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Influence of Technology in Bangladeshi Music Industry

Influence of Technology in Bangladeshi Music Industry

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Published by Abul Hasnat Opu

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Published by: Abul Hasnat Opu on Dec 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Influence of Technology in Bangladeshi MusicIndustry 
Music is the most graceful thing in the world. It is a combination of symphonic soundswhich gives a pleasurable feeling to the brain of the animals. It as well as heals the plants.So we can say, Music is a pattern of sound waves which is favorable to the biologicalcreatures. So that’s why the world of music is the most richest, powerful and developed.We love music so much that from very beginning of human civilization there was a touchof music in every work. That’s why scholars say ‘Every sound is music’. In the presentworld Music has been so popular that it has its own market. Today’s music world is amarket of 19 billion dollars (PPP: 2007)Bangladesh has a reach musical culture. This country offers 29 types of genre of musicincluding Lalon, Bhatiali, Baul, Religious Folk songs, Pala songs and many more. Andthese music are very much constructed and has deep impact in music world of our country.But matter of sorrow is that most of the people of our country are not very muchconcerned about these. Our youngsters want some other things like Western music. Sothe question is what is making the western music so much popular?The answer is globalization of music and technology. Western music is a combination of different musical cultures. That’s why people are getting a different taste. It containsLatin guitars, electro jams, Belgium piano, European violins as well as Indian Tabla beats. All these things together are making some masterpieces. And all these things arenow becoming in a single piece by the blessing of science and technology. So now aday’s technology is making the difference. Let’s find out how technology is makingmasterpieces.Today’s world is the world of computers and digital gadgets. They are making the lifeeasy as well as the making of music. Musicians are now using the modern technologies tocreate a masterpiece. Now days they are using a large Varity of softwares and machinesto make the music Rocking!Bangladesh is also trying to walk with the western music world. For that reason our music culture is also entering the world of techno music. The scenario was not like this before 10 years. Acoustic instruments and noisy tracks were making people bored. That’swhy the Bands playing rock, metal, jazz music with electrical instruments was very popular. The pop industry was to be sunk. Then after 2003 techno music enters in to the pop market. And people was started to groove with the pop music. All was thetechnology, the editing of the wave of the sounds. It was done by some music studiosoftwares. And now for the technology Bangladeshi Music Industry is raising up again. Now it has a market of 29million dollars.

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