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Production pattern of front & back par of trouser

Production pattern of front & back par of trouser

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Published by Khanbaba Returns

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Published by: Khanbaba Returns on Dec 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Experiment No.: 03Name of the experiment:
Prepare production pattern of front and back part of trous-ers.
Pattern making is one of the important section and essential section in the garments in-dustry. Before producing a garments to make pattern is must. Pattern is a hard paperwhich is made by following and individual component.
Principle of pattern making for trousers:
The measurements taken for making pattern areSeat-90cmWaist-70cmBody rise-26.8cmInside leg measurement-72cmTrouser bottom width-23.5cmWaist band depth-4cmFrom 0 point left side, right side and upper side at 90° angle three straight lines aredrawn.1-1: body rise +1-waist band depth= 26.8+1-4=23.8cmThen from the point 1 the line is extended both sides perpendicularly.1-2: inside leg measurement=72cmLine is expanded both side perpendicularly.2-3: inside seam length/2 +5cm=41cm1-4: ¼(body rise measurement) from point 4 a line is expanded both side perpendi-cular to 0-1 line.1-5: 1/12(seat) + 1.5cm from point 5 a perpendicular line is drawn on the line of 1-5,indicate the point 6 & 7.6-8: ¼(seat measurement) + 2 cm5-9: 1/16(seat measurement) + 0.5 cm7-10: 1 cmA curve has drawn according to the figure from the point 9, 6 and 10.10-11: ¼(waist) + 2.52-12: bottom width × 1/22-13: bottom width × 1/2Under side pattern5-16: (1-5)/4, then from point 16 a perpendicular line 1-16 drawn which indicate 17 &18 point 19 midpoint of 16 to 1818-20: 2 cm20-21: 1 cm9-22: ½ (5+0.9) +0.5 cm22-23: 0.5 cm, a curve is drawn from the point 23, 19 & 2121-24: ¼ (waist) +4.5 cm25: midpoint of 21 and 24, from point 25 left side 1.25 and bottom side 12 cm17-26: ¼(seat) + 3 cm12-27: 2 cm13-28: 2 cm14-29: 2 cm15-30: 2 cm
Then side seam is drawn from the point 24, 26, 29, 27
Pocket bag:
A-B: 5 CMA-F: 17 CMF-E: 32 CME-D: 17 CMB-C: 19 CMF BCE DThen the pocket bag is drawn according to the figure seam allowance is added.
Pocket facing:
Length: (B-C) + 2 cmWidth: 6 cm
Under SideTop SidePocket BagPocket Facing

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