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Amaal for the Month of Muharram

Amaal for the Month of Muharram

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Published by Raza Hussain

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Published by: Raza Hussain on Dec 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Amaal for the Month of Muharram
It has been recommended by Prophet Muhammad (saw) that the following Amaal should be performedon the 1st Night of Muharram (shab). This is known to be highly beneficial for those seeking Rizq(sustenance) and Aulad (family):
2 Rakaat Namaz: In both Rakaat recite Surah Fatiha x1 and Surah Al-Ikhlaas 11x times
The following Amaal have been recommended for reciting during the Day on the 1st of Muharram.
Keep a fast on the 1st day and also beseech your Duas and Hajaats because on this dayHazrat Zakariya’s Dua was accepted on this day. Any person that keeps this fast would berewarded for it is as if they had been doing Ibadat all year, therefore he/she will be protected fromall problems and worries in life. He/she will also enter Jannah if they were to die that year.
It has been reported that Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to pray a 2 Rakaat Namaz and at the endraise his hands towards the sky and recite the following Dua 3x times:
It has been recommended to keep a Fast today and again beseech your Duas and Hajaats toAllah (swt). It is said that Duas relating to people who are in “Qaid” and for freedom of captivity or have been wrongly accused of something and therefore facing problems etc,these duas are especially accepted and Qabool on this day.
– – – – AA ) )
On the last night before daybreak the companions of Imam Hussain (as) spent the night in Prayer; itwould be a proof of sincere devotion to Allah (swt) if we, His followers, also spent this night in Allah’s(swt) Worship.
Those who stay awake in Ibadat during this night are rewarded equal to 70 Years Ibadat. Below arethe Amaal to be recited during this night:Recite Ziarat Imam Hussain (as) –
Click here for Ziarat Audio

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