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LP Solve for y

LP Solve for y

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Published by lambion4

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Published by: lambion4 on Dec 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LESSON PLANLEA AMBIONAlgebra 1 Period 3, 4, 6November 22, 2010LESSON TITLE: Unit 5, Section 5.7: Standard Form of Linear EquationsGRADE LEVEL: Freshman/Sophomore High SchoolTEXTBOOK OR RESOURCE AND RELEVANT PAGES:Algebra I Carnegie Learning Student Text pgs. 239-248 notesOBJECTIVE: Given a linear equation in standard form,students will be able to convert the equation into slope-interceptform or solve for y.STANDARDS BEING ADDRESSED:
A1.3.B Represent a function with a symbolic expression, as agraph, in a table, and using words, and make connections among theserepresentations.
A1.4.B Write and graph an equation for a line given the slope and the y-intercept,the slope and a point on the line, or two points on the line, and translate betweenforms of linear equations.
A1.4.C Identify and interpret the slope and intercepts of a linear function,including equations for parallel and perpendicular lines.ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING: Students will be given a warm up that requires them tovolunteer their answers. Students will also be assessed individually during their time todo homework in class.MATERIALS: pencil, notes, warm up-Algebra: Graph Review, HW-Solving for yEXPECTATIONS OF THE STUDENT:Before class:-Given a graph and a tableof values, students should be able to write an equationof a line in slope-interceptform-Given a linear equation inslope intercept form,students should be able tofind the slope, y-interceptand graph the lineDuring class:-Participate during warm-up-Given an equation instandard form solve for y or convert to slope interceptform-Take notes in note packet.After class:-Complete assignedhomework.INSTRUCTION:
(15 minutes) Warm-up [worksheet attached]
Students can work together and will call on students to give their answersAgenda:1. Warm Up:Graphing Review2. Solving for y Notes3. Homework:Solving for y
LESSON PLANLEA AMBIONAlgebra 1 Period 3, 4, 6November 22, 2010
(10 minutes) Explain to students that given a linear formula, they should be ableto solve for y or put it in y-intercept form:
 y mx b
= +
Goal: to get just y by itself using algebraic operations
Go over three problems in standard form
y’s coefficient is positive:
+ =
 x y
y’s coefficient is negative:4318
 x y
requires distribution:
+ + =
 x y
(25 minutes) Student will work on homework assignment [worksheet attached]REFLECTION:Short lessons are best but should consist of lots of review of prior concepts.Students seemed to still be confused about solving for y although it is merely a review of solving for x or a 2-step equation. I reminded students to think about the same processwhen solving for y, some students were able to make the connection while others
+ =
+= += +
 x y x x y x y x
+510 10 10 -3 -3OR 43184431843643436
 x y x x y x y x y x
= = + =
+ + =+ + =+ =
= =
 x y x y x y x y x x y x y x
 + 3 33 3 3

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