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The Origen of America's Intellectual Vacuum.cwk (WP)

The Origen of America's Intellectual Vacuum.cwk (WP)

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Published by Michael Drew Prior
The insidious results of the purging of the left in the USA--insight filled!
The insidious results of the purging of the left in the USA--insight filled!

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Published by: Michael Drew Prior on Dec 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Origen of America’sIntellectual VacuumBy
Chris Hedges
The blacklisted mathematicsinstructor Chandler Davis, afterserving six months in theDanbury federal penitentiary forrefusing to cooperate with theHouse Un-American ActivitiesCommittee (HUAC), warned theuniversities that ousted him andthousands of other professorsthat the purges would decimatethe country’s intellectual life. “You must welcome dissent; youmust welcome serious,systematic, proselytizingdissent—not only the playful,the fitful, or the eclectic; you
must value it enough, notmerely to refrain from expellingit yourselves, but to refuse tohave it torn from you byoutsiders,” he wrote in his 1959essay “...From an Exile.” “Youmust welcome dissent not in awhisper when alone, but publiclyso potential dissenters can hearyou. What potential dissenterssee now is that you accept anacademic world from which weare excluded for our thoughts.This is a manifest signpost overall your arches, telling them:Think at your peril. You mustnot let it stand. You must(defying outside power; grittingyour teeth as we grit ours) take
us back.” But they did not take Davisback. Davis, whom I met a fewdays ago in Toronto, could notfind a job after his prisonsentence and left for Canada.He has spent his career teachingmathematics at the University of Toronto. He was one of thelucky ones. Most of theprofessors ousted fromuniversities never taught again.Radical and left-wing ideas wereeffectively stamped out. Thepurges, most carried outinternally and away from publicview, announced to everyoneinside the universities thatdissent was not protected. The

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