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Blood That Amazing Tissue

Blood That Amazing Tissue

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Published by lsardinas

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Published by: lsardinas on Dec 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How can blood be a tissue if it¶sa liquid?
‡ Half of blood is a yellowish liquidcalled plasma, while the other half ismade up of blood cells.
Since a tissue is defined as a group of cells thatare
and are organized into afunctional unit; I think you will seeblood fits this description.
I¶m sure you are scratching your head atthis precise moment wondering what thethree functions of blood are?  Well callme psychedelic because we¶re going toplay a little game to discover these threefunctions.  I will show you a series of visuals that will represent each functionso vividly that it will be virtuallyimpossible for anyone to not guess whatthey are.  Ready?

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