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December Railsplitter

December Railsplitter

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Published by mskramst

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Published by: mskramst on Dec 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Railsplitter
 News of the Students, by the Students, for the Students
Volume XCVII. Number 3. Abraham Lincoln High School Los Angeles, California December 15, 2010
 Happy Holidays from the Railsplitter Staff 
HolidaysAre ComingToo Early
By Kary Tran
With the semester coming to an end, alot of loose strings aregoing to be tied beforewe start break.Yet in the midst of these frantic weeks,
I still manage to nd
myself thinking aboutthe gifts I’m going to buy for friends andfamily.What I’ve noticedis that advertisementsfor holiday sales anddecorations are beingdisplayed earlier andearlier. What I meanto say is, didn’t younoticed that it wasOctober, with the mainevent Halloween, butretailers were puttingout Thanksgivingdecorations? It makesno sense.I’m starting to think about Christmas butthe last time I checked,December barelystarted. Maybe it’sthe big corporations’idea to get moremoney from us, evenwith the recession.Sure, it helps to pushus forward in our fast-paced lifestyle, but that isn’t going tohelp in bringing back appreciation for the
meaning behindthe holidays.The exploit of candy takes over Halloween, a giganticfeast consumesThankgiving, andmaterialism coversChristmas. Halloweenis the chance to dressup as somethingyou always wantedto be but couldn’t,Thanksgiving isfor recognizing the people who made your year memorable andChristmas is to showyour friends/familythat you care enoughto buy them a gift as asmall “thank-you.”I, for one, will be trying to live inthe now and celebratethe holidays on their assigned dates. Maybewith the occasionalthought of what’s instore to come...
What Happenedto Our 36 Min-ute Lunch?
By Sandy Wang 
In the beginning of thisschool year, there weremany new changes: block scheduling, advisories, andtwo lunches. Now hav-ing two lunches was sadto those who didn’t havefriends in one lunch but
the other. The only benet
in the two lunches was thateach lunch was 36 minutes.That was 6 minutes morethan all the other years!With six minutes studentscould do more: eat more,go to the restroom, go tothe lockers, get more timefor homework help fromteachers, have more timefor club meetings, etc.Then suddenlyafter a few weeks, lunch became 30 minutes insteadof 36 minutes. Now whatwas the reason behind thiscut of 6 minutes? I inter-viewed our principal Mr.Torres to get the facts onthe reasons why our lunchis now 6 minutes shorter.Here is what Mr.Torres said. “First of all,”he began, “the reason wehad 2 lunches was becausethere was only one lunch(continued on page two)
(continued from page one)
 periodfor about 2,400 students for the past three years. We found it toohard to serve so many students in just 30 minutes. Also with researchthere was a correlation between nu-trition and academics, which waswith food there’s more energy for the students to have the energy to be able to work. So how do we feedso many students? Resolution = 2lunch periods. This system actuallyworks because with one lunch pe-riod we served roughly about 1000lunches. Now with two lunches,we serve twice as much! Why? 1)There’s less students. About 1300students eat each lunch period. 2)Students get to eat without tickets because last year 95% of the stu-dents turned in their lunch appli-cation and we met the guidelinestherefore we get free breakfast andfree lunch.”
Why is lunch6 minutes shorter? Is it because of the announcements or is it becausekids were ditching? And if kidsstart going back to where they’resuppose to be, then can we havethose 6 minutes back?
The reason I asked if the cut was about the an-nouncements or kids ditching wasbecause those were the two mainreasons that the students believed.
Mr. Torres
responded,“There’s actually two main reasonsthat we had to cut the 6 minutes andit’s not because of the announce-ments or the kids ditching. It was because since there’s no space, gap between the two lunches, there wasno time for our cafeteria workersto restock food. They didn’t havetime due to the constant comingsof the students. The 2
main rea-son was because custodians neededthat time to clean the tables, emptyout the trashcans, and clean up thelunch area. And the custodians aredoing all this in 6 minutes! Then wealso noticed that these 6 minutes
 provided us with other benets.
One is that it lets staff monitor andmake sure the kids are in advisory.
Another benet was that it allowed
us time to give announcementswithout interruptions during theday when classes are being held.Basically the 36 minutes was a try.To change the schedule around, wehave to follow the guidelines andone of them was to allow at least 30minutes of lunch for all employeesand students. If there was a solu-tion to have a longer lunch, then I’d be on board!”Mr. Torres also noted thatif any student suggests a workablesolution, then he would be up for it. All you have to do is talk to himabout your solution but make sureyou stay within the guidelines. For example, those 4 reasons above area must, meaning it’s needed. Alsothe extra lunch time can’t cut intoclass schedules, all class schedules/time must be the same. Hopefullysome of you will step up and pres-ent a solution to Mr. Torres in or-der for all of us to have that extra6 minutes!
By Sandy Wang
School has always been the placewhere you learn, have fun, makefriends, join clubs, etc. But I’d nev-er imagine that school would causeso much stress in just one semes-ter. Lincoln’s schedule has changedthis year and I wondered if thatcould be a reason why students
at Lincoln are stressed. To nd
the responses of other students I
asked four simple quesons. Thesefour quesons will show you the
thoughts of other Lincoln students,who are currently experiencing abad case of school stress.
The quesons that I asked were:1) Do you feel stressed in school?Why?
2) Is this year more stressful com
-pared to the other years or do you
always feel stressed?
3) Due to school stress, how muchsleep (hours) do you get a night?
4) Does the new schedule have
anything to
do with your stress?
The rst response is from
Cin-dy Lum
who is currently in 11
This year has been busy at
mes. It feels stressful, other mes
not so much. It’s probably due tothe schedule. I have all my APclasses on odd periods, so on odddays it’s kind of like one intensive
class aer another.”2) “It’s slightly more stressful thanthe other years.3) “I don’t sleep. I take four hournaps every 12 hours.”4) “Somemes I like the newschedule since it gives me me todo homework, but other mes I
think 84 minutes for a class is aw-
fully long. Somemes the schedule
makes it stressful. Teachers needto cover certain materials during a
certain me period, but with this
schedule, they don’t always getto go over everything in detail, sothey end up sort of leaving stu-
dents in the dark to gure thingsout themselves.
The next response is from
who is currently in 11
grade aswell.
1) “Yes, because of the stupid
2) “Hella stressful! Freshman andsophomore year = easy breeeezy.”3) “I sleep like 4-5 hours!”4) “How do they expect us to man
-age 8 classes when we can barely
manage 6 ha-ha? Then the stupid
double block messes up my grade
point average.”
The third response is from
another 11
grader named
“Yes, because of all the ‘last
minute’ work the teacher gives.Plus the added pile of homeworkadds more stress.
2) “HELL YEAH!”3) “I get less than 6 hours a day!
That’s why I’m always so cranky
everyday.”4) “Yes! 6 classes a day was enoughto handle! But adding 2 more? Theschool is pung too much pres
-sure on our shoulders. We reallycan’t handle 8 classes a week. At
least, I can’t!”Final response is from
who is also in the 11
1) “Yes because there is doublework and half the me to do it.”
2. “This year is way more stress
3. “I get like 6 to 8 hours.”
4. “The new schedule is the wholereason for my stress.”
There are many more stu-dents out there that surely feelthe pressure on their shoulders aswell. I, for one, do feel as stressedas some of the people that you see
above. Yes it’s hard; it is stressful
but we do it to succeed. So forthose out there that think they’realone and dying of school stress,
you’re not alone! There are ways
you can deal with stress by doinghobbies that you like to do. Lots of students are stressed too so don’tthink that there is nothing you cando about it.
December 15, 2010
The Railsplitter
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