast Slide Ctrl EndStart of Line HomeEnd of Line EndNext WordCtrl
 Previous WordCtrl
 Next ParagraphCtrl
 Previous Paragraph CtrlNext Object on Slide TabPrevious Object on Slide Shift Tab
File Commands
Action Shortcut
New Presentation Ctrl NOpen Presentation Ctrl OSave Presentation Ctrl SSave As F12Print Ctrl PClose File Ctrl F4
Text Formatting
Action Shortcut
Bold Ctrl BItalics Ctrl IUnderlining Ctrl USuperscript e.g. 103 Ctrl Shift =Subscript e.g. H2O Ctrl =Increase Text Size Ctrl Shift >Decrease Text Size Ctrl Shift <Plain Text Ctrl Shift ZLeft Align Ctrl LRight Align Ctrl RCentre Ctrl EJustify Ctrl J
Editing Commands
Action Shortcut
Cut Ctrl XCopy Ctrl CPaste Ctrl VUndo Ctrl ZFind Ctrl FReplace Ctrl H
Action Shortcut
Move Paragraph Up Shift AltMove Paragraph DownShift Alt
 Promote ParagraphShift Alt
 Promote ParagraphShift Alt
 Expand Paragraph Alt Shift +Collapse Paragraph Alt Shfit -Show Level 1 Alt Shift 1Show All Alt Shift A
Slide Show Commands
Action Shortcut
Run Slide Show F5Arrow Pointer Ctrl APen Pointer Ctrl PBlack Screen BWhite Screen WErase Annotations EShow Hidden Slide HEnd Show Esc
Miscellaneous Commands
Action Shortcut
Spelling F7Thesaurus Shift F7Change Case Shift F3
Desktop Mentor
 © Hewlett-Packard 2007 Page 2 of 8
Best Practices
When creating slides, don't overload themwith text. Keep headings to a single lineand each bullet point to a maximum of twolines of text
Avoid crowding the slide:
 Limit headings to 2 lines.
 Follow the 6 x 6 rule: 6 lines per slide and6 words per line.Keep text readable:
 Specify type at least 18 points in size.
 Use bullets to organise text.
 Avoid elaborate fonts except in title slidesand headings.
Don’t hyphenate words.
 Ensure adequate contrast between textand background.
Always check the spelling of slides beforeprinting or showing
To start the spell checker:
 Press [F7]
 Click on the
ribbon, then on the
button in the
Always format slides using the master sothat your slides remain consistent
To view the slide master, click on the
 ribbon, then on the
Slide Master
button in the
Presentation Views
group.The slide master isdisplayed, with eachavailable layout showingon the left-hand side ofthe screen. Any changesmade to the main slideof the master will showon each layout, but youcan also make changesto an individual layout ifyou only want thechange to show when aslide has that layoutapplied.
Use the same transition between all slidesto ensure the presentation looksprofessional
After setting the transitionfor the current slide, clickon the
Apply to All
 button on the
 ribbon to copy thistransition to all slides.
 Don't overdo your animations
use them toemphasise the main points of thepresentation
When drawing shapesand diagrams, alwaysalign and distribute toensure they look asneat as possible
Click on the
 button on the
 ribbon to align ordistribute selectedobjects.
If you need todistribute your slides,save them in PDF format first. This willensure they always appear exactly as theywere created and don't change dependingon the fonts and settings of the viewer's PC
To save a file in PDF format:
 Click on the
 Click on the arrow next to the
Save As
To view the PDF after it has been saved,check the
Open file after publishing
If your presentation may be used bycolleagues on previous versions ofPowerPoint, always save your presentationdown to an earlier version
To save an existing presentation under a newname, or as a different file type:
 Click on the
button and choose
 Save As
To save the file as a different type e.g. anearlier version of PowerPoint, click on the
Save as Type
list and choose the format youwish to save the file in
Click on
Desktop Mentor
 © Hewlett-Packard 2007 Page 3 of 8Use a chart if you have a lot of data to display - your audience will find it much easier to take in.
There are a number of different types of charts that can be created in PowerPoint, the most common ofwhich are identified below:
Type Description Type DescriptionColumn
 This type of chart showsvariations over a periodof time or illustratescomparisons betweenitems.
 This type of chart showstrends in data over aperiod of time. Whencompared to an areachart, line chartsemphasise the rate ofchange over time asopposed to themagnitude of change.
 This charts show therelationship orproportions of differentparts to the whole. A piechart always containsone series of data and isuseful in emphasising asingle element.
 This type of chart showsindividual figures at aspecific time orillustrates comparisonsamong items.
 This type of chartemphasises themagnitude of change,rather than time and therate of change. It alsoshows the relationshipof parts to a whole, bydisplaying the sum ofthe plotted values.
XY (Scatter)
 This chart type iscommonly used forscientific data andshows the relationshipbetween values inseveral series of data.
This chart illustratesfluctuations in stockprices representingopening, high, low andclosing values.
 In this chart colours andpatterns indicate areasof the same value. Theyare useful for findingoptimum combinationsbetween two sets ofdata.
 This chart is similar to apie chart and shows therelationship orproportions of differentparts to the whole.
This chart compares 3sets of data using theposition on the chartand bubble size.
 A radar displays eachcategory on its ownvalue axis radiating fromthe centre point. Linesconnect values in thesame series.

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