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A2SportsFront 12-16-10

A2SportsFront 12-16-10

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Published by milarso
Sports front for the Dec. 16 edition of the A2 Journal
Sports front for the Dec. 16 edition of the A2 Journal

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Published by: milarso on Dec 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Record-breakingcrowd shows up for hockey game
December 16, 2010Heritage Media
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Big Chill sets bigrecords
Organizers were hopingthat the Big Chill at the BigHouse would be able to setthe record for most people inattendance for a hockey game.On Saturday though, theBig Chill folks got more thanthey bargained for.The old record, which wasset on May 7, 2010 at VeletinsArena in Germany when theUSA played Germany in theIIHF World Championship,was 77,803.As expected, the Big Chillcompletely shattered thatmark, setting the new recordat 113,411.The mark was not only anew world record for peopleattending a hockey game, butit was also a new Big Houserecord.The 113,411 hockey fansbeat the current Big Houserecord of 113,09, which wasset earlier this year when theWolverine football team tookon Connecticut. The game wasalso the rededication of therenovated Big House.The Big Chill also set therecord for most people inattendance for any NCAAevent.
A poor homecomingfor Palmisano
Michigan State goaltenderDrew Palmisano, who is anAnn Arbor native, didn’thave great luck playing in hishometown on Saturday for theBig Chill.After receiving the CCHAGoaltender of the Week honorearlier this season, Palmisanohad a really rough time play-ing in the Big House.The Spartans’ juniorgoaltender allowed five goalson 29 shots as the MichiganWolverines defeated MichiganState 5-0.Palmisano fell to 6-8-3 inwith the loss.
Huron basketball isthe team to beat
Most basketball fansaround the area could tell youthat the Ann Arbor Huronboys’ basketball team is anearly favorite to win the ClassA state championship thisseason (having almost yourentire team returning fromlast season’s state runnerup will do that...). But in lastFriday’s edition of the DetroitFree Press, the team got apretty big vote of confidencefrom sports writer MickMcCabe.McCabe picked Huron asthe No. 1 high school boys’basketball team in the state,leading his Top 20.Rounding out the topfive were Lansing Eastern,Kalamazoo Central, DetroitSoutheastern and Romulus.McCabe further honoredthe River Rats by pickingDante Williams and A.J.Mathew as two of the bestplayers in the state.Williams was picked as theNo. 13 player and Mathew wasNo. 18 as they both crackedMcCabe’s list of the top 100players.
Technical fouls hauntGabriel Richard
Technical fouls are nor-mally given when a player ora coach loses his head, buton Friday night, the GabrielRichard got not just one, buttwo technical fouls withoutanyone losing their cool.The technical fouls weregiven because...well...techni-calities.In the first quarter,Richard’s Luther Page gotT’d up after he took the floorwearing No. 30 instead of No.34, which was the number theroster stated he’d be wearing.Then, late in the game, theIrish got another tech whenKamiari Davis entered thegame unaware that he hadalready fouled out of thecontest.
If looks could
Big Chill at the Big House
Photo by Jonathan Knight/A2 JOURNAL
A record-breaking crowd of 113,411 packed Michigan Stadium Saturday for the Big Chill at the Big House. Michigan beat Michigan State 5-0 in the contest,which set the Guinness World Record for attendance at an outdoor hockey game.
Photo by Jonathan Knight/A2 JOURNAL
Michigan goalie Bryan Hogan leads the Wolverines beneath the M Club banner and on to theice. The M Club banner is a staple at the Big House, as the football team runs beneath it andon to the field before every home game.
By Mike Larson
A2 Journal
The Germans never saw itcoming.After holding the GuinnessWorld Record for largest atten-dance at an ice hockey gamesince May, the Germans coulddo nothing Saturday as theirrecord was smashed like theinside of a bratwurst.The Big Chill at the BigHouse, the hockey gamebetween Michigan andMichigan State, which wasplayed Saturday on an outdoorrink in Michigan Stadium,was expected to set the newrecord, but the amount of people who showed up for thegame exceeded even the wild-est of expectations.113,411 hockey fans showedup for the game at the BigHouse, eclipsing the oldGuinness mark of 77,803,which was set on May 7 of this year in Germany dur-ing the 2010 IIHF WorldChampionship game againstthe USA and Germany.The attendance seemed toeven eclipse the actual game,which Michigan won, 5-0.“This is just amazing, tosee this many people in oneplace,” said University of Michigan sophomore Geoff Winstern. “It’s one thing to seehuge crowds at football games,but you expect to see the BigHouse full for football. But fora hockey game? It’s definitelya great experience. I’ll remem-ber this forever.”In addition to setting anew Guinness record, thegame also, perhaps even moreimpressively, set a new BigHouse record.The 113,411 narrowly beatthe old Michigan Stadiumrecord of 113,090, which wasset at Michigan’s home-open-ing football game againstConnecticut earlier this sea-son. The game also marked therededication of the stadiumafter lengthy renovations.“This kind of event reallyshines a spotlight on theUniversity of Michigan andAnn Arbor,” Carla Mitchemof Ann Arbor said. “I won-dered how it would work outwhen I heard about it. I knewpeople would show up for agame against Michigan andMichigan State, but I wasn’tsure if they would pack thestadium. I was wrong. Theplace was definitely packed.”The day of the game had aunique, but familiar feel.
Irish overpowered
 Richard can’thandle Flint Powers
By Mike Larson
A2 Journal
Gabriel Richard basketballcoach Pete Schoch is a firmbeliever in scheduling difficultopponents.This practice was verynoticeable Friday night in theGreen House as the FightingIrish hosted 2009’s Class B statechampion, Flint Powers.Richard never led in thegame, as the team fell to thevisiting Chargers 63-49.“I’ll put our schedule upagainst anyone in the state,”Schoch said. “We want to chal-lenge ourselves in every gamewe play. We want to play sched-ule that makes us better.”The Irish kept the game closefor the majority of the contest,but Powers pulled away late inthe game to seal the win.“I thought we did a lot of good things,” Schoch said.“Obviously we have somethings to work on, but I thoughtwe had some high notes too.”One of the things the Irishwill have to work on in thefuture is free throws.Richard was just 7-of-16 fromthe line, while Powers was 26-of-33.Schoch said that it was clearhis team needed to do bettershooting free throws, but thathis squad could also learn fromthe Chargers when it comes togetting to the line.“(Powers) has some experi-enced players and they knowhow to drive and draw contact,”the coach said. “Our guys are alittle younger, and they are stilllearning. I hope that by the timethey are seniors, they are doingthose same things too.”Powers started the game ona 7-0 run, but Richard stormedback, closing the gap to trail by
Photo by Jonathan Knight/A2 JOURNAL
Gabriel Richard’s Luther Page takes the ball to the basketFriday against Flint Powers. Despite scoring 22 points, Pagecouldn’t lift the Irish past the Chargers.

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