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Entice - 1st Chpt

Entice - 1st Chpt

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Published by jetwithervale

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: jetwithervale on Dec 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Am I ally no allowd o complan abou bng h?” I ask as wn Bdod Hgh School abou an hou la o h wn ball.In an amp o mak  mo ball and lss hgh school, h lghsa dmmd n h on oy and gan wh snowfaks and wn-kly lghs dangl om h clng. Thy a supposd o look sv,bu hy a dngy om yas o us. Th wh s so o an o-yllow ha looks lk old a-sand h mo han snow.Cassdy, my all, badd, paally l nd, pus h amaound m. “I w an’ allowd o complan abou you nw psaus, you an’ allowd o complan abou h danc.”Iss somps h al snow o o h pnk and gold hls andchps, “Acually, I hnk you a allowd o complan a couplms, bu no—“No cssvly?” Dvyn suggss, pullng hs bdlk bodyup o s ull hgh. I’s lk h’s posung, showng m ha h’spocng Iss. H kps lookng a m ou o h con o hs
 forcmt utoriti r ti ivtigtig ttrg bu ccidt tt rcty kid vr Sumr HigScoo tudt. Mi, Bdford poic dvi tt otrboy  b rportd miig from tt to, brigig ttot up to igt. —News Channel 8
Entice UK - 1-266.indd 1
Entice UK - 1-266.indd 1
28/09/2010 15:57
28/09/2010 15:57
Carrie Jones
y lk I mgh aack any scond. Bu I won’—I man, I don’hnk I wll.“Eacly. No cssvly.” Iss bams up a hm, smlng, and’s so sw how sh dos  and how h smls back ha som-hng nsd m baks a ny b. Nck and I usd o b lk ha.Thn h dd. So o. A p kng klld hm. H dd n my amsand hn a wngd woman ook hm away o som myscal placha only waos who hav dd n bal can go. My bah sops,jus mmbng —h blood, h way h was jus gon.“Zaa?” Cassdy’s am ghns aound my shoulds as wmach owad. I guss snc sh’s a b psychc and can “s nomy soul,” sh’s h only on who sms o us m a hunddpcn whn
don’ vn us m a hundd pcn. “Youokay?”I nod. I am no gong o un h ngh o hm. Bu hnI smll  . . . Dov soap, h copp mal ang o blood. “Som-hng’s wong.”Iss sdls up o m. “I know you mss Nck, bu w’ll nd away o g hm—”I shak my had, lsnng. “Tha’s no . Somhng’s wongn h school. I can smll blood . . . blood and a.”Iss dops my am as Dvyn slls and says, “I smll  oo.Dv and I chang a look and sa unnng down h hall-way. I yll bhnd o wh Iss and Cass a. “Hd, guys. Okay?” W bus no h dak, dcoad caa. Wh Chsmas-syl s wh blu lghs a splayd along h walls. Hp-hopmusc pumps hough h a. Popl a movng ancally, buhy’ dancng mosly, no unnng o h lvs. Dvyn and Isand h, suvyng all h gowns and sus, smllng h swaand way-oo-nns cologn.
Entice UK - 1-266.indd 2
Entice UK - 1-266.indd 2
28/09/2010 15:57
28/09/2010 15:57
“Do you s anyhng?” I ask.H sas o say no, bu hn h pons o h daks con,wh ak Chsmas s hal hd movmn n h sodamachn alcov. Two gls n bza gowns a yankng a a guy Idon’ cognz, pullng on hs , huslng hm ou h m-gncy  doo. H’s bldng om h nos and h ws. Tha’sh blood I’m smllng, and vn hough ’s py obvous h’sbn dnkng alcohol, I can smll hs a oo. I olls o hmalmos sold, lk a colo o a aound hm—yllow and dakbown.“Dv—,” I sa.H nups m. “I can’ chang h. Popl wll s.”Dvyn s a w. H can sh no an agl.“Jus back m up,” I ll hm, whch s a oal ol vsal. I’musually h on who backs oh popl up. Sll, I say  and man as I bump hough dancng goups and coupls who a so nohmslvs ha hy don’ noc anyhng a all.Dvyn mumus n my a, “Th a wo o hm.”“Dvyn . . . l m go s,” I say agan, yng o huy wh-ou bng oo obvous. Th gls a huslng h guy owad adoo makd ire exit. Thy’ movng py as and I know  hy g hm ou o h h’s a gon, bcaus hy an’ gulagls. Thy a ps. Thy’ gong o b a hm and ouhm and bascally dan hs soul unl h gos nsan o ds.How do I know hs? I know bcaus now I’m a p oo.I bang owad hm and poson mysl bwn hm and hdoo. Jus lk m, hy appa human, hdng h blu skn andh aky shap h wh a glamou. On was a d dss halooks and smlls lk ’s bn hangng ou n a Goodwll snc h1980s. Puy slvs wh should pads gv h ooball unom
Entice UK - 1-266.indd 3
Entice UK - 1-266.indd 3
28/09/2010 15:57
28/09/2010 15:57

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