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Electronic Device and Circuits Question Bank

Electronic Device and Circuits Question Bank

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Published by sudentsidea
All posible qestions with answers.
All posible qestions with answers.

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Published by: sudentsidea on Dec 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All possible questions from Electronic Device and circuits common to ECE branch,Download it hereELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS - EE2203QUESTION BANKUNIT IPN DIODE AND ITS APPLICATIONS1. How a PN junction can be formed?2. List out the common diode applications?3. Define avalanche and zener breakdown?4. What are the current components of diode?5. Draw and explain the VI characteristics of pn junction diode.6. Define Peak Inverse voltage of a diode.7. Differentiate between static and dynamic resistance of a diode.8. Although zener diode is operated in the reverse breakdownregion, but it does not burn. Why?9. Differentiate between avalanche and zener breakdown.10. Discuss the operation of pn diode under forward and reversebiasing.11. Define forward recovery time and reverse recoveryTime ?12. What are the basic elements of regulated power supply?13. What is ripple factor?14. What is a rectifier?15. Define regulation of a rectifier?16. Define efficiency of a rectifier?17. What is a filter and state its types?18. What is SMPS?19. Define intrinsic stand –off ratio?20. What is a regulator and state its types?
21. “Transistor is called current controlled device” Why?22. Define drift current and diffusion current.23. What is meant by Threshold or cut-in voltage? Vr? Give itsvalue for silicon and germanium.24. Define dynamic resistance.If bulk resistance is 4
and forward current IF = 2.5 milliamps 25. What is the ac resistance?26. The leakage current in a certain diode is 25
A at 25 degreeCelsius . Find the change in temperature required for a leakageCurrent of 40
A.27. State law of junction.28. Define Reverse saturation current.]29. What is the principle of operation of LCD?30. Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages ofLEDs and LCDs.31. What are optoelectronic deviceOptoelectronic device are light operated (photoelectronic)devices, light emitting device or devices that modify light32. Write down the classification of optoelectronic devicea) Photoemissive b) Photoconductive or photovoltaic33. Define luminescenceLight can be emitted by a solid when it is stimulated by thesource of incident energy. This phenomenon is calledluminescence34. What are the types of luminescence?a) Photoluminescence b) Electroluminescence35 . Define photoluminescenceIt is incident energy is in the form of photons, then it is calledphotoluminescence36. Define electroluminensenceIf the radiation is produced by the application of an electricfield, it is termed as electroluminescence37. Which colour of light is emitted by GaAs, Gp, GaAspGaAs - Infra red radiation (invisible) GaP - Red or GreenGaAsP - Red or Yellow38. Define injection laser diodeWhen the emitted light is coherent, (ie) essentiallymonochromatic, then such a diode is refered to as an injection
laser diode39. What are the liminations of LCD?* It requises an external or internal light source * Temperaturerange is limited to about 60oC * Lime time is limited due to chemicaldegeneration40. What are the two types of LCDs?a) Dynamic scattering type LCD b) Field effect LCD41. Name the crystal materls used to LCD?a) Nematic b) Cholesteric42. What are the types of liquid crystal cells?a) Transmittive type b) Reflective type43. What re the advantages of LCD?* They require less voltage * They are economical* They have a low power consumption44. What are the disadvantages of LCD?* They are slow devices (ie) turn On & turn OFF timeare quite large* They occupy large area * Their life span is quite small45. What is the main difference between laser & LED?Laser emits monochromatic or coherent light whereas LEDemits incoherent light46. What are the disadvantages of using laser diode?Because of high-energy density, a laser beam is quitedangerous eye protection must be worn when working withthese devices47. Define injection laser diodeLaser diode which operates in a pulsed manner are termedinjection laser diodes48. Define continuous wave laser diodeLaser diode which produce a continuous output are refered ascontinuous wave laser diode49. Define dark currentIn photodiode when no light is applied, there is a minimumreverse leakage current called as dark current50. Give some applications of photo diodesThey are used as demodulators, encoders, opticalcommunication system, high speed counting and switchingcircuits, computer card punching etc.51. What is photovoltaic effect?If a PN junction is open circuited the energy is used to create apotential difference which is proportionl to the incident light. Thisphenomenon is clled pen[hotovoltaic effectUNIT – II

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