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c and c++

c and c++

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Published by ursvasu2k

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: ursvasu2k on Dec 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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List of Questions
S.No. Question
1The language of object oriented program is[ A ] C[ B ] FORTRAN[ C ] PASCAL[ D ] C++Answer : D2The feature of object-oriented program is(i). Emphasis on data(ii). Program is divided in to objects(iii). Only focus on data only(iv). Data is hidden[ A ] (i) only[ B ] (i) & (ii) & (iv) only[ C ] (iii) only[ D ] (iv) and (i)Answer : B3Object is of type[ A ] Class type[ B ] Predefined type[ C ] Member function[ D ] DataAnswer : A4A class is[ A ] Collection of objects of similar type[ B ] Collection of objects of dissimilar type[ C ] Collection of member functions only[ D ] Separated from the member function and objectAnswer : A5The concept of object-oriented programming is(i). Polymorphism(ii). Encapsulation(iii). Muti-threading(iv) Inheritance[ A ] (i) only[ B ] (i), (ii), (iv) only[ C ] (ii) and (iii) only[ D ] (iv) onlyAnswer : B
6Any C++ program execution starts from[ A ] Main[ B ] Above the main[ C ] Without main[ D ] Outside the mainAnswer : A7The operator << is called as[ A ] Bit-wise left shift[ B ] Right shift[ C ] Bit-wise right shift[ D ] Left shiftAnswer : A8The input/output statements contains in this header file[ A ] Conio.h[ B ] iostream.h[ C ] stdio.h[ D ] math.hAnswer : B9In C++ main() returns the value of type[ A ] Integer [ B ] String[ C ] Byte[ D ] ArrayAnswer : A10The reference data member of a class can be initialized[ A ] In the constructor [ B ] In the class declaration[ C ] In the initialiser [ D ] Cannot be initialized at allAnswer : A11A comment:[ A ] Is a note that can be put in to the source code[ B ] Is ignored by the compiler [ C ] Starts with the /* character pair [ D ] All of the aboveAnswer : D12Choose the correct answe[ A ] C++ is more strongly typed than C[ B ] C is more strongly typed than C++[ C ] Size of literal character in C is that of a character 
[ D ] Size of literal character in C++ is that of character Answer : D13The cascading operators use[ A ] Multiple use of << in one statement[ B ] Single use of << in one statement[ C ] Single use of >> in one statement[ D ] Multiple of >> in one statementAnswer : A14C front[ A ] Is front end of a C compiler [ B ] Is the pre-processor of a C compiler [ C ] Translates a C++ code to its equivalent C code[ D ] None of the aboveAnswer : C15The C++ program implementations have extensions such as[ A ] .c[ B ] .C[ C ] .pp[ D ] All of the aboveAnswer : D16The C++ compiler would produce[ A ] An object file[ B ] An executable file[ C ] Class file[ D ] Text fileAnswer : A17The output function in C++ used as[ A ] Printf [ B ] Scanf [ C ] Cout[ D ] CinAnswer : C18The software development components[ A ] Procedures[ B ] Methods[ C ] Tools[ D ] All of the aboveAnswer : D19The classic software development life cycle contains[ A ] 5 steps

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