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Harris Longterm Plan y12 Civil Rights

Harris Longterm Plan y12 Civil Rights

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Published by Dafydd Humphreys

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Published by: Dafydd Humphreys on Nov 01, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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KS5 Long Term Overview: Year 12 for 2007-8 for Paul Mundy Castle to useSubject: History – US Civil Rights 1945-68, Edexcel Unit 2 (30%) (Exam)
 Year 12
Autumn Term 2007Spring Term 2008Summer Term 2008Half Term 1 – 8 lessonsOverview of the situation prior toWW2 regarding the position of African Americans sinceemancipation
Geographical differences inthe treatment of AfricanAmericans. North and South-de facto discrimination inNorth de jure discriminationin South.
Reconstruction,Jim Crow,KKK ,Lynching.
Plessey v Ferguson.Separate but equal?
The Great Migration andeffects of WW1.
Key individuals- Booker TWashington ,WEB Du Bois.Accommodation vconfrontation.Efforts atraising black consciousness
The Depression, New Dealand WW2Half Term 2 – 12 lessonsDid post war abundance improvelife for African Americans?
Position of the USA at the endof WW2
To Secure these rights”- 
DidPresident Truman do much toHalf Term 1 – 12 lessonsMartin Luther King and PeacefulProtest
MLK philosophy andbackground
Non violence in practice Sitins, Freedom Rides and theMarch on Washington
BirminghamChronology of the early CivilRights.Protest ,Legislation andDebate
Kennedy or Johnson – whodid more?
Was Selma MLK’s “finesthour”
The Civil Rights Act andVoting Rights Act
Opposition – State RightsCongress and the Whitebacklash
Ghetto riots and economicinequalityHalf Term 2 – 12 lessonsNon violence challenged – BlackPower 
NOI philosophy and aims
Malcolm X
The rise of Black Power in theGhettoesHalf Term 1 – 12 lessonsHow much was achieved across theperiod? Had African Americanssucceeded in their pursuit of “Lifeand Liberty” by 1969?
The death of MLK
What factors inhibitedprogress- black divisions,economic inequality, theeffects of the Vietnam War 
Nixons Silent Majority
Facts and figures- do theyshow the fight had been won?
Affirmative action – did itwork?
Integration or separation
Was the Kerner Reportaccurate?Review, revision and examinationtechniques.

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