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Remote viewing Scientific Proof and Evidence

Remote viewing Scientific Proof and Evidence



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Published by Aldrich Stylah Ames

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Aldrich Stylah Ames on Dec 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Remote Viewing
Scientific Proof and Evidence
Remote Viewing and QuantumMechanics
explanations for consciousness and itsenigmatic features.Critics deride this comparison as a mere"minimization of mysteries" and quicklypoint out that the brain is too warm forquantum computation which in thetechnological realm requires extreme cold toavoid "decoherence", loss of seeminglydelicate quantum states by interaction withthe environment.However quantum computation would surelybe advantageous from an evolutionaryperspective, and biology has had 4 billion years to solve the decoherence problem andevolve quantum mechanisms.”
The essence of consciousness and itsplace in the universe remain a mystery.Classical models view consciousness ascomputation among the brain'sneurons yet they fail to address itsenigmatic nature. At the same time quantum processes(superposition of states, non-locality,entanglement) also remain mysterious, yet are being harnessed inrevolutionary informationtechnologies (quantum computation,quantum cryptography and quantumteleportation).
In order to comprehend events in thephenomenal world, one needed tointroduce a major variable that haduntil then been ignored: Theconsciousness (self reflective thought)of the observer. Without theperception of a material world by aconscious entity, there were greatdoubts as to the existence of thatmaterial reality independently of itsobservation.
“A relation between consciousness andquantum effects has been ponderedfor nearly a century, and in the pastdecades quantum processes in thebrain have been invoked asexplanations for consciousness and itsenigmatic features.
Critics deride thiscomparison as a mere "minimizationof mysteries" and quickly point out
Furthermore, quantum non-locality occurring in conscious and subconscious brainfunction has been discovered in recent experiments. What is becoming even moreapparent are specific functional quantum processes in molecular biology.
 What Quantum Mechanics (QM) and Remote Viewing (RV) have in common is thatthey both involve
- where in QM it refers to particle entanglement andin RV to consciousness entanglement.“QM deals with particles such as electrons and particles of light, called photons.
Particle entanglement means that local measurements by an experimenter on aparticle will instantaneously interact with an entangled particle - no matter howfar apart the particles are.
Einstein's famous insight that mass cannot travel fasterthan the speed of light (this is the "local" environment) does not extend toinformation about entangled particles...some information transfer does occurinstantaneously.RV deals with target informationprocessed by human consciousnesssuch as sights, sounds, smells,feelings, tastes and concepts.
Consciousness entanglementmeans that local intentions by a viewer on target information willinstantaneously interact withentangled target information - nomatter how far apart the viewerand target are.
Information fromentangled consciousness appearsavailable all the time.”Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophystates:"Quantum entanglement is a physicalresource, like energy, associated with thepeculiar nonclassical correlations that arepossible between separated quantumsystems. Entanglement can be measured,transformed, and purified.Information from t
he Future and theTransactional Model of QMRemote Viewing deals directly withinformation processed by consciousness.
If  you take your
memory as an example -- “take as your target a time and place in your childhood bedroom -- do that now.
 Look around the room, beaware of your conscious experience.
You areconsciously processing previously entangled/stored information about your direct experience as a child.
You are the viewer and your entangled experience isthe target.
 Memory fits very nicely with the simplelinear model of time that we have come to accept asthe only reality based on our experience

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