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Published by: COMMUNITYMEDIA on Dec 16, 2010
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After a London judge ordered himreleased Tuesday from his London jail cell on $314,000 bail, JulianAssange, editor in chief of the whis-tle-blowing WikiLeaks Web site, gavea thumbs up to his supporters in apacked courtroom and said throughhis lawyer he would fight to clear his“good name.”Assange, a peripatetic, 39-year-old Australian, was at first deniedbail Dec. 7 after his arrest on anInterpol warrant stemming from allega-tions of sexual assault by two women inSweden, who claim his crimes includesex without a condom, a form of rapein that country. Assange claims the sexwas consensual and has called the alle-gations “dirty tricks.” Women AgainstRape, a group in the United Kingdom,has also questioned the charges. As of  Wednesday, however, Assange was stillin custody, as a lawyer for Sweden waschallenging his release, arguing he wasa flight risk.Generally, Assange gets labeledin America as either a cyber terror-ist or an idealistic freedom fight-er for WikiLeaks’ release of thou-sands of secret documents to main-stream media. The documents — clas-sified diplomatic cables and war logs— have left U.S. officials red-faced andinstigated calls for Assange’s indict-ment for espionage — and even hisassassination.But Assange, while vilified by right-wing talking heads like Sarah Palinand Bill O’Reilly, has a multitude of ardent supporters, among them film-maker Michael Moore, who offered$20,000 toward his bail, according tonews reports. The WikiLeaks leaderhas many other donors with “with deeppockets,” said sources in New York.Assange, chief spokesman forhis amorphous international group WikiLeaks, is also the subject of con-flict and suspicion among some who,upon first thought, might be assumedto be supporters, including East Villageanarchists who only know him byaccounts in the press.Chris Flash, editor of The Shadow,an underground East Village newspaper,said in a phone interview that he andhis staff have not published anythingso far on Assange or the WikiLeaksscandal. Flash said he wondered if thefour-year-old group now under suchintense scrutiny is a “legitimate effort toexpose government gossip and secretsor an effort by the government to cre-ate a phony entity to be perceived as asecurity threat so the government canshut down Web sites.”The government and the mili-tary, Flash observed, created the Internet,“and it’s a double-edged sword,” henoted. “If they want to shut you off,they’re going to because they run it.”In a prepared statement for TheVillager, Flash also noted: “On one
Anarchists, Koch, everyone’swired over WikiLeaks debate
Photo by J.B. Nicholas
On Dec. 9, after an English court ordered Julian Assange’s detention,a “hacktivist” with the group Anonymous was at work in Brooklyn. Anestimated 5,000 “hacktivists” launched Operation Payback againstcorporations that cut money flow to Assange’s WikiLeaks. Some call it thestart of a “cyber war.”
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If the devil is, indeed, inthe details, then a Commu-nity Board 3 committee thatfor nearly two years has beentrying to draft comprehen-sive guidelines for the futuredevelopment of the SewardPark Urban Renewal Areaalong Delancey St., seemedthis week to be in dire needof an exorcist.At a meeting on the eve-ning of Mon., Dec.13, atthe Henry Street Settlement,301 Henry St., members of C.B. 3’s Land Use, Zoning,Public & Private HousingCommittee spent nearly fourhours painstakingly review-ing the details of the firstdraft guidelines that werepresented to the committeelast month, and arguing overmany of these details.Since last month’s pre-sentation, some changesto the guidelines had beenconsidered following sug-gestions by committee and
Vote postponed on SPURA; Idea is half market rate 
A community healthneeds assessment that couldbe used to make the case fora new hospital or healthcarefacility to replace the for-mer St. Vincent’s Hospitalcould be completed by earlyspring.Meanwhile, at a recentmeeting in Chelsea on theneeds assessment, membersof the Coalition for a NewVillage Hospital continuedto ask why the study wasneeded, saying there weresufficient studies already.About 50 people gath-ered at the Robert FultonHouses Senior Center onDec. 6 to hear membersof the Community HealthAssessment Steering Com-mittee give an update onwhere the study stands andanswer questions.Hunter College Schoolof Public Health and NorthShore-Long Island JewishHealth System are doing theassessment pro bono, underthe guidance of healthcare
Health study could be done in as soon as 3 to 4 months 
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Volume 80, Number 29 
West and East Village, Chelsea, Soho, Noho, Hudson Square, Little Italy, Chinatown and Lower East Side,
Since 1933 
December 16- 22, 2010 
December 16 - 22, 2010
December 16 - 22, 2010
Now that the 59th St. Bridgehas been renamed for
Ed Koch
, the questions are, first, isthe name change actually going to take hold, and, next, whatexactly will people call the stately East River span — i.e., the“Ed Koch Bridge,” the “Koch Bridge” — maybe just “TheKoch” or simply “The Ed,” or even “The Eddie”? On the firstpoint, Hizzoner tells us he thinks there’s a chance the newname could become common parlance. “We have no idea”of whether it will sink in, he admitted. “The reason there’s areasonable chance is it doesn’t have a distinct name: It’s the59th St. Bridge; it’s the Interboro Bridge.” (Actually, it’s theQueensboro Bridge, or it was.) If traffic reports in the localnews media refer to it as the Ed Koch Bridge, that will helpthe new name take root, he added. But Koch himself mighttake a more active role. “I may even go out there and handout literature asking people to call it the Ed Koch Bridge,”he noted. He said he would hand fliers to pedestrians nearthe Midtown connector’s entrances on both the Manhattanand Queens sides, but not to motorists. “I don’t think I’dstop traffic — you could get killed,” he said. Actually, hispreferred appellation is “The E.I.K.,” standing for EdwardI. Koch. “If they want to call it the E.I.K., that’s got a goodring,” he noted. “ ‘Let’s drive over the E.I.K.’ ” Staying opento other variations, though, he added, “If they want to say,‘Take the Eddie,’ that’s O.K. by me.” One report last weeknoted that Koch actually had hoped to have Newark Airportnamed for him, but Hizzoner downplayed that as never seri-ous. “That was just joking. That’s reserved for presidents,”he said of airport namings — though, he did point out thatJ.F.K. rhymes with E.I.K. He said he’d had some talks aboutthe airport idea with friends two years ago, but that it was just lighthearted. Koch has already driven through the for-mer Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel since its being redubbed the
Hugh Carey
Tunnel, which was done simultaneously withthe bridge’s renaming for Koch. “I tell my driver, ‘Let’s takethe Hughey,’ ” Koch noted. “That’s what everyone calledhim, Hughey.” However, he’s yet to relish the pleasure of telling his driver, “Take the E.I.K.”
Lucy Cecere
is sad that her boy
Matthew Broderick
Sarah Jessica Parker
may be leav-ing the Village soon, for good. “It was all over the news,”she told us last week. “They bought a 14-room apartment upin the 70’s.” The thespian couple have twins and a son, andwe’re guessing, may need the extra space. (Also, let’s face it,paparazzi have them totally staked out in the Village.) Ceceresaid Broderick is responsible for the now-20-year-old, star-studded mailboxes operation at Something Special, the storeCecere’s husband,
, runs on MacDougal St. justoff Houston St. Before, it was merely a postcard shop. “Hestarted it. We started it with him,” she recalled of Broderick.“He just walked in. He had moved to California. He said hecouldn’t stay in Hollywood. He said, ‘I’ll be your customer.’”A-listers avail themselves of the mailboxes for privacy sopeople don’t bother them. Today, Something Special handlesmail for the likes of 
Famke Jansen
Jane Krakowsi
. Cecere noted that Jansen just got a new bike from theNetherlands, with a basket on front for her dog, Licorice.But Broderick will forever be Cecere’s favorite. “Oh, I lovehim,” she gushed. “We used to have lunch together in thestore every Saturday afternoon, until he met Sarah.”
Congratulations to
Carol Feinman
,former Community Board 2 chairperson, on her electionlast month as a judge. “I was elected as judge to the CivilCourt from the 1st Municipal Court District, which coversGreenwich Village and Downtown Manhattan,” Feinmanwrote us. “I had been an administrative law judge for NewYork State for the past 25 years and am looking forward toentering into a new area. I’ve been observing other judgesalready and am very excited about this change.” If she couldhandle C.B. 2, she’ll be able to handle anything in court.
At the World AIDS Dayevent in Washington Square Park a few weeks ago, WestVillage activist
Sharon Woolums
reconnected with a distantrelative —
Liza Minelli
. Woolums passed a smiling Minelli aletter explaining that Woolums’s mother’s great-grandfatherand Judy Garland’s great-grandfather were brothers, mak-ing Woolums and Minelli distant cousins. The W. EighthStreeter told the singer she had a family tree diagramming itall, and Minelli said she’d love to see it. We asked Woolumsto give us a little “Cabaret” over the phone, and she didn’tneed much prompting. We definitely heard a family resem-blance.
What was
thinking? In New York magazine’s article last monthon New York University’s expansion plans (“The SchoolThat Ate New York”), the N.Y.U. president made a commentthat doubtless rankled many Village readers. As the article’sauthor
Gabriel Sherman
wrote: “Near the end of our inter-view, I ask Sexton what would happen if N.Y.U. is thwartedin its campaign to build. Sexton told me that N.Y.U. canbuild on land it owns nearby when a building restrictionexpires in ten years. ‘We can grow anyway! I mean, we grewfor twenty years before. If that’s denied, we have an as-of-right building that will be five feet away. Which we’ll do!Maybe we’ll be forced to add seven stories to the CatholicCenter.’” Yes, of course, everyone knows N.Y.U. now plansto build on the Morton Williams supermarket site after the
— Recommended by Gourmet Magazine, Zagat, Crain’s NY, Playbill & The Villager — 
“Gold Medal Chef of the Year”. — Chefs de Cuisine Association
69 MacDougal St.
(Bet. Bleeker & Houston St.)
Home of the NFL Sunday Ticket,College Football, Premier LeagueSoccer, MLB Playoffs + World Series
Private Party Room avail. /  
happy hour 4 -7 Mon. - Fri.
63 Carmine St., Greenwich Village.Tel. 212 - 414 - 1223 •
Cuddles and Tails
Highly personalized pet sitting, boarding, and dog walking
We care when you’re not there 
Leaving Town?
off for allnew clients
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