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Orwell 1984 Answers

Orwell 1984 Answers

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Published by Celinne Maderazo

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Published by: Celinne Maderazo on Dec 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Orwell 1984 AnswersPart One: Chapter One
What was the uniform of the Party? blue overalls, page 4 (McDougal Littell)What hovered, snooped into people's windows, and darted away? helicopter Police Patrols or theThought Police in helicopters 4One lived under "the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except indarkness, every movement scrutinized." 5Where did Winston Smith work? The Ministry of Truth 5What was the official language of Oceania? Newspeak 6Using the official language, state the four Ministries: Minitrue, Minipax, Miniluv and Miniplenty6/7TF: The telescreen saw Winston write in his diary and flashed a red warning on the screen:Writing is Death. False 9Who was the audience for Winston's writing? the future, unborn 9/10TF: In Winston's journal entry, people were killed. True 11In what department did Winston work? the Records Department 12Winston's dislike of the girl who worked in the Fiction Department was based on tangibleencounters with her where she disagreed with his opinion twice. False 13TF: Winston didn't know much about the details of O'Brien's job. True 13Who was "the earliest defiler of the Party's purity"? Emmanuel Goldstein 14TF: The "underground network of conspirators" referred to those who sided with the enemy of the State. True 16 The Brotherhood sided with Goldstein.During the Two Minute Hate, which person or entity did Winston not hate? A) Goldstein B) theThought Police C) the girl with the scarlet sash D) Big Brother E) None of the above. 18Which occurred first? A) the sandy-haired woman's climactic exultation with Big Brother or B)the chanting of "B-B" 19When O'Brien's eyes met with Smith's, what did Smith conclude, albeit, an assumption? A) thatO'Brien was gay B) that his black uniform was better C) that O'Brien's political sentiments leanedtoward the Brotherhood. D) that O'Brien's political sentiments staunchly supported and mirroredBig Brother's.TF: Winston tore out the page from his diary which read "DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER." False22State two textual synonyms with "vaporized." abolished and annihilated 22Chapter one ended with the Thought Police giving Winston Smith a "smart" injection, realigninghim with Big Brother beliefs. False 23
Part One: Chapter Two
Repairs at Victory Mansions A) were swift B) had to be sanctioned by a committee C) werelogged in a journal by Mrs. Parsons D) were performed in the order in which tyey were enteredon a spreadsheet. 24What clogged Mrs. Parsons's pipe? hair 26Who shouted "Goldstein" at Winston? A) the boy B) the mother C) the sister D) Tom 27Briefly explain "symptons of unorthodoxy." Thoughts or actions inharmonious or contrary to the party line. 28What were on both sides of a coin? the head of Big Brother and the party slogan. 30 Now that Smith "recognized himself as a dead man, it became important ... A) to bond with childheroes B) to stay alive as long as possible C) to sweat like Tom D) to write feverishly in his journal. 32Why did Winston put dust on the corner of his diary? to alert him if it had been discovered
Part One: Chapter Three
The purges of the Fifties did what to Winston's parents? swallowed them up; killed them. 33
Which female was omitted from Winston's dream? A) the girl with dark hair B) his sister C) anaerobics instructor D) his mother 34/35In the old days, Airstrip One was called what? England or Britain 36Winston's recollection of an old man and his comments to an old woman underscored what political sentiment? Blind trust might lead to an irreversible downfall, namely, the ruin of asociety. 38Currently, Oceania was in alliance with what country? Eastasia 38TF: "Doublethink" was the Party's current lie. True 39"Ingsoc" stood for what? English Socialism 40Which occurred first? A) the calling out of Winston's number or B) a successful toe touch bySmith 41
Part One: Chapter Four
State the irony of "memory holes." They were used for scrap paper. 42State the textual synonym for "rectify." alter, rewrite, set right, re-edit, corrected copy,reinscribed, or substitution 43TF: Big Brother had a stamp which read "State Sanctioned" on each book that had been rectified.False 45TF: The "hum of voices murmuring into speakwrites" in the Records Department made it easy tooverhear who had been vaporized. False 47Why were two publications printed in Oceania? One for the Party and one for the proletariat. 48What was Winston's greatest pleasure in life? his work - editing BB text. 49What was "the complex process of cross-referencing"? It was the Inner Party choosing which liewould become truth. 51What common thread linked Comrade Withers with Comrade Ogilvy? They never existed, butwere merely fictional fabrications by the Records Department in the Ministry of Truth. 53By chapter's end, Smith still suspected Tillotson to be working on the same job as himself. True53
Part One: Chapter Five
Which did not occur? A) The Party shops were out of blades. B) Syme's eyes scrutinized Smith'sface. C) Syme revealed his intellectual satisfaction from destroying Oldspeak nonsense. D) Thefumes of victory gin in the canteen were hidden and suppressed by the metalic smell of steamystew. 54"Doubleplusgood" was given as an example of a super sufficient A) noun B) verb C) direct objectD) adverb or E) adjective. 57When will the revolution be complete? Explain. The short answer is "when the language is perfect." Eliminating words reduces the range of thought, which impacts the range of consciousness, making thought narrow, thus eliminating thought crime. 58"Newspeak is Ingsoc and Ingsoc is Newspeak." 58Why did Winston think Syme would eventually be vaporized? Syme was too intelligent, and theParty didn't like intelligent people because they were a threat, a challenge to orthodoxy. 59"Quacking" depicted what type of verbiage? A) mindless mimicking of the Party line B)Unorthodoxy C) Sentimental Goldstein D) Hidden heresies 60/61When Parsons joined Syme and Winston at lunch, he (Syme) spoke proudly of what? A) his son'sscouting skills B) his daughter's espionage C) his wife's refusal to whine D) his Victory garden 64TF: An "ancestral memory" was synonymous with an "actual memory." False 67Who would not be vaporized? A) bettlelike men B) "the girl from the Fiction Dept" C) QuackersC) Mr. Parsons E) all of the above 68Why was an amateur spy "the greatest danger of all"? They were more immature and jealousy, prone to premature accusations and zealous finger-pointing without good reason. 69What was a "facecrime"? an unorthodox look or non-party response or abnormal behavior What object was the latest gadget used for enhancing eavesdropping? ear trumpets 70
Part One: Chapter Six
What was your worst enemy? your own nervous system 71What was the most deadly danger of all? talking in your sleep 71The name of Smith's wife was what? Katharine 71What was the only State-recognized purpose for marriage? to beget children for the service of theParty 73What was not true about Smith's wife? A) Sex repulsed her. B) She felt she and Winston shouldhave a child. C) She left Winston after about fifteen months. D) She was filled with Partyslogans. E) She was a passionate lover. 74TF: One night, Smith's wife felt true love for Winston and turned herself in for thought crime.False 75TF: Winston was successfully able to erase from his mind the memory of intimacy with an oldwoman. False 76
Part One: Chapter Seven
TF: Proles were easy to control. True 79TF: While proles noticed larger evils, they were powerless to rectify them because they had nounion. False 79According to the Party slogan, "Proles and animals are free." 80Why would
 jus primae noctis
not be mentioned in a textbook for children? The sexual allusion,that every capitalist had the right to sleep with any woman working in one of his factories, wouldhave been omitted. 81The Party proudly proclaimed that what percent of proles were literate? forty percent 82What happened to the original leaders of the Revolution? They had been purged. 83Give three names that were examples of "corpses waiting to be sent back to the grave." 83/84Jones, Aaronson, and RutherfordThe new-found audience for Winston's diary was who? O'Brien 89What was the Party's final and most essential command? Reject the evidence of your eyes andears. 89Paraphrase Winston's final journal entry about freedom. Freedom is the freedom to utter whatlogically and emotionally you know to be true. 90
Part One: Chapter Eight
What was considered dangerous? A) a taste for solitude B) eccentricity C) individualism D)ownlife E) all of the above 90Explain "creaking camaraderie oiled by gin." Social interaction was forced and aided by Partyliquor to dull the senses into forgetting that such a shallow social bond was phony in the first place. 91What occurred when Winston took an unusual route home, travelling through a proleneighborhood? A) The proles saw his uniform and scattered. B) Proles scattered because of aParty bomb. 93The proles paid serious attention to what public event? The weekly Lottery 94Which Ministry fabricated nonexistent persons as winners of big prizes? Ministry of Plenty 95What event in the bar caused the uneasiness toward Winston to disappear? The bartender jokedabout the old man's age, causing a "shout of laughter" and consequently a diffusion of tension inthe air. 97TF: When Winston returned with two more beers, the old man began quoting from history books.False 98-100 It was Winston who was doing the quoting.What two attributes did the old man ascribe to youth? health and strength 102TF: The old man returned from the restroom to discover that Smith had been arrested for thoughtquery. False 102

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