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Published by amelierou

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Published by: amelierou on Dec 14, 2010
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I thought it would be helpful to have a thread about the doctors who really know LPR and who have been the most useful to us.Just list the name and city and state of any doctors that you would like to recommend to others in this community. Feel free to tell us why.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:Dr. Sataloff - Have not been to him specifically, but have seen his partner who is just as good. I believe the practice was started by Sataloff, andjust yesterday had another doctor tell me that Satalof is known for being an ENT, but thinking like a gastroenterologist (or thinks he is agastroenterologist). Whatever he said, that's the kind of doctor an LPR patient needs. Huge reputation. 90% of practice is laryngeal patients.Dr. Karen Lyons (Dr. Sataloff's partner). Used to practice surgery, but now does office visits only. Wonderful, compassionate, thorough, andgives you lots of time. Terrific doctor in every way. Knows LPR inside and out.Dr. David Katzka (UPENN Gastroenterologist): Considered to be very conservative (does not push surgery) and is very easy to talk to. Is agastro, but I believe he's in charge of the UPENN Swallowing Center.  Only problem is getting in to see him - if you have an immediate problem,he's not available. The wait is typically 2-5 months for an appointment unless you keep calling daily to inquire about cancellations.New York City:Dr. Anthony Jahn - ENT, I thought he is pretty good - well known for working with singers and he advocates alternative therapties likeaccupuncture along with PPIs for LPR. I only saw him once, but if you have United Health Care, like me, and can't get in to see any of the other top LPR docs, he may be one of your best choices.New Haven, CT:Eugenia Vining - Wonderful lady who I belive was also president of the Connecticut ENT Association.  She was the first to diagnose my LPR andrecommended the right medicatiion right off the bat.  There's a long wait for appointments with her.In addition, I have the following names have come up repeatedly in my search for an LPR doctor:1. Dr. Michael Goldrich, Edison/Highland Park, NJ. Recommended by Westminster Choir College in Princeton for students with voice problems.The only doctor I've found in central Jersey who regularaly sees LPR patients, but doesn't accept my insurance.2. Dr. Peak Woo, NYC, Also recommended by Westminster Choir College. Listed in Top Doctors.  Ran the laryngeal neuropathy study Idiscussed in another thread.Please do not post materials that are not written by you. This includes but is not limited to journals, books and web sites. Thesematerials are the property of the author and may not be duplicated or copied in any form. Posts which contain such material will be removed andthe posting Member will permanently lose their posting privileges if they continue such behaviour.Thank youFrom the Posting Rules / Faq
http://www.healthboards.com/boards/faq.php?faq=faq_hb#faq_disclaimer Quote:Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity shall not be posted on the messages boards (nor software libraries, if applicable) . If such an event occurs, the individual posting the information shall be held solely responsible. HealthBoards.com shall not be heldresponsible for posted information that may violate copyright law. Persons posting messages are personally responsible for securing appropriateconsent forms from copyright owners, prior to the posting of or uploading of copyrighted information, documents or software.Hi everyone.On New Years Eve just gone I had a sensation as though there was a popcorn kernel stuck in my throat. This developed into a Group C Strepthroat. From then on it all went downhill. Ive had antibiotics for oral thrush and different nasal sprays.The sensation of swallowing over an oyster is my typical symptom. I have the feeling of small pieces of food stuck at the back of my throat,almost like pieces of bread. I feel like im swallowing past this phlegmy gluggy oyster. Its more of an annoyance than anything. My GP haschanged my PPI but it doesnt seem to be getting any better. I suffer with sinuses too and have a deviated septum, so my ENT consultant told mewhen he looked up my nose with the scope.Some days I dont have the feeling and then I wake up and its there again. I have also developed this nasty tickly cough. Much worse than theaverge tickly cough and my throat burns really bad too. It wakes me from my sleep its that bad & my throat is constantly red.When I eat or drink I cant feel this weird gluggy stuff in the top of my throat but after eating it comes on quite bad. I constantly feel as though Ineed to clear my throat and make this awful sound like a cat trying to cough up a fur ball.I feel tired most days too.Any one else get these symtpoms and if so any idea what it can be??P.S I get the feeling in my throat quite bad when I am anxious or if I drink too many milky coffee's at workhithanks for replys posted below............my main issue is really sore, dull ache in tummy mostly all the time, also i guess like traped gas whichhurts and constant nauesua,,,,,,,i also get stabb like pains thou the middle of my back/shoulders and on both back of shoulders and arounddifferent parts of tummy..........is this a common thing with GERD.......? or is it something else..............i do get the standard reflux and throat stuff tothanks nessSo for the past two weeks I've been waking up due to stomach pain, and a burning sensation from mid stomach to my throat. Ikeep regurgitating, and get nausea along with a little dizziness. I've had very little appetite and I am getting SO sick of it. I had an endoscopydone last February and they said I had reflux and gastritis and gave me Zegerid for it. It was working great and now all of a sudden it isn't doingmuch for me. I am so sick of feeling like this. Everyone keeps telling me I must eat, but they don't understand how disgusted I get by food due not
having an appetite over this. I do force myself to eat though and it of course in turn hurts my stomach even more.Don't know what to anymore. I am so completely fed up with feeling like this. It's the best worst feeling.I usually take my pill before I got bed and so I took it at around 11-12 last night and woke up feeling like crap and just a half hour ago tookanother one. *hope that's okay?*Any advice would be greatly appreciated.I am an 18 year old female. I have never had any stomach problems until now and i had asthma as a child but I assumed it wentaway. Its been 4 months now that i have been extremely short of breath. I mean as I sit here i am gasping for air and nothing feels like it relievesthis. My chest xrays and pulmonary tests came back good, same with blood tests.My doctor offcourse assumed its anxiety and gave me meds which really just calmed me down but didn't do anything for the shortness of breath.Then i realized this all started after i had a throat infection for several weeks and ever since i have had post nasal drip into my throat. But itdoesn't go down into my throat as i cough it up. Now i am starting to get severe heart burn and rumbling in my stomach constantly as well. I amalso burping every 3 to 5minutues and can smell the acid. So my doctor finally said i have GERD, but he said that does not cause shortness of breath. There is clearly a connection because as soon as it started was the same time i had the post nasal drip. However, nobody in my familyhas ANY health issues and i think because i have a lot of stress that it maybe of contributed to all of this.My shortness of breath is too severe, I can't imagine doing this everyday for the rest of my life. Is GERD a chronic condition? And has ANYBODYhad these symptoms that found relief. I am taking Gaviscon and Nexium now. But the thing is i never felt it got worse after eating something.Eating would actually help because i don't feel the breathing problem as i eat. Usually i have one good day (even though the breathlessness isalways there) and the next day is horrible & this pattern has continued. My doctor says that nobody ever had any symtoms like this so that itcannot be GERD. I feel so alone and helpless . Everyday is literally a struggle and i don't think i can go back to University.hi new heream i right that the causes of reflux are either gallbladder deasease, faulty splincer (mechanical) so not closing, not enough acid which is whyACV works for some, candida or parasites, or general toxity........is there anything i have missed?i no i dont have candida or parasites as have been there done that, i have treid ACV like never again!!!!!,  im thinking then mechanical and or gallbladder and definalty toxity.........my symptoms are sore throat, lump in throat, acid feeling in tummy not so mych heartburn just can feel acidity......reflux even after water tho notsevere i dont reflux huge mouthfuls or vomit....nauesa, reallly sore tummy all the time, constant burping sharp refered pains stabby like through back shoulders andlittle lower down, oh heartjumps, cough occasionly and sometimes sneeze...

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