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This is It. The sign of the Apocalypse

This is It. The sign of the Apocalypse

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Published by Jerry Vano
This article came to mind at the end of August but I didn’t feel I should release it until December 14th. It just didn’t feel right. Maybe, “They” didn’t want me to do so until now. The timing is very important to them.
This article is very revealing and anyone with an inkling of spiritual understanding will see something unusual in its message in that the biblical book of Revelation has never been explained in such a way.

This article came to mind at the end of August but I didn’t feel I should release it until December 14th. It just didn’t feel right. Maybe, “They” didn’t want me to do so until now. The timing is very important to them.
This article is very revealing and anyone with an inkling of spiritual understanding will see something unusual in its message in that the biblical book of Revelation has never been explained in such a way.

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Published by: Jerry Vano on Dec 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ByJerryVanoDecember14,2010The crop circle shown in the drawing of (fig.1) has a symbolic design thatcontains a message for the world and especially for the conquered and faithful “truespiritual” church of Christ on earth today. The message contained in this circle’ssymbolism along with other recent crop circles has become so clear that themeaning and reason that they are being sent can, without a doubt, now be fullyexplained. If you want to see anaccurate explanation of themessage in this circle and howit resonates with
the book of Revelation
of the bible, thencontinue reading but be warned,you may be convicted.The crop circle shows abow and an arrow and wherethe bow and the arrow crossthere is a symbol depicting aneye. The arrow is made up of sixcircled dots and the bow ismade up of thirteen dots. Thecrop circles arrow is pointingtowards an adjoining fieldcontaining the historic chalk hill horse figure that was made in 1812, in Wiltshire,England.The first thing that came to mind when seeing this was the first rider of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse who was riding a white horse. The horsemenare mentioned in the bible’s book of Revelation. The first rider is described inchapter 6, verse 2 which says
And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conqueringand to conquer.”
You can see why this particular scripture verse came to mind on thiscircle after studying and meditating on it in light of all the information I have beenshown and written about on crop circles. Check the following link.http://www.scribd.com/gvano1165This conclusion seemed to be obvious. I came tothe understanding that the overall message of this particular crop circle is found in verse20 of chapter 3 in the book of Revelation that is Jesus saying “
Behold, I stand at thedoor, and knock: if any man hears my voice, and opens the door, I will come in tohim, and will sup with him, and he with me
In what follows you will see that thesix circled dots in the arrow are symbolizing the seven church ages passing throughtime. These ages are emulating the seven early churches of Asia-Minor. The last smallun-circled dot represents today’s church age as the unfinished seventh. These dotsalso symbolize the seven stars described in Revelation as the stars being held in thehand of Jesus. The stars held in his hand were previously thought to be the seven stars
of the
, or
Ursa Major
(big dipper) but in truth they are the stars of 
or the little dipper. The different nature of each of the stars iscaricaturizing one of the seven Asia-Minor churches and also an era of time describedas a church-age. The four stars in the cup of the dipper symbolize the first fourchurches as described by John, but are also indicative of the
four gospels Matthew,Mark, Luke and John.
These stars also symbolize
the four cardinal signs of theZodiac
as the four beasts. The path of the apparent motion of these stars due to earth’srotation and precession appears to be circular and of a cyclic motion. The cycles aredescribed as horses with riders. Each rider depicts an era of time (church-age) andgoes along for the ride cycling with the horses destined to follow them and are knownas the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.The four stars forming the cup of the dipper are also indicative of the
cup of indignation
mentioned in Revelation 14:10, which speaks of the drinking "of the wineof the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the
of His
during the endtime tribulation. Notice the rhyming of the mysticalBird language at work here as the star system of 
points to the churcheson earth in
Asia Minor.
This crop circles message is pinpointing doors as mentioned by Jesus
Behold, I stand at the door” 
this is the spiritual door and it is to our heart. Thiscircles message is timely because weare at the physical door that leads tothe cosmic heaven and to enter wemust be ready. This is the mysticalshift of 2012. Many people areexpecting a shift at that time but themystery is what will actually shift.Some are hoping/expecting just ashift in consciousness but as we getcloser to the event it seems the truthof past evidence is leading us tobelieve there will be a pole shiftalong with it. I have been led tobelieve through heart feltguidance that it will be ageographic/physical shift of thePole of the planet relative to ourpole star. It seems that the Aliensare showing us through the crop circles to get back to the bible and are hinting insubtle ways the secrets of the hidden evidence of truth hidden in its words. They areincreasing the evidence of this truth as we are able to comprehend it, by theincreasing complexity of the circles.This door is spiritual as well as physical. The spiritual door is related to ourhearts and is as the magnetic pole of the earth and the physical is the polar spin axisof the earth as its geographical pole. The motions of all objects are due toelectromagnetic fields and these fields as being the energy of motion are as
” These Emotions are felt in our heart. The magnetic or spiritual dooropened and closed during the July 11, 2010 eclipse as the blinking of an eye. This is
Figure 2
referred to in 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse 52: “
In a moment, in the twinkling of aneye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”
This happened when the sun and moonmomentarily came together as an eclipse and the eye/sun blinked. This also wasdescribed in Revelation chapter 11 verses 7 to 20 and is indicative of the twowitnesses finishing their testimony. Notice the synchronicity here in numbers theeclipse on 7, 11 and its depiction in 11 verse 7. In the case of the geographical polethe eye in the center of the crop circles bow is symbolized as the eye of a needle,and the circled sphere in the eye is as the body (His Church as his body on earth)full of light as being
Check http://www.scribd.com/doc/34175483/The-Perfect-StoneThe first spiritual/magnetic door opened and closed but the last church ageis not quite over. The arrow/church is about to be finished on earth andlaunched/raptured and as shown in the crop circle is heading toward the whitehorse in the field near Alton Barns. What is the significance of this symbolism? Thewings of the bow are composed of 12 circles reducing in size as they flare outindicating the 12 zodiacages receding or fadingback in time, similar towhat the church agecircles are doing.The zodiac constellationcircled that is in the eyeof the bow is the littleknown 13
Zodiac signand is often referred to asthe hidden or forgottensign. It is called hiddenbecause of its dark andmysterious nature. It ispartly hidden behindclouds that seem tocome and go every sooften. The relationship tothe white horse in the field shown in the drawings of (fig.1) is extraordinary in thefact that in this constellation called Ophiuchus there is also a horse targeted called thedark horse nebula that the Alton Barnes white horse figure is imaging on earth. Seethe outlined horse of (fig. 2) in an actual photo of the star cluster. Notice the fieldcontaining the white horse is next to a field that has the remains of a previous cropcircle of April 29, 2009 of an obvious depiction of the galactic center. Can you seethat this cannot be a coincidence? The indication here is that the dark horse imagewith the same relationship to the galactic center has been hidden waiting for the timewhen the knowledge of it will be illuminated in the light of the church.The un-circled dot in the eye also symbolizes our pole star Polaris which will bethe pole star until the geographical pole shifts, which will end the church age. In amythological sense the arrow would be thought of as a needle and the star would beconsidered in the eye of the needle. There is a mythological saying that Polaris in
Figure 3

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