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Master Techniques for Approaching Women

Master Techniques for Approaching Women

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Published by Doug Hart
Learn how to be a pro at approaching women without nervousness or fear at all. Advanced NLP techniques that work every time once perfected.
Learn how to be a pro at approaching women without nervousness or fear at all. Advanced NLP techniques that work every time once perfected.

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Published by: Doug Hart on Dec 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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contained in this report are details that can turnan ordinary guy into a complete womanizer, vaginamagnet, pick-up master, or worse. Mastering thetechniques laid out in these pages will at the very least,change your life. Use with caution! (You have beenwarned).If you find that these techniques are more than you canhandle, please pass this one to someone else. Perhaps a
friend who hasn’t been laid in a year
- or a partner in crimeyou think may need some work on his game.Note: These pages contain only the specific techniques toapproach women. Once you meet them and engage in
conversation, it’s all you buddy! If you need further help,
please click these links:Guys Get Girls Online Pickup Secrets If you want to learn more
tricks about NLP (whichyou will after reading this report) then click these links:Power of Persuasion 
Rights: You may legally share this report with anyone - in fact email it to all your friends.
Master the Techniques of Approaching Women
 If you are having problems with women, especially in meeting them, then thisreport is for you. You see I understand there are hundreds if not thousands of books out
there that teach different “pick
up” methods, how a to attract women, what to say to
let them to let them know you are an alpha male, what to wear, etc. This report is a bitdifferent however, in that it focuses on what I consider to be the most difficult part of getting a women
how to approach them and start a conversation.My aim in this book is not to cover all the bases in meeting women, dating them,
how to romance women, or all the fluff about grooming so you don’t look like some hick
that just fell off the cabbage truck. No, I will save that for the others. My goal is to teachyou the latest techniques in NLP that will make it so easy to approach women that you
will wonder why you ever had a problem at all! If you haven’t heard of NLP before, don’tworry about it, it isn’t complicated
. It stands for
rogramming, and hasbeen around for a long time (devel
oped in the 1970’s). The founders were two men, one
Richard Bandler, a mathematician, and John Grinder, a linguistics expert. They wantedto discover a really efficient model of human behavior that could be duplicated byanyone, in order to basically run the human brain more efficiently. What theydiscovered has changed many millions of lives since then.You see they found that humans all have the same physiology, and thus anythingthat one person can do, another person can learn to do quickly by modeling that
behavior. Now I’m not going to get into the entire history or great details of NLP, sinceyou don’t need to know all of the techniques
(there are hundreds) in order to learn howto successfully approach women. All you need to know is that the techniques used byNLP experts have been tested successfully on many thousands of men and women, andare reproducible by anyone that wishes to improve an area of their lives. The basis of NLP is a collection of simple yet powerful techniques that can help anyone achieve an
“outcome” that they wish to achieve, whether it’s to stop smoking quickly, learn to play
tennis, make decisions faster, build the body of their dreams, or make a millions dollars.Or, master the art of approaching women, which will be our focus in this book.
To my knowledge, these techniques haven’t been applied successfully and fully
yet to the art of approaching women, and that is what I have been studying andperfecting for some time now. You see, in order to change our behaviors we need tofully understand what that behavior is from every conceivable angle as it relates to thefive senses. What do you see when you are approaching women, what do you feel likeinside, what are the words you use to approach a woman for the first time, and how doyou sound to the woman? Do you project confidence? How do you carry yourself, isyour body language that of a confident man that knows what he wants and is able toachieve it? These are questions you have to ask yourself, since these are most likelybehaviors you want to change the most. It may seem like a complicated task, but bybreaking these behaviors down bit by bit and finding out how to replace them withmore efficient behaviors, you will become a Master of Approaching Women.

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