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Published by: Ian Fidel Cauilan Valdez on Dec 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Talesof theHeavenly Swordand theDragon Slaying SabreBOOK I
Chapter 1 - Pondering on the Gentleman far far away
Chapter 1She heard that the music was mixed by the singing of birds and it seemed that the birds were singing along. Guo Xiang thought: "According to mother there is asong called "Empty Mountain and Songs of Birds." But this song was lost for mayages, is it possible this is that song?"
The vast and mighty tour through Spring,is every year's winter yearning.The season of the pear blossom is nearing. The white jade brocade is without wrinkles and smells fragrantly and is mesmerizing.Snow is piling up on jade trees and jade petals.The quiet night is deep.The floating brightness is concealed through the clouds. A cold steep is enough to melt the moon. A dark silver fog illuminates heaven and earth. Her simple, natural but enchanting appearances mesmerizes me. Even greater were her will and spirit.She is like a bloom that exceeds other beautiful and fragrant flowers. Her noble spirit is clear and pure, her immortal ability lies high.She returns to the Jade palace and I can only see her from afar.
The author of this poem, Free from Mediocrity, is a famous martial arts expertfrom the southern Song dynasty. The name of this expert was Qiu Chu Ji, alsoknown as the Everlasting One. He is one of the 7 Masters of QuanZhen, and oneof the most outstanding disciples of the QuanZhen School. Qiu ChuJi wrote this poem after he met Xiao LongNu for the first time. She was a neighbour of Qiu for many years. At this time Qiu ChuJi already passed away, and Xiao LongNu is thewife of the famous Condor Hero Yang Guo. Another girl was reciting this poemsoftly, in HeNan province and on Mount ShaoShi. This young girl was about 18,19 years old and was wearing a cream yellow robe, she was riding on a mule andwas proceeding up the mountain pass. She was thinking: "Only someone likesister Long is fit for him." "Him" of course refers to Yang Guo.
After some time she softly recited: "Union is bliss, parting is woe, Agony is boundless for a lovelorn. Sweet heart, give me word....Trails of clouds drifting forward, Amid mountains cupped with snow, Whither shall my lonesome shadow go?"This girl carried a short sword and looked travel stained. She is a beautiful younggirl who is supposed to be happy and untroubled but somehow, she looksunhappy, melancholic.Her name is Guo Xiang, is the second daughter of the Great Hero Guo Jing andthe famous Huang Rong. Her nickname is Little Eastern Heretic. With her muleand sword she has traveled a lot, her purpose was to forget her worries but her travelling only increased her sorrow.Mount ShaoShi of HeNan province were a set of large stone steps, these stepswere constructed under the order of Emperor GaoZong of the Tang dynasty. Itlooked very impressive as Guo Xiang proceeded up the mountain. Before longshe could see the monastery.She stared at the roof for a moment and and thought: "The ShaoLin Monastery issaid to be the origin of martial arts, but why aren't there any ShaoLin expertsamong the 5 Greats? Is it because the ShaoLin experts knew there weren't a matchfor the other experts and were afraid to disgrace ShaoLin and refused to go? Or was it because the monks had evolved beyond earthly matters and didn't want toscramble for power and fame.After a while she saw a large stone tablet, half of it was gone and the characterswere unclear, Guo Xiang was thinking: "How come characters carved into stonecan fade away through time, but my feelings carved in my heart become more andmore stronger as time goes by."This tablet was bestowed by Emperor TaiZong of the Tang dynasty. He praisedthe ShaoLin monks for helping him suppress the rebellions. The tablet states themilitary credits of the ShaoLin monks for helping Emperor TaiZong defeat therebel general Wang ShiChong, of which 13 monks were most famous. Only onemonk became a general and the other 12 didn't want to become officials andEmperor TaiZong bestowed 12 purple kasayas. Guo Xiang was thinking: "Duringthe Sui and Tang Dynasty, the ShaoLin Monastery was already very famous for 

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