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Inspiring Teachers Newsletter - Dec 2010

Inspiring Teachers Newsletter - Dec 2010

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Published by Uma Garimella
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Free e-newsletter sent every month to mailing list. Subscribe at www.teachersacademy.co

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Published by: Uma Garimella on Dec 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dec 2010Volume 4, Issue 12
Inspiring Teachers
Pic above: Workshop for MEd Students at Institute of Advanced Studies in Education,Osmania University,2009 
Articles this month: 
Beyond Classroom – Editor ……..….2The difference a teachercan make JayeLewis ………..3Dysfucntional IllusionsSridhar Chitta ….5
Driving educational change through excellence in teaching 
This month we have a truestory of how a teacher canmake a difference …with anote from the author. Thestory is really touching.Some classroom tips andsome extracted observationsfrom Stanford’s Tomorrow’sProfessor (sent by Dr SridharChitta). These are findingsfrom a study.There is an article on how to
Editor’s Comments
November & December at Teacher’s Academy
Sessions for Effective TeachingSkills for NMREC2.
 AMSSOI - One day workshop onInnovative Teaching - Dec 10
batch of Teacher TrainingProgram at Enhance Edu, IIIT-H - Nov 1
to Dec 5
, 20104.
 Adam's High School - Long termschool development project -two more training sessions5.
 Workshop at Aditya EnggCollege – Nov 17
to Nov 19
,2010create interactions outsideclass with students. A few useful links that youshould not miss and theregular schedule at the Academy complete thisissue.Our website is undergoingthe annual make over, we will be interested inknowing what will maketeachers come to the siteregularly. These have beencaptured in some of thepolls on the site. But pleasedo drop a line to info@... We will be seeing you againin 2011 and with lots of plans and actions for thenew year.Read, enjoy, forward, anddo ask your friends to signup.
Do you want to be a part of excitement@ Teacher’s Academy?
Short term project for facultyfrom professional colleges
We need innovative and competent teachers of engineering and management colleges for a short term project of one month. The mandate is tocreate sample lessons plans and actual videos of these innovative methods. Selected candidates will have to work at Hyderabad for the period. Theywill be paid an honorarium. Excited and interested faculty may send their profilesincluding their methods of teaching and why theywant to be in this project to info@inspiring-teachers.com
Inspiring TeachersPage 2 of 5
Your private help ordiscussions outsidethe class should beabout classes orproblems but keepyour exam andassignmentdiscussions withinboundaries definedby you.
Many times, the lightteachers try to light in theminds of students is like acandle – it gets blown out inthe breezy yawns in theclassrooms. If it manages tosurvive there, it getsextinguished in the winds of campus activity. And we getdisappointed that we arenot able to light a flame!But sometimes, inspirationoccurs unexpectedly, without a lesson plan ordesign on part of the teacher– outside the class; maybein your staff room, or whenstudents visit your house, orduring a bus journey together. A professor relateshow a student came to hisoffice with her assignmentin which she got a C grade.She wanted to know what was wrong with herassignment, though theprofessor had writtendetailed comments. As hesat her down and startedfinding out how she wroteit, and looked at her notes,she understood that hermain points weren’tconveyed in the paragraphsthat she read. Suddenly, it was clear to her, and she left
Beyond the classroom
Uma Garimella
 with a big smile. It wasn’tust the student wholearnt, states theprofessor. Through thisdiscussion, he could seethat his comments werenot helpful, and also thathis teaching needed toaddress some more issues.
Now the question is how many students actually come and meet you in your staff room? Justtelling them that you’reavailable doesn’t help.Some students are tooscared to approach you, while others barge into your room for the smallestreason.
I have personally found ituseful to make a scheduleand see them. I ask 6-8students (specific rollnumbers) to come andmeet me (one on one),and I take the opportunity to discuss theirperformance, attendanceand other issues. In onesuch meeting, a studenttold me he didn’tunderstand English, and Ihad to call him for a few sessions in Telugu on thesubject. This interactionshould take place at least 2-3 times in a semester/term.
The risk of such interactionsis that you might develop apersonal bias, which may not go down well with therest of the students.
But I have seen teachers who maintain theirprofessional reserve while being helpful. They lay down ground rules in class - what is negotiable and whatis not. Another suggestion is that you discuss the solution toan exam paper
youstart grading their papers –I typically do it in theimmediate next class afterthe exam. This opens upsome valid deviationsstudents have made frommy ‘solution’.(
Contd. On Page 5 
Inspiring TeachersPage 3 of 5
schoolbooks. Grim faced anddetermined, he headed for the woods.The following Monday hearrived at school on time, andhe waited for Miss White toenter the classroom. She walked in, all sparkle andsmiles! God, she was beautiful!(
Contd on Page 5 
On email:
It is a truestory, every word. Itamazes me every time Ithink of it. Myhusband just recentlyhad a massive heartattack, and we almostlost him. Praise Godfor the miracles ofmodern medicine. Thereason I'm sharing thisis because I've heardtime and time again,from completestrangers, sincehis heart attack: "He'ssuch a wonderful man,"or "He's such a goodman." I like to thinkthat the intercessionof that good woman isone of the thingsthat has made myhusband, the man he istoday. He has overcomemuch, and he is a goodman.Thank you for yourrequest. It hasparticular meaningright now. Of courseyou may use it!With gratitude,Jaye Lewis
other things, as the day  wore on. His heart was notin school, but in the woods, where he oftenescaped alone, trying toshut out the sights, soundsand smells of his alcoholichome. No one checked onhim to see if he was safe.No one knew he was gone, because no one was soberenough to care. Oddly,Steve never missed a day of school.One day, Miss White'simpatient voice broke intohis daydreams."Steve!!" Startled, heturned to look at her."Pay attention!"Steve locked his gaze onMiss White withadolescent adoration, asshe began to go over thetest results for the seventhgrade."You all did pretty well,"she told the class, "exceptfor one boy, and it breaksmy heart to tell
 you this,
 but..." She hesitated,pinning Steve to his seat with a sharp stare, her eyessearching his face."...The smartest boy in theseventh grade is failing my 
The difference a teacher can make
Jaye Lewis
Steve, a twelve-year-old boy  with alcoholic parents, wasabout to be lost forever, by the U.S. education system.Remarkably, he could read, yet, in spite of his readingskills, Steve was failing. Hehad been failing since firstgrade, as he was passed onfrom grade to grade. Steve was a big boy, looking morelike a teenager than atwelve year old, yet, Steve went unnoticed... until Miss White.Miss White was a smiling, young, beautiful redhead,and Steve was in love! Forthe first time in his younglife, he couldn't take hiseyes off his teacher; yet, stillhe failed. He never did hishomework, and he wasalways in trouble with Miss White. His heart would break under her sharp words, and when he waspunished for failing to turnin his homework, he feltust miserable! Still, he didnot study.In the middle of the firstsemester of school, theentire seventh grade wastested for basic skills.
Stevehurried through his tests,and continued to dream of class!"She just stared at Steve, as theclass spun around for a goodlook. Steve dropped his eyesand carefully examined hisfingertips. After that, it was war!! Stevestill wouldn't do hishomework. Even as thepunishments became moresevere, he remained stubborn."Just try it! ONE WEEK!" He was unmoved."You're smart enough! You'llsee a change!" Nothing fazedhim."Give yourself a chance! Don'tgive up on your life!" Nothing."Steve! Please! I care about you!" Wow! Suddenly, Steve got it!!Someone cared about him?Someone, totally unattainableand perfect, CARED ABOUTHIM??!!"Steve went home from school,thoughtful, that afternoon. Walking into the house, hetook one look around. Bothparents were passed out, in various stages of undress, andthe stench was overpowering!He, quickly, gathered up hiscamping gear, a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread, a bottleof water, and this time...his

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