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Her Awakening

Her Awakening

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Published by SyncOrSwim
Pearl Bennet lived in the middle of nowhere for much of her life. But that didn't stop her from reading voraciously and writing poetry and even this short story.
Pearl Bennet lived in the middle of nowhere for much of her life. But that didn't stop her from reading voraciously and writing poetry and even this short story.

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Published by: SyncOrSwim on Dec 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pearl Bennett
Pearl Bennett
is looking up at her tall, sunburned husband with
a queer expression in her clear, blue eyes. A thought comesover her, and as she again droops her head she wonders whyshe ever married him, and why he ever married her.
“Jack, I don’t believe you really ever loved me,” she murmurs,
placing her hand on his arm.He looks down at her with a surprised look and replies…
“Why little dear, don’t say such horrible words to me, you know
I love you, and I have loved you ever since we rst met.
As the tears ll her eyes she says… “I know you arediscouraged, perhaps we were foolish for taking so much
upon ourselves, the farm…everything…”
At this a queer laugh escapes Jacks lips, and sweeping Jane,
his young wife into his arms he kisses her passionately on theforehead, and then, patting her lovingly on the back, he leaves
her, in the garden, while he mounts his horse, waves back afarewell, and rides out of sight. Jane, re-enters the house, and drops listlessly into a chair,where she buries her face in her hands, for a long while. Shevisualizes herself seven years back. What a different life she
had then…how rosy the future seemed to her, and how thorny
it had has turned out to be…with nothing, but cows, horses,
sheep, chickens, babies, butter, cheese… Yes, Jane is very tired,
and for a few moments, she forgets her present surroundings,and thinks of the past, when she and Jack rst fell in love.A few hours later, Jane with her beloved babies, goes outto milk the cows. As she sits the children down on a box, shecommences to go about her duties, but to no avail…her heart
and mind are elsewhere. The tears come to her eyes and fall fast,
while her babies, a chubby girl and boy, seeing their mama’ssorrow, cry also, and their little wails mingle with the calves’
bellowing, the pigs’ squealing, the lambs’ bleating, and the
impetuous beating of Jane’s heart. As all this goes on, night,too lowers its shadows.Suddenly Jane dries her tears and murmurs the words…“Oh, God, how long?”
And then, as though from nowhere comes a reply… “Looks
like you need help.” Jane gives an alarmed start, but looking behind the barnshe beholds Lester Montgomery, a wealthy, and popular manof the town.“Why…why good evening, Mr. Montgomery, you gave me
at tremendous shock,” answers Jane, unconsciously arranging
her pretty, curled hair.

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