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Soal Bahasa Inggris

Soal Bahasa Inggris

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Published by uinfodanbimbel

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Published by: uinfodanbimbel on Dec 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A : More and more people have died as the victims of war.B : That's terrible. I wish we were living in a world with no war or in betweencountries.The underlined sentence means ........A . we are living in a peaceful worldB . we were living in a peaceful worldC . we are not living in a peaceful worldD . we were not living in a peaceful worldE . we will live in a peaceful world
Kunci : C Penyelesaian :
alimat tersebut menggunakan pola kalimat subjunctive dalam bentuk lampau (+)Yang dalam kenyataannya menggunakan bentuk simple present.2.
A : Do you know the woman speaking with? the professor?B : Yes, she is our new lecturer ........A . which also can speak English wellB . with whom she will help the professorC . whose her daughter is a famous surgeon in this townD . who is also an assistant of the minister of woman affairsE . whom also working as a consultant in a foreign company
Kunci : DPenyelesaian :
alimat ini menggunakan pola adjective clause yang menerangkan subject.3.
: Has she already got some medicine?Y : If she had visited the doctor, she would have been given medicine.From the dialogue above we know that ........A . the doctor visited her and gave her medicineB . she visited the doctor, so she was given medicineC . she didn't visit the doctor, so she wasn't given medicineD . although she didn't visit the doctor, she was given medicineE . she didn't visit the doctor because the doctor had already given her medicine
Kunci : C Penyelesaian :
arena kalimat tersebut menggunakan pola kalimat conditional sentences tipe 3,Yangberarti berlawanan dengan pernyataan yang dilakukan di waktu lampau.4.
India : Roy, you said you would take me to your mango garden.When will we go there ?Roy : Well, I think we can go there next Sunday.India : Are you sure that your mangoes ....... by the time we come there ?A . will ripenB . will be ripeningC . will have ripenedD . will have to ripenE . will have been ripened
Kunci : C Penyelesaian :
Are you sure that your mangoes
will have ripened 
by the time we come there ?
alimat tersebut menggunakan Perfect Tense (S + will/shall + have + V3 + by .....)menjadi petunjuk untuk jawaban pertanyaan di atas yang artinya mangga-manggaitu akantelah matang pada saat mereka datang kesana.5.
Budi : .....?Lucy : Yes, could you please get me some articles on economics from thisnewspaper ?I'd like to make a bundle of some newspaper clippings.Budi : Yes, I'd be glad to.A . Do you need some help, LucyB . Have you got some morning papersC . Do you know the current economic stationD . Do you write some articles in this newspaperE . Does this newspaper contain economic articles
anas/Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2001
Kunci : APenyelesaian :Do you need some help, Lucy ? 
Ungkapan ini digunakan untuk menawarkan bantuan (
offering help
) kepadaseseorang.6.
Bella : It seems that the Family Planning Program is successful in this country.Intan : You are right. The government has made the people carry out the program.The underlined sentence means ........A . the people made the programB . the government carried out the programC . the people carried out the program spontaneouslyD . the government asked the people to carry out the programE . the people asked the government to cart) out the program
Kunci : D
anas/Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2001
Penyelesaian :The governmen
he people
o carry ou
he program.
alimat ini menggunakan pola causative have active (S + has/have/had + object(pelaku) + V1) yang mempunyai makna yang sama dengan pola (S + ask + objectpelaku)+ to V2/past infinitive).7.
: Do you think that the monetary crisis will soon conle to an end ?Y : ........, this condition won't be back to normal within mone or two years.A . I am fed up with the newsB . I am sorry to hear thatC . It would be agreeableD . It's not my business
E . It's very unlikely
Kunci :
 Penyelesaian :
Yang menyatakan pernyataan kondisi yang tidak disukai.8.
Mr. Bronto leaves Surabaya for Medan by GIA 707 at
am. By 11 a.m he ........there.A . arriveB . arrivedC . was arrivingD . will arriveE . will have arrived
Kunci :
 Penyelesaian :
alimat ini menggunakan pola kalimat future perfect tense ("by" menunjukkanketerangan waktu untuk pola, tersebut).
Passenger : Is it allowed to bring a bird on the plane?Custom officer : I am sorry, that's not allowed.The underlined utterance expresses ........A . regretB . coutionC . admirationD . permissionE . prohibition
Kunci :
 Penyelesaian :
Ungkapan that's not allowed = forbid/prohibition (tidak diperbolehkan)10.
Do you think President Wahid will come to the summit conference of the Non Aligned Countries?Y : Yes, I'm certain, he will. The underlined words mean ........A . attendB . arriveC . existD . holdE . manage
Kunci : APenyelesaian :
pada soal, memiliki arti yang sama dengan
Ridwan : I'm going to Hide Park to hear the people making speeches.David : You'll be late. By the time you get there, they ........ their speeches.A . finishB . will finishC . are finishingD . have finishedE . will have finished
anas/Bahasa Inggris/Tahun 2002

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