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Krueger creation care quotes - Ecological Legacy of Christianity

Krueger creation care quotes - Ecological Legacy of Christianity

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Published by Blessed Earth

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Published by: Blessed Earth on Dec 15, 2010
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iiiKrueger creation care quotes
 A Cloud of Witnesses
The Ecological Legacy of Christianity
Arranged in Chronological Order 
I. Writings from the Early Church (37 - 800)
St. Clement of Rome
(37? - 101?) 23The lessons in a harmonious CreationThe heavens as a servant of GodThe heavens as a servant of God (tr. version II)The earth as a servant of GodThe waters and elements as servants of GodThe good and the transgressorsChrist, the Creator of the worldThe basic principle of creation
St. Irenaeus
(129 - 203) 26Creation reveals the Creator A new heaven and a new earthGod's immanence oversees every part of creationThe way to the new life in ChristCreation is made for manThe resurrection of the whole bodyCreation reveals Him who formed itThe ancient curseThe Maker and Framer of the universeKnowledge of God comes from GodKnowledge of God comes through creationSeven heavensChrist is inherent in the creation Nothing is without symbolic meaningGod’s laws maintain creation’s stabilityGod’s immanence in creationThe glory of God in creation is man beholdingGodThe Word as the Creator of the worldWhat is it that separates us from incorruption?The future of the worldThe eternal Word underlies creation
St. Clement of Alexandria
(150 - 220) 33Contemplation of natureFood and dietHousehold utensilsSalvation, self-sufficiency and self-controlHow the perfect man treats worldly thingsThe right use of possessionsEating to liveA Christian's choice of foodAn inkling of God comes through His creaturesThe basis of a beautiful lifestyleThe right use of God’s giftsGod’s gifts of creation belong to everyonePrayer for right relationship to God and creation
ivPrivate propertyHow the universe has become an ocean of  blessingMen and women in creationWhat we find thru meditation on creationA right attitude toward worldly possessionsKnowledge of God through creationA method of discerning God through creation
(160? - 230?) 41God fashioned the universeRenewal as a universal lesson in creation Nature reflects the resurrectionSimplicity and sufficiencyGod teaches through creationThe prayer of the animalsDiscerning the Law of God
Minucius Felix
(167? - 249) 43Knowledge of the cosmos aids in self-knowledgeGod cares for every part of creation
(185 - 254)44The beginning of creationKnowledge of creationThe microcosmic universe withinThe diversity of the world joins into one natureMan "in the image" and "toward" God’slikenessSeeing the "Bridegroom of the soul" in creationSome things in creation are hard to understandThe whole world is one creatureIf you obey God, creation serves youWhat God creates and what He commandsAn allegorical meaning in dominion Nature and Scripture offer the same conclusionsEach word of Scripture is like a seedThe divine art of the Creator is hidden increationGod’s invisible nature is seen through creationDominion through the Holy SpiritAn eternal creationRelease from the ancient curseMeanings of the tabernacle for man and thecosmosMen and women equal in the sight of GodTwo kinds of dominionThe requirement for contemplation of nature
St. Anthony the Great
(251 - 356) 54The reason for man's creationThe animals and the garden in the desertCreation of the animalsThe directing power of providenceThe action of divine providenceCreation declares its Creator The meaning of creationCreation and the power over good and evilContemplation of nature gives knowledge of GodThe souls of animals
(252? - 317) 57Human purpose in creationPerspective on earthly concernsServing God in the worldThe reason for the world Nature is the work of God
St. Pachomius
(292 - 346) 59A Prayer for the whole worldThe education and training of St. PachomiusGod's presence fills the earth
St. Athanasius
(297 - 373) 61

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