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Short Term Y7 1-2

Short Term Y7 1-2

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Published by Dafydd Humphreys

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Published by: Dafydd Humphreys on Nov 01, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Harris Academy South NorwoodShort Term Planning Template: Weekly Overview (3 lessons)
Subject Area: History Half Term: 2 Week Beginning: 8 Class: Year 7Title:
“How did William successfully control this island?” 3 lessons
DifferentiationWeekly Learning ObjectivesWeekly Learning OutcomesResources
(NC Range)
Students will have an understandingthat William had to fight to control therest of England.They will understand the types of defensive features developed in castlebuilding.They will understand what the DomesdayBook was and how important it wasas evidence of Norman England.Study and complete W/S#8 ‘1066 – Just theBeginning?’Begin questions 1-3 on page 23.Complete tasks 1-2 on p25 and draw up a shor 
t-listof requirements for a new stone castle.Write some sentences explaining their answers toquestions 1-5 on page 31.
“Invasion, Plague andMurder” (Wilkes)Worksheets8,9, 10, 13
(NC Range)
Above and understand where the mainareas of difficulty for William lay.Above and appreciate the problems increating an impenetrable castle.Above and understand how theDomesday Book helped William to recordand tax the people of England.Study and complete W/S#8 ‘1066 – Just theBeginning?’Attempt questions 1-3 on page 23.Above and order the features needed for asuccessful castle.Above and write some paragraphs explaining their answers toquestions 1-5 on page 31.
“Invasion, Plague andMurder” (Wilkes)Worksheets8,9, 10, 13
(NC Range)
Above and understand some of the plansWilliam had to make in order to conquer and control England.Above and solve problems and comeup with an enterprising plan for a castle.Above and understand the reactions of some of the people to the authoritarianmeasures taken in 1085.Study and complete W/S#8 ‘1066 – Just theBeginning?’Complete questions 1-3 on page 23.Above and explain their ranking choice in apresentation to the class.Complete all questions 1-5 on page 31.
“Invasion, Plague andMurder” (Wilkes)Worksheets8,9, 10, 13

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