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SEIU 2011 City Council Questionnaire[1]-Valerie F. Leonard, 24th Ward

SEIU 2011 City Council Questionnaire[1]-Valerie F. Leonard, 24th Ward

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Published by valeriefleonard

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Published by: valeriefleonard on Dec 19, 2010
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Chicago City Council ElectionsFebruary 2011Candidate Questionnaire
Candidate: ____________________________________________________________Signature: ____________________________________________________________Ward # ______________________________________________________________Name of Campaign Committee: ___________________________________________Campaign Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________Phone: _________________________Fax:__________________________________Email: ________________________________________________________________Website: ______________________________________________________________  Campaign Contact Person: ________________________________________________
Please use the lines to elaborate on your answer or provide information on past actions you’ve taken on these
issues. If you require additional space, please use a separate sheet.In order to receive consideration for endorsement by SEIU,
 this completed form must be returned via fax, email or mail no later than Friday, December 17 
 , 2010
SEIU Illinois CouncilAtt: Genie Kastrup, Political Director111 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 2500Chicago, IL 60601Phone: 312-233-8785 Fax: 312-233-8837kastrupg@seiuilcouncil.org 
Valerie F. Leonard24thCitizens to Elect Valerie F. Leonard4111 West 21
PlaceChicago, IL 60623773-521-3137 773-522-1832Valeriefleonard@msn.comhttp://vote4valerie.voterspace.com Blog: http://vote4valerie.blogspot.com  Valerie F. Leonard
One of the chief issues facing the City of Chicago over the next few years is finding a long term solution for thecontinual budget shortfalls and moving away from the short term budget fixes of the last few years. A number of approaches either implemented or suggested raise serious problems while other approaches are still beingdiscussed.1.) In general, SEIU believes that increased openness and public input into city government would benefit the cityand its residents in numerous areas.
Would you support a proposal to require the Chicago City Council to issue an annual report at a public hearingco
ncerning the previous year’s budget performance?
 Yes__________________ No___________________ Depends___________________  _______________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________ 
 2.) SEIU opposes any privatization measures or asset sales (such as the parking meters) that undermineaccountability in public programs or that achieve cost savings by reducing wages and benefits of the workforce thatprovides the services.
 If elected, would you oppose legislation or budget measures that would encourage or mandate the contracting out or privatization of public services?
 Yes__________________ No___________________ Depends___________________ 
Would you support a city ordinance which would require that the City Council have oversight authority whenservices performed by employees of the City of Chicago are contracted out to private employees?
 Yes__________________ No___________________ Depends___________________ 
This would help to ensure greater quality control, enhance checks and balances between the executive and legislative branchesof City government, and allow the City Council to exercise greater governance.
XXXThis would provide transparency, as well as a mechanism for the public to bettergauge how the City is managing its finances from year to year.
The City has been privatizing assets and services for over 15 years in the name of cutting costs and increasingefficiencies. I
n spite of this, the City’s budget is still about 20% higher than one would expect if we were to adjust the
1991 budget for inflation and hold everything else constant. Moreover, there have been reports of contractors payingworkers less money and providing fewer benefits to perform the same jobs they performed as City employees.
However, the City is billed for a multiple of the worker’s salary ( 3
4 times the salary) to cover ―overhead andadministration‖.
Given the problems with the City’s
long-term lease of its Parking Meters, Would you support a city ordinance that would provide the public and the City Council with the time and resources to review any attempt to sell or leaseother City Assets before any vote on the contract is taken?
 Yes__________________ No___________________ Depends___________________ 
The City Council reportedly approved the $1.16 billion
Parking Meter deal within less than a week’s time, and no
real due diligence. The proceeds from the sale were supposed to last 75 years, and were essentially exhaustedwithin 18 months. It was very disturbing to read accounts that some Council members did not read the terms of thelease before voting. Only 4 members voted against the measure because they did not have sufficient time toadequately review the proposal.
 The Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA) is a municipal corporation created by the Illinois General Assembly. MPEA owns and manages the McCormick Place complex and seeks to promote and operate conventions, fairs and expositions in the Chicago area, in an effort to strengthen the local economy. Currently, the Governor of  Illinois and the Mayor of Chicago appoint its Board of Directors.Would you support or 
a city takeover of the MPEA?
 Yes__________________ No___________________ Depends___________________ 
I would oppose a city takeover of the MPEA, as the original intent was to create a partnership between the City andState. I think having the governance structure include representation from both the City and the State is healthy,
given that the MPEA’s revenue streams are generated by both the City and the State, and Navy Pier and
McCormick Place are attractions for the City and the State tourism markets.I support the proposal to spin off Navy Pier to a separate entity with its own board of directors and day to dayoperations. This would allow Navy Pier to focus on developing its own strategic plan, governance structure,business model and renovations, while allowing MPEA to focus on its core business of conventions and tradeshows.
Would you oppose the sale or lease of MPEA to a private company (as with the parking meters or Skyway)?
 Yes__________________ No___________________ Depends___________________ 
Even though the MPEA is experiencing financial difficulty, it is an asset that will eventually recover, assumingproper restructuring of debt, union work rules and its overall cost structure. No private entity will take over theMPEA without a reasonable expectation that it will receive a profit in the future. The ability of the private entity toreceive a return on its investment, will more than likely, require a substantial public subsidy. If the taxpayers are
essentially being put on the hook to ―bail out‖ MPEA, then they should r 
eap the benefits of the investment.XX

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