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CSRA Gamers Association Newsletter December 2010

CSRA Gamers Association Newsletter December 2010

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Published by Michael C. Baker

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Published by: Michael C. Baker on Dec 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CSRA Gamers Association Newsletter December 2010, Volume 3 Issue 11
Contact atmcb19682000@yahoo.comor find us on FACEBOOK!
The Game Goes On
Mike Baker CSRA Coordinator 
This issue of the CSRA Gamers Association Newsletter brings us to the end of three years for the CSRA Gamers Association. We have accomplished many of our original goals.Of course, there is always room for more growth andimprovement.We have brought in a number of new gamers in everygeographic area that we reach. We have new young people andadults who have discovered what a great hobby gaming is. Wehave seen old gamers come back to play and enjoy the hobby.Great job, everyone!New games and game groups continue to show up andadd to the mixture of universes and worlds we like to game in. Wehave seen RPG gamers try out tabletop and board games and wehave seen hardcore wargamers check out RPG’s. It seems as if everyone has tried at least one Collectible Card Game or LivingCard Game, and Magic continues to be a hit at every store in thearea.One of the brightest stars in the CSRA sky has been theintegration of activity with Rob Davis’ Gaming Group. Thisawesome group of gamers has brought new faces and renewedenthusiasm to our Association. These guys and gals have jumpedinto everything from starships to WW2 armor and allowed us tohave many more folks to play and have fun with. Thanks for allthe great work, Rob!We have seen a growth in local shops and astrengthening of local, game friendly venues. Common GroundsCoffee House remains a haven for twice weekly gaming inBarnwell, SC. The addition of Arsenal Games and Hobbies in itslocation near Grovetown and Martinez provides a number of gamers with a local option for gaming in that area of Augusta. AGH has also been a real mover in promoting historical and familygaming the Augusta area. The Augusta Book Exchange’s newlocation on Ft Gordon gives us an opportunity to reach out directlyto our gamer brethren in uniform. Paul Rogers is working hard totransform what was mainly a comic store into a full service gamingand comic venue where our GIs who can’t get off post can find agaming hangout. The recent addition of Rob Davis as themanager of the Augusta Book Exchange on Bobby JonesExpressway will provide a new impetus to growing gaming in thisarea of Augusta. As I write this, it is possible to game any of 6nights a week in Augusta. Thanks to you, the CSRA gamingpublic, we are in what can be arguably described as a Golden Ageof Gaming in the CSRA. I can’t wait to see what next year willbring!With the management shifts of the past two years, theCSRAGA is now firmly at the front of the direction in which Siegeof Augusta is going. Starting with Paul Elkin and continuing withNorm Schwartz and myself, Siege is transforming itself into a fullfeatured convention where gamers of all types are welcome andencouraged.This year’s annual CSRAGA Tanksgiving event at Augusta Book Exchange saw some 25 people playing all kinds of tank games covering topics from Steampunk, to Grav Armor, toWW2 tank battles. Meanwhile, Arsenal Games and Hobbies ranevents covering mecha (walking tanks!) and WW2 armoredcombat. Even the Barnwell crowd got into the act with a greatGerman vs. Soviet all tank battle the Monday after Tanksgiving.Tanks, I mean Thanks to everyone who came out and took part!There are challenges for the upcoming year. We needto consider gaming not only as a hobby, but also as an outreachto bring folks together around the game table. It is a great vehiclefor learning about art, strategy, history, and leadership. We needto continue to bring in new gamers from folks we meet and know.I would like to see a stronger community outreach to bring morefamilies into our group. If young people are sitting around a gametable, they are much less likely to be out getting into trouble.We need to encourage new gamers and young gamersto take the lead in putting on games and events. This is a greatchance for them to learn networking and planning skills that theycan use anywhere. We need to support as many gaming eventsas we can, and let the local merchants and the association knowwhat types of events that we want to see run at our stores andvenues. This is a hobby and like any other endeavor will rewardus as we put effort into making it happen.This has been a tough year economically for all of usincluding our local vendors. These wonderful gaming places weenjoy depend on our patronage to remain available to us. As youcome to the end of the year, remember to buy local as much asyou can. As has been seen from the press from Augusta BookExchange and Arsenal Games and Hobbies, there is quite a bit inthe way of gaming material that our local merchants can get for us. Give them a chance first before you click that online order button! As a leading voice in the CSRA gaming community, I amgrateful and excited about where this group has come from andwhere it is going.
Merry Christmas and Good Gaming!

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