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21517040 Guide My Heart

21517040 Guide My Heart

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Published by Jacquelin Chang

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Published by: Jacquelin Chang on Dec 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I was about to upset three young men.“I have a pair of kings…and another pair of kings” I said, laughing wickedly andslowly laying my cards down, two at a time, for them to see.“That’s at least the fifth big hand you’ve won tonight, Casey,” Aaron said as heshook his head and threw his cards down in disgust, scattering them across the table.“You suck, girly,” Mike said, then winked at me so I’d know he was kidding.I shrugged my shoulders unapologetically. “It’s my night.”Using both hands, I raked the rather large pile of change and one dollar bills over to my side of the table and started dropping them into the plastic container I kept my poker money in. “You know the same thing could happen to any one of you at the nextgame.”My three friends and I played poker every few weeks, as long as we all had thefree time
the disposable funds. We didn’t play anything high stakes, usually quartersor singles, but the pots have been known to build to fifty dollars or more. The pile I’d pulled was in the neighborhood of twenty dollars, but like Aaron had said, it wasn’t thefirst hand I’d won tonight.I wasn’t a card shark by any means but over the few years we’d been playingtogether, I had figured out each of their “tells”. The little ticks or movements they all didwhen they had a good hand.2
Hudson/Guide/Mike would smooth his fingers over his right eyebrow then rest his chin in the palm of his hand. Aaron runs his thumb and pointer finger down his goatee pensively andLewis, well, let’s just say Lewis had a habit of adjusting his nether region, if you get mydrift. Thank goodness the table hid his lap from plain sight.I’m sure I had one too, although I hadn’t figured it out yet, and judging by myluck tonight, neither had they.“I can only stay another hand or two then I have to leave,” I told them as Iglanced at the clock on Mike’s microwave. I had a booking at 7:00 a.m. tomorrowmorning. That meant a 5:00 a.m. alarm time.“Nobody likes a Bobbie Sue, Casey,” Lewis said.A Bobbie Sue was what we called someone who took their money and leftwithout allowing everybody else a chance to win some back. We got it from the SteveMiller song, Take the Money and Run. I’ll be the first to admit it was lame.“You guys know me better than that but I can’t help it. I have an early bookingtomorrow and I need sleep in order to function properly. Besides, it wasn’t my idea to dothis on a
,” I said, looking pointedly in Mike’s direction.“I have a date tomorrow night,” he said, smiling and straightening in his chair to puff his chest out like a strutting turkey.Mike had been in a bit of a self-imposed dry spell lately. The last girl he’d datedhad cheated on him and the experience had soured him on women for a while. It wasn’tthe hearsay kind of cheating either. He caught them in bed together.
 His very own bed.
“Well, well. Can you tell us who this lucky young lady is?” I asked and lookedaround the table at Aaron and Lewis, then back at Mike.“Ante up,” Mike said. We all slid quarters into the center of the table. “It’s KarenMichaels. We ran into each other a few days ago at the Stop-n-Shop.”3

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