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Published by: Benedict Quintiliani on Dec 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IncludesAlternateHeresyIndexAstartesarticlesfor theWorld Eaters
ChildrenRaven GuardWord BearersUltramarinesWhite ScarsSpace WolvesThousandSonsandBlood Angels
Introduction & Contents
Welcome to the first issue of the
 Legio Imprint 
, anelectronic magazine produced by the Bolter andChainsword, the Ultimate Space Marine Resource Site.The Legio Imprint aims to showcase the best of thearticles and features to be found on the Bolter andChainsword, as well as including original contentcreated especially for the publication.This premier issue is devoted to chronicling somethinga little different; a twisted alternate timeline in whichWarmaster Horus was able to cast off the daemonicinfluences that sought to possess him, and where theRuinous Powers were instead forced to corrupt RogalDorn to overthrow the Emperor. The Dornian Heresyis the tale of an alternate universe where choices,sometimes large, sometimes small, have led to thefamiliar primarchs and legions meeting very differentfates. For instance, how different might things haveturned out if Sanguinius had instead been found andraised by the mutant tribes of Baal, or if 
Angron‟s first
meeting with the Emperor had been as an honourableally against the slavers at Fedan Mhor? Well, read on!The first article
The History and Legacy of Dorn‟s
gives an overview of how different thingsare in this alternate timeline, with different aspects of the story told from the perspective of individual SpaceMarine Legions in their own Index Astartes articles.The Dornian Heresy is such a large undertaking thatwe can only present the fates of the first nine legionshere, although the plan is to publish the second half of the project in a future issue of the Legio Imprint.For those of you who have been following the DornianHeresy as it has been released on the Bolter andChainsword, we have given the articles a polish, addedsome amazing original artwork, and have also includedarticles for three legions not yet seen on the board
theKhornate Space Wolves, the soul-bound psychicThousand Sons and the plague-infected Blood Angels.So thanks for downloading this first issue of the LegioImprint. We hope you enjoy it!
 Aurelius Rex - Editor
Introduction & Contents .....................
The History and Legacy
of Dorn’s Betrayal
Index Astartes: World Eaters .............
Index Astartes: Emperor’s Children
Index Astartes: Raven Guard .............
Index Astartes: Word Bearers ............
Index Astartes: Ultramarines .............
Index Astartes: White Scars ...............
Index Astartes: Space Wolves ............
Index Astartes: Thousand Sons ..........
Index Astartes: Blood Angels ..............
Credits ..................................................
TheDornianHeresyThe Historyand Legacy
of Dorn’s
laidanath was dying; poisoned and ravaged by the DeathGuard.
 It shouldn‟t have been this way.
 The Farseer had been there at her birth; seeding the ball of rock withlife. He had watched the Maiden-World of Elaidanath mature over the millennia into a verdant paradise; a place of peace and unparalleled beauty. That was, until the arrival of the Death Guard. He had foreseen the threat too late to avert it, with only a smallgroup of his companions from the Em'brathar Craftworld arrivingbefore the webway portals succumbed. Thus, trapped on the doomed  planet, they had done what little they could against the Plague Marines, but it was clearly a lost cause. Animals lay bloated and glassy-eyed, awaiting the end; the once-great forests were reduced toendless swathes of slime-coated tree trunks. The only creatures to
 flourish were Nurgle‟s favoured pets; the flies and maggots, but eventhat wouldn‟t last. Elaidanath was rapidly returning 
to the lifelessrock it had once been. It was such a pointless waste.With the eastern horizon lightening from black to a deep bruise-
 purple, Exarch D‟Larha signalled for them to seek shelter during the
daylight hours in nearby caves. Even before the warriors had declared the refuge safe, the Farseer had slumped down wearily inthe entrance of the cave. He was tired, worn thin by his wounds, age,and the heartbreak of what he had witnessed. Within seconds, he had settled into a fitful, febrile sleep.This fate was wrong. Not just that of his companions, or even of thisworld; the whole galaxy had taken a wrong turn, with The RuinousPowers corrupting everything they touched. His thoughts went back,
investigating what could have been… It shouldn‟t be this way… It needn‟t be this way… If only he could change things, find a different,better path…
  Rather than detaching his consciousness to search the possible futures, he felt himself being pushed back; moving into the past. Hetraced the strands of history back further and further, feeling thealternate universes flowing together, with even the tiniest choicecausing a division, innumerable streams joining and flowing into thesea of time. From his view outside of history, the mon-
keigh‟s Heresy
was the greatest confluence; the place where a single choice could have changed the course of history so profoundly. He searched for astrand where the Death Guard and their ilk had never turned toChaos; for a path where this wrong fate, both on this planet and inthe wider galaxy, could be averted. Before he could find his utopia, a dark presence slammed him back into the time-stream, forcing him down into a brutal and twisted 
alternate history…

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