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2009-2010 Superintendent Evaluation

2009-2010 Superintendent Evaluation

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An evaluation of Watertown School Superintendent Ann Koufman-Frederick by the School Committee
An evaluation of Watertown School Superintendent Ann Koufman-Frederick by the School Committee

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Published by: wicked local watertown on Dec 15, 2010
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2009-2010The following is a summary of the Superintendent’s evaluation for the 2009 - 2010school year. This summary reflects seven individual evaluations, with a focus on each of the categories. The strength of any evaluation between a manager and a subordinate liesin the discussion between the two parties: in an understanding of what the strengths andweaknesses of the individual’s job performance are, and in suggested action plans to helpcorrect any deficiencies. It is my job to give you an overall summary. I will not give adetailed synopsis of each School Committee member’s evaluation. These evaluations area matter of public record, and if anyone in the public would like more detail, they arewelcome to visit Central Office to access this information.The following is my summation:Goal No. 1 - Educational LeadershipSuccess is measured by continuous academic improvement and overall achievement inthe Watertown Public Schools. Success in extracurricular activities is measured byindividual and team progress as well as by the degree of participation.Objective A:
Clearly articulates a vision of continuous improvement in student learning and works with administrative staff to communicate that vision throughout the district.
The Committee evaluation ranged from needs improvement to outstanding with themajority feeling the Superintendent meets expectations.
The Committee as a whole felt that the Superintendent works very hard in this area andhas set a clear vision for the District. She is relentless in maintaining and pushing her vision of academic improvement, emphasizing the need for the development of using 21
Century Skills to her staff and the district. Some members felt that the Superintendent hasstruggled to get this message out to the community and the rest of the district. TheSuperintendent needs to find a way to get through some of the road blocks she hasencountered in getting her message out to the district. She needs to get more peopleinvolved in getting out the message and the vision.Objective B:
 Sets high expectations for administrators, staff, and students; actively promotes continued improvement; develops plans to achieve these expectations and improvements.
The Committee concluded that the Superintendent ranged from needs improvement tooutstanding with the majority feeling she has met expectations.
Comments included:
The Committee was divided in their measurement of the Superintendent for thisobjective. Some members felt she has performed very well and she has been relentless inraising the bar for the entire District. Some members felt that the Superintendent has donea good job in trying to get the entire District on board. The Superintendent hasencountered some road blocks that she has been unable to over come. As an example of her way of promoting continued improvement, Committee members acknowledged thework done with the various task forces that the Superintendent has initiated throughoutthe District. She has been very inclusive in trying to get everyone within the District on board.Objective C:
 Develops a skilled leadership team committed to improvements in student learning, to fostering continuing professional learning and leadership withinthe faculties, and to collaborative goal setting and problem solving.
The Committee concluded that the Superintendent ranged from meets expectations tooutstanding in regard to this objective. Most members felt the Superintendent has metexpectations with this objective.
The Committee concluded that the Superintendent has done a good job related to thisobjective. The outcome of some of her decisions cannot be measured until this comingyear. Most members felt the choices she has made in the new Headmaster and AssociateHeadmaster are very good choices. This is an area that will be better measured in the nextcycle.Objective D:
 Provides for the ongoing renewal of curriculum to ensure alignment with state standards and adaptation.
The Committee concluded that the Superintendent meets expectations in this area or isoutstanding with this objective.
The Committee was very pleased with the continued work done with the various Task Forces focusing on curriculum. Comments mentioned how the Superintendent handledthe changes made with the expansion of the Armenian language program with thecreation of the ArMedia course, and the Bio-medical course offered in conjunction withMount Auburn Hospital. The Superintendent’s continuous focus on individualizedinstruction was an example mentioned by Committee members as a key component of theongoing renewal of the curriculum and its alignment with State standards.Objective E:
Focus the system on teaching and instructional improvement to ensurethe diverse learning needs of students.
The Committee concluded that the Superintendent ranged from outstanding to needsimprovement with most members feeling that the Superintendent has met expectations inregard to this objective. 
The Committee felt the Superintendent’s focus on resources for the classroom, and her focus on technology and professional development, demonstrates her commitment toinsure that the diverse learning needs of students are met.Objective F:
 Provides for the professional development of all personnel to support continued growth and improvement.
The Committee concluded that the Superintendent is outstanding or meets expectations inregard to this objective.
The Committee felt that professional development continues to be a strength of theDistrict. Comments by Committee members included praise for the ProfessionalDevelopment Council, which has reinvigorated the Professional Development Program.The inclusion of the staff in planning and delivery has paved the way to more diverse programs that have given the staff many opportunities to improve their skills.Objective G:
 Develops systems of assessment to measure district/schools success and to track student achievement and communicates this to community
.For the most part, the Committee concluded that this is an area that meets expectations or needs improvement. The majority of members feel that this is an area that needsimprovement.
Some comments focused on the need for more clearly defined areas of assessment. Thishas been an ongoing concern for many years, and the Superintendent has been very opento and supportive of finding a solution to these issues. Members felt we need to continuethe search to develop a better way to report to the public as too how the District is performing in comparison to other districts.Objective H:
Develops and sustains a variety of extracurricular opportunities forWatertown students.
The Committee concluded that the Superintendent ranges from meets expectations tooutstanding. Most felt the Superintendent meets expectations in this area.
Comments from the Committee
:The Committee commented on the success of the Robotics program, the expansion of theathletic programs (lacrosse program) in tough budgetary times, and the continuation of the High School newspaper.Objective I:
 Provides programs that foster respect for differences at all levels in the school district.

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