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Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs

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Published by 19steffio

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Published by: 19steffio on Dec 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Steffi 5CW
Coral reefs are underwater structures. Corals are colonies of tiny livinganimals. Most corals reefs are built of stony corals and are formed bypolyps that live together in groups. The polyps have a hardexoskeleton, which provides support and protection of each polyp.
This diagram shows the differentstages and features of a coral reef.
By Steffi 5CW
Corals change because of coral bleaching, sea temperature, seaurchins, natural disasters, fisherman using spear guns which can alsodamage coral reefs, people using corals to make jewelry.Coral reefs are home to about a quarter of all the species that live inthe sea. But about 80 percent of coral reefs are in danger of beingdestroyed due to changing sea temperatures. Coral reefs are formedin shallow waters. Sometimes two plates under the ocean floor pushtowards each other. This will cause a mountain like feature to form.Marine life like to line around a protected area such as this forsecurity and as a food source.After corals are destroyed the landscape has less corals reefs andsome fish live in the coral reefs. If coral reefs die there will be lessplaces for marine life to live in.
Here is a picture of a colourfull coralreef and coral reef fish.

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