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The Senior Still Loves The Freshman Chapters 1 - 17

The Senior Still Loves The Freshman Chapters 1 - 17

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Published by Taylor

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Published by: Taylor on Dec 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eight years have pasted since the last time I saw Finn.He never came back home from college. He was too far away and it was too much money.I didn’t mind. I was finally over him, with the help of Derek.Derek Young was the new kid at our school.We were in the same grade and had the same classes.He fell of me as soon as he saw me.Derek didn’t take no for an answer and didn’t stop until I went out with him.After a year of dating him I fell in love with him.Everyone was happy to see me happy again.We continued to date after high school and into college.After college we moved in with each other.Derek proposed to me a week ago and now we’re planning our wedding.Travis, Chris and I are still close friends. We try and hang out together everychance we get.Carey and Frank ran away and got married. They have two baby girls together.I wish them the best.Kelly and Johnny are still happily married and have two baby boys.They live close by so I visit every now and then.Oliver, Jason, Ryan, Gabe, Devin, Britney, Hannah, Morgan and I still talk and hang out.Everything in my life stayed the same, for the most part.I just have a new man in my life.I look back on my freshman year of high school and laugh. I don’t have any regretsabout it, maybe just lessons learned.Alexandra Oz.That is the only thing I think about.I looked at our pictures that we took together and think about the fun times wehad.It’s been eight years and I still love her. I’m not sure if that’s sick or normal.I miss her. My heart aches for her.I lost contact with everyone so who knows how she’s doing.Today was her twenty third birthday.I still remember.I packed up my things and hopped in a taxi. I told the man to take me to the airport.I could still make things right, right?A six hour flight seemed like years before I could see my Alex.I got on the plane and hopped it would be shorter.Alex’s Point Of ViewDerek and I were painting together.He loves to paint as much as I do.We decide that we were going to paint a mural in our living room, so that’s what we were doing.We draw it first then started painting.“How’s it looking over there?” I asked.“Good, you?” he asked.“Awesome, because I’m awesome,”Derek laughed and kissed me. “You are,”I smiled and kissed him back.The phone rang and I pulled away to answer it.“Hello?”The people on the other line started to sing happy birthday.I laughed knowing who it was.Travis and Chris.“Happy birthday!” they yelled.“Thanks,”
“Open your front door,” Chris said.“Yeah, the ice cream in melting,” Travis added“You’re here?”“Yeah,”I opened the front door and saw Travis and Chris.“Hello,” I smiled.“Hey, birthday girl,” they said giving me a hug.I hugged them back and let them in.Derek greeted them with a hug too.“Nice,” Chris said walking over to our unfinished mural.“Thank you,” I smiled.“Thanks so cool,” he said in awe.Travis handed me the ice cream and walked over to the mural.“You guys are way too good at this,”“Thanks,” we said smiling.“We want to make it a business,” Derek said.I walked over to the mural as I eat my ice cream.We continued to talk as we painted the mural.******Derek took me out to a nice romantic birthday dinner.At ‘our’ restaurant.This is the place were we had our fist date, where we told each other I love you, where he proposed to me. Everything happened here, so it’s our special place.After dinner Derek took me to my parents place. They wanted to hang out with usfor a while.We walked in the house and into the living everyone jumped out and yelled “Surprise,”I laughed and looked around at all my friends and family.Even Frank and Carey were here.“Thanks you guys,”“No problem, birthday girl,” Devin said.“Enough talk!” Oliver yelled.“Let’s party,” Kelly said and the music turned on and everyone started to dance.I took Derek’s hand and danced with him.The party was over around eleven and we all went home.Finn’s Point Of ViewI was finally home.The taxi man dropped me off at my house and I walked up to the front door and knocked on it.I waited for a while until the front door opened and there stood my dad.“Dad,” I smiled.“Finn,” he said hugged me.I hugged him back and he led me inside.My mom came down stairs and hugged me.“How are you?” she asked.“I’m good,” I smiled. “I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long,”“It’s fine,” my dad said.“You’re here now,” my mom added.“How’s Alex?” I asked.“She’s good,” my mom smiled slightly.“She didn’t move away did she?”“No, we just say her at her birthday party,”I smiled.“Finn, there’s something you should know,”“Can you tell me tomorrow dad? I’m beat,”“Sure,” he said.My dad helped me carry my stuff into my old room.All the memories of Alex came back to me. The good and the bad.
I look back at my senior year and cry or laugh. I messed up, but now I’m going tofix that.The next morning I work up and went for a run.Running reminds me of Alex which makes me happy.I jogged in the park near by and I saw a young couple jogging too.They were far away but I could see their faces.As I got closer I realized that the girl was Alex.She looked amazing.Alex had matured well.She was curvier and her short black hair was longer. She looked like a woman now. A very sexy woman.I wanted her badly now.As I jogged in her direction, I watched her.She stopped running and stretched.Her running partner stopped too and watched her.He said something and she giggled.He wrapped his hands around her waist and kissed her.She kissed back.I stopped in my tracks.She moved on?I saw a ring on her finger and my heart stopped.She’s getting married.Alex, my Alex, is getting married.Derek and I jogged back home and took a nice long shower together.To save water of course.Derek made us lunch and we joked around as we eat.Finn’s Point Of ViewI stormed into my parent’s house and slammed the door.My parents looked at me shocked.“How come you didn’t tell me Alex was getting married?”“We tried to,”“This was need to know information,”“You said that you wanted to rest, we were going to tell you today,”“Mom, dad, the only reason I came here is for Alex. But now it’s too late,”“You got to fight for her, son,” my dad said.“Show her how much you still lover her,” my mom added.I smiled a little and headed up stairs to take a shower.I had some thinking to do.Alex’s Point Of ViewI was lying on our bed, naked, as Derek painted me.He always wanted to paint me like this.I watched his eyes move from me to the canvas.I smiled a little as I watched him.“How’s it looking?” I asked.“So far so good,” he smiled.“Good,”“Don’t move, love,” he said.I smiled a little and tried to stay still.An hour later, Derek put his paint brush down and smiled at me. “You’re done,”“Yay,” I smiled walking over to him. I looked over his shoulder and looked at the painting.“I love it,” I smiled. “Thank you,” I kissed his cheek.“Thank you, I’ve always wanted to paint you,”“I know,”Derek smiled at me and kissed me.

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