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Published by rasakki

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Published by: rasakki on Dec 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RACHEL JACOBSON  EVAULATION QUESTION TWO SCRIPT  INT STUDY AREA   RACHEL JACOBSON      It is important that the combination of both myancillary task and my main product are highly effective as they areboth essential tasks when looking at the project overall.  Theancillary tasks provided advertisement and promotion for the actualdocumentary, so without the ancillary task, it would have beenimpossible to reach our ideal target audience.  RACHEL JACOBSON  The first part of the ancillary task includedcreating a newspaper advertisement, to promote our documentary andcapture the interest of our target audience. Our target audiencewere between the ages of 16-24, this was a difficult age range tointerest, as it was so vast. To appeal to all members of our targetaudience, I decided to approach the idea of creating a shocking andgrotesque image of the effects of binge drinking, because this wouldappeal to all age ranges. My image consisted of a paralytic drunkperson, passed out on the floor, with a ca n of drink spilt outbeside him. I edited this in photo shop, decreasing the brightnessand increasing the contrast on his surroundings, to give the image agrimy setting , I increased the brightness on the person and blackedout the background to ensure t hat the main focus of my advertisementwas the drunken person. RACHEL JACOBSON   The second part of my ancillary task required meto create a radio trailer to accompany both the newspaperadvertisement and the documentary. For my radio trailer I decided t ouse a different voice to the voiceover to appeal more to our targetaudience, as we decided that our trailer would be best on a youthful

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