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CI 451- Lesson Plan (ELL)

CI 451- Lesson Plan (ELL)

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Published by Leanne Koeller

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Published by: Leanne Koeller on Dec 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Leanne Koeller CI 451 Name: Introducing OceansDate: December 2, 2010Grade Level/Subject: 5
grade/SciencePrerequisite Knowledge:-
Students will have knowledge of oceans and oceanic life.-
Students will know different formats of poems.Approximate Time: 1 hour Student Objectives/Student Outcomes:-
Students will be able to identify key aspects of the ocean.
Ocean animals, plants, landforms, etc.-
Students will be able to create a poem/picture that relates to an ocean concept.Language Objectives:-
Students will have created a poem that relates to an ocean concept (waves, sharks, coral,etc.)Content Standards:
Establish central idea, organization, elaboration and unity in relation to purpose andaudience.
Write for a variety of purposes and for specified audiences in a variety of formsincluding narrative (e.g., fiction, autobiography), expositoryMaterials/Resources/Technology:-
Paper -
Pencils, markers, colored pencils, etc.-
BlackboardImplementation:Time10 minutesOpening of lesson: (Objectives, hook, behavior expectations)-
I will begin the lesson, by having the students come to the floor to create aKWL chart about the ocean.-
We will write down what we already know about the ocean and what we wantto know.Procedures:-
 Next I will tell students that today they will be using their knowledge of the
ocean to create a short poem. Together we will brainstorm poem topic ideas(sharks, coral reef, fish, whales, salt water, etc.).-
Together we will go over the definition for each of these words and add themto our class word wall (for the ELL students).-
I will tell students that this is a creative writing assignment; however, theyneed to make sure that they relate it to what they have learned about the ocean.-
As a class we will then create a poem to model what is expected.-
I will then give the students work time to come up with a creative poem.(They can use poem formats that we discussed earlier in the year.)-
During this time I will work with my ELL students. I will modify their assignment, and have them write a Cinquain poem.-
The format for this type of poem is:Line1: A noun (Main Topic- 1 word)Line2: Two adjectives (Words that describe the main topic)Line 3: Three -ing wordsLine 4: A phrase about the ³Main Topic´ (4 words)Line 5: Another word for the noun (synonym for ³Main Topic´)-
I will explain this structured poem to the ELL¶s and give them a couple of examples:SpaghettiMessy, spicySlurping, sliding, fallingBetween my plate and mouthDelicious-
However, I will make sure that the ELL¶s know that they
need to write theirpoem
out the oce
. They can use the ocean word wall words to help themcome up with a topic.-
Depending on the ELL child, I will allow them to write the poem in their nativelanguage.-
Then we will work on translating it together, or with an ESL teacher.-
All students then will be expected to write their poem (after it has been checkedover by a peer and me) on nice paper. They will also include a picture that goesalong with their poem.Summary/Closing:-
The students will present their poem to the entire class.-
They will also explain their rationale of why their poem relates to the ocean.-
ELL students will have the opportunity to either read their poem in English,their native language, or both. (This is a good opportunity to make all of thestudents realize that there is a lot of diversity in our world, and not everyonespeaks the same language.)Student Assessment:

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