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Eustace Mullins - The Rockefeller Syndicate

Eustace Mullins - The Rockefeller Syndicate

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Published by miguelfrimer

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Published by: miguelfrimer on Dec 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Rockefeller Syndicate
Excerpted from the book
Murder by Injection
Chapter 10Many American conservatives believe as a matter of faith that the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations exercise absolute control over the government and the people of United tates ! "his thesis can be accepted as a #orking formula if one remains conscious of the larger issues ! "#o #riters for #hom the present #riter has great respect$ %r! &manuel 'osephson and Morris (ealle$ insisted on focusing on the Rockefellers and excluding all other aspects of the )orld *rder ! "his severely limited the effect of their other#ise ground breaking #ork on the Medical Monopoly! "his #riter advanced a contrary vie# in +"he )orld *rder$+ fixing upon the Rothschild monetary po#er$ #hich reached a point of #orld control by 1,,-$ and its .ondon policy group$ the Royal /nstitute of /nternational Affairs$ as the policy makers for #hat has essentially been since 100$ reestablished colonial government in the United tates! "he colonial$ or occupation$ government$ functions primarily through the Council on Foreign Relations$ but only as the subsidiary of R//A and through the Rockefeller Foundation #hich controls government functions$ the educational establishments$ the media$ the religions and the state legislatures! /t is true that the American colonials have +free elections$+ in #hich they have the absolute right to vote for one of t#o opposing candidates$ both of #hom have been handpicked and financed by the Rockefeller syndicate! "his touching evidence of +democracy+ serves to convince most Americana that #e are indeed a free people! )e even have a cracked .iberty (ell in 2hiladelphia to prove it! American youth have been free since 100 to be marched off to die in 3egelian #ars in #hich both combatants received their instructions from the )orld *rder! )e are free to invest in a stock market in #hich the daily 4uantity$ price and value of the monetary unit is manipulated and controlled by a Federal Reserve ystem #hich is ans#erable only to the (ank of &ngland! /t has maintained its vaunted +independence+ from our government5s control$ but this is the only independence it has ever had! "he reali6ation that #e do indeed live under the dictates of the +Rockefeller yndicate+ can #ell be the starting point of the long road back of a genuine struggle for American independence! /n exposing +the Rockefellers+ as agents of a foreign po#er$ #hich is not merely a foreign po#er$ but a genuine #orld government$ #e must reali6e that this
is not merely a group dedicated to making money$ but a group #hich is committed to maintaining the po#er of a colonial form of government over the American people! "hus the ancient calumny of 'ohn %! Rockefeller as a man obsessed by greed 7a category in #hich he has plenty of company8 obscures the act that from the day the Rothschilds began to finance his march to#ards a total oil monopoly in the United tates from their coffers at the 9ational City (ank of Cleveland$ Rockefeller #as never an independent po#er$ nor does any department of the Rockefeller yndicate operate as an independent po#er! )e kno# that the Cosa 9ostra$ or Mafia$ #ith #hich the yndicate is closely allied$ has some#hat autonomous po#er in the regions #hich have been assigned to that particular +family+ by the national directors$ but this al#ays implies that that family remains under total control and ans#erable for everything #hich occurs in its territory! imilarly$ the Rockefeller yndicate operates under clearly defined spheres of influence! "he +charitable+ organi6ations$ the business companies$ and the policy groups$ al#ays meld into a #orking operation$ nor can any department of the yndicate strike out on its o#n or formulate an independent policy$ no matter #hat may be its :ustification! "he Rockefeller yndicate operates under the control of the #orld financial structure$ #hich means that on any given day$ all of its assets could be rendered close to #orthless by adroit financial manipulation! "his is the final control$ #hich ensures that no one can 4uit the organi6ation! 9ot only #ould he be stripped of all assets$ but he #ould be under contract for immediate assassination! *ur %epartment of 'ustice is #ell a#are that the only +terrorists+ operating in the United tates are the agents of the )orld *rder$ but they prudently avoid any mention of this fact! "he #orld financial structure$ far from being an unkno#n or hidden organi6ation$ is actually #ell kno#n and #ell defined! /t consists of the ma:or #iss (anks; the survivors of the old <enetian=enoese banking axis; the (ig Five of the #orld grain trade; the (ritish combine$ centered in the (ank of &ngland and its chartered merchant banks$ functioning trough the Rothschilds and the *ppenheimers and having absolute control over their Canadian colony through the Royal (ank of Canada and the (ank of Montreal$ their Canadian lieutenants being the (ronfmans$ (el6bergs$ and other financial operators; and the colonial banking structure in the United tates$ controlled by the (ank of &ngland through the Federal Reserve ystem; the (oston (rahmin families #ho made their fortunes in the opium trade$ including the %elanos and others and the Rockefeller yndicate$ consisting of the >issinger net#ork head4uartered in the Rockefeller (ank$ Chase Manhattan (ank$ American &xpress$ the present form of the old Rothschild representatives in the United tates$ #hich includes >uhn$ .oeb Company and .ehman (rothers! /t is notable that the Rockefeller yndicate is far do#n on the list of the #orld5s financial structure! )hy then is it of such importance ? Although it is not the crucial factor in financial decision in the )estern 3emisphere$ it is the actual #orking control
mechanism of the American colony! "he Rockefeller family themselves$ like the Morgans$ chiffs and )arburgs$ have faded into insignificance$ but the mechanism created in their name roars along at full po#er$ still maintaining all of he functions for #hich it #as organi6ed! ince he set up the "rilateral Commission$ %avid Rockefeller has functioned as a sort of international courier for the )orld *rder$ principally concerned #ith delivering #orking instructions to the Communist bloc$ either directly$ in 9e# @ork or by traveling to the area! .aurance Rockefeller is active in the operation of the Medical Monopoly$ but his principal interests are in operating various vacation spas in tropical areas! "hey are the t#o survivors of the +Fortunate Five$+ the five sons of 'ohn %! Rockefeller$ 'r! and Abby Aldrich! 'ohn %! Rockefeller$ 'r! died in an institution in "ucson$ Ari6ona and #as hastily cremated! 'ohn %! Rockefeller /// died in a mysterious accident on a 9e# @ork 2ark#ay near his home! 9elson Rockefeller$ named after his grandfather$ died in the arms of a "< :ournalist; it #as later revealed that he had also been in the arms of another "< :ournalist at the same time; the death #as hushed up for many hours! /t is generally believed hat he ran afoul of his Colombian drug connection$ the disagreement hardly being trivial ; it involved several billion dollars in drug profits #hich had not been properly apportioned! )inthrop Rockefeller died an alcoholic in the arms of his black boy friend! 3e had been intervie#ed on television by 3arry Reasoner to explain his hasty move from 9e# @ork to Arkansas! )inthrop leered that his black boy friend$ an Army sergeant #ho apparently taught him the mysteries of drill$ refused to live in 9e# @ork! "o celebrate this alliance$ )inthrop Rockefeller gave magnificently to 9egro causes$ including the Urban .eague building on &ast ,th treet in 9e# @ork! A pla4ue on the second floor notes that it #as his gift; it might #ell have stated +From 3adrian to his Antinous+! )e do not #ish to imply that the Rockefellers no longer have influence$ but that the ma:or policy dictates of the Rockefeller yndicate are handed do#n by other capos$ of #hom they continue to be a visible force! "hrough the person of %avid Rockefeller$ the family is sometimes called +the first family of the oviet Union!+ *nly he and %r!  Armand 3ammer$ the moving force behind U"&C$ have permanent permission to land their private planes at the Mosco# Airport! *thers #ould suffer the fate of >A. 00B! (oth the Rockefeller family fortune and the considerable portion set aside in the foundations of the Rockefeller yndicate are effectively insulated against any type of government control ! Fortune maga6ine noted August $ 1,$ that 'ohn %! Rockefeller$ 'r! had created trusts in 1D #hich no# amounted to some E!D billion; another E00 million had been set aside for the Abby Rockefeller branch! "he five sons had trusts #hich in 1, amount to E!1 billion! "hese trusts had originally amounted to only E-0 million each$ sho#ing the increase in their assets as #ell as inflation during the ensuing half century ! Fortune estimated the 1, total Rockefeller #ealth as ED!- billion$ of #hich E00 million #as in securities and real estate! "hey o#ned -G of the "ime .ife (uilding; 9elson Rockefeller5s /nternational (asic &conomy Corporation had been sold to a (ritish company in 1,0! For years$ the Rockefeller family had

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