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Musings Vol 2

Musings Vol 2

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Published by Sarah JT

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Published by: Sarah JT on Aug 06, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MUSINGS A Magazine of Words1 
 A Magazine of Words
 Volume: 1 Issue: 2
First Bookend 
Realties Real/5Crow Dreams Vibrant/10Bus of the Dead/1413/19Crossroads/23Religion/27
House of Sorrow/32Film of Tomorrow/32Humans Can't Fly/33Infectious Dreams/33
Corpse Bride/35Lost Girls and Love Hotels/37Widdershins/39Someplace To Be Flying/41
 Potters Web
: Part Two/45
Second Bookend 
MUSINGS A Magazine of Words3
First Bookend 
After being a writer for many years, there is one thing that I know is true. It is this: Thereis power in words.They have the power to take you to far away lands, to make you believe in magic (think of a certain boy wizard), the power to make you emotional. Words have a way of helpingus to travel to distant lands, experience many things and live through many adventures.Words are a power that all of us possess. There are words, phrases, and sentences insideall of us and there are many ways to let them out; many different ways to shape the wordsinto something that moves, that entrances.Words are really like a dance, as they can take many forms. Behind each word---indeed, behind each poem, story, column, and novel---there is a Muse. Something that inspires usto put that word on paper, to shape the sentences to sound just so. There is a force thatdrives our words to dance.Thus the idea for MUSINGS:
 A Magazine of Words
. Inside these pages, you will findfiction, poetry, short stories, reviews; any form that words take is welcome here and weencourage many shapes. This is a starting place for words, a sounding board of ideas.~Welcome to the second issue of MUSINGS! This month is a special issue, dedicated tomy favorite of holidays, HALLOWEEN! This months issue is dedicated to everythingscary: fright, the dead, the black shape of crows as they move against the sky. May youfind something scary within these pages.Halloween was always a favorite time of year for me. The leaves would be crunchingunderneath my feet, I could see my breath in the air in front of me; and I could dress upas anything I wanted.Imagination is a powerful thing and for that one night, I was who ever (sometimeswhatever) I wanted to be. Imagination and fear, like words, can take us anywhere.Each month, we will feature some of the best fiction, non-fiction, poetry, reviews and prose. Next month, I hope to have a bigger, better issue! Send in anything you would liketo submit to jamiesonwolf@gmail.comand I will put it in next month's issue.May the Muse be with you!

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