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Implosion - Viktor Schauberger and the Path of Natural Energy (1985)

Implosion - Viktor Schauberger and the Path of Natural Energy (1985)

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Published by: ազատ on Dec 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part I
and the
Compiled by Riley Hansard Crabb
& Thomas Maxwell Thompson1985 Revised Edition of Implosion Instead of Explosion
Viktor Schauberger and His Discoveries
By Leopold Brands tatter...........................1
Implosion At First Hand, from The 1977
July-Aug Journal of Borderland Research
By Riley Crabb................................... .34
Viktor Schauberger and His Work, from
The 1979 May-June Journal of Borderland
Research. By Albert Zock.........................39
Nature Was My Teacher
By Viktor Schauberger
From the German by Albert Zock,- Pt.1.............48
- Pt. 2............54
Diffusion a la Viktor Schauberger
By Albert Zock...................................59
Integration of the Lifeblood of the Earth
from the November 1953 PENDULUM (Vol 4, No 2)
By Ellen V. Wilmont Ware..........................61
 Viktor Schauberger with his experimental home power unit
in October 1955.
Viktor Schauberger and his Discoveries
By Leopold Brandstatter
The Natural Solution to the Energy Pro-
blem Through Diamagnetism and Etheric
Forces, Second Edition, 1955
It has been clearly and conclusively established alreadythat technology in its various experimental and practical at-tempts to procuce useful energy resorts only to pressure forces(water, steam, air or gas pressure) or that it makes either di-rect, or indirect use of the heat of combustion to produce expan-sion and explosion — again pressure forces -- which it then con-verts to useful energy.
Thus we have established the fact that so far technologyhas only partly recognized the significance of Nature's polarity.
Only after having explored the above mentioned deeper psycho-
logical factors do we begin to understand why it has seemed pre-ferable to utilize the pressure component. This totally one-sided attitude in regard to the production of energy is res-ponsible for the fact that the essential balance of the bipolar
structure of the basic natural elements has been severly upset
and all life on earth put in gravest danger of extinction.
All life has its secret in dipolarity. Without oppositepoles there can be no attraction, and no repulsion. Without
attraction and repulsion there can be no movement, and withoutthe latter, no life. Light calls for darkness, because withoutdarkness it would have no meaning. The alternation of warmth
and cold, of day and night is also of greatest importance toour planet. While one side of the earth is cooling, its otherside is getting warmer. These temperature differences produce
a constant flux which results in a spiral rotation just as ithappens with hot and cold air fronts whose meeting results incyclones and hurricanes. There are even differences in the
earth's weight, because on its warm side the weight increaseis absolute and on the cold side specific. This, together withthe magnetic forces, produces a declining rotational movement.
The temperature differences exert a constant pressure which setsthe masses in motion as it seeks compensation.
The counterpart of heat is cold; of the negative - positive;
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