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199103 American Renaissance

199103 American Renaissance

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American Renaissance, March 1991. The Great ‘White’ North; Calling All Refugees; The Folly of the Welfare State, Part II; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters from Readers
American Renaissance, March 1991. The Great ‘White’ North; Calling All Refugees; The Folly of the Welfare State, Part II; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters from Readers

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Published by: American Renaissance on Dec 19, 2010
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There is not a truth existing which I fear,
would wish unknown to the whole world.
Vol. 2, No. 3
The Great
March 1991
At its current rate, Canada
will become a
nation even before the
United States does.
ast June, the city council of Toron-to voted 12-7 to change the words of the Canadian national anthem, “0Canada,” becausethey thought thewords were offensiveto immigrants. Theyvoted to change “ourhome and nativeland,” to “our homeand
land,”on the theory that thiswould please foreign-Canada’s unity has, from the outset,been rent by fissures. Indians and Es-kimos
1 ve
almostentirelyoutsidetheEuropean mainstream, and the gulf that separates the French-Canadiansfrom the English-speakers threatensto tear the country in two. Why a na-tion already racked by disunity shouldwish to muddy the waters further withthird-world immigrants is a questionbornChinese,Haitians, and Sikhs. The Toronto citycouncil cannot, on its own authority,change the words of the national an-them, so
Canada” still has its“nativist” lyrics. All the same, this lit-tle incident is an edifying portrait inminiature of a nation that is losing itsgrip on its heritage.For Americans who like to think of their northern neighbor as a solidanchor of European influence on thecontinent, it is a shock to discover thatCanada could well have a third-worldmajority sooner than we do. Like theUnited States, Canada is promotingan immigration policy that is largelynon-white. Like the United States, ithas discarded the old standard of cul-tural assimilation and replaced it witha vision of multi-culturalism. Unlikethe United States, it actually hascabinet officers-Minister of Im-migration and Minister of Multi-Cul-tural Affairs-whose jobs are to helpthrow off the nation’s ancient racialand cultural heritage.ers. Haiti was French-speaking, in aprimitive way, and it was the mostdesperately poor, backward place inthe hemisphere. Haitians would pro-vide both a fresh dose of francophonevigor and an opportunity for whiteQuebeckers to open their hearts to thedowntrodden.Mr. Couture worked his “wretchedrefuse of your distant shores” policywith a vigor thatwould have as-
Lazarus. Ratherthan take in the bestHaitians he soughtthe worst.
blooded Africanswere poorer thanmulattoes, so his
to mystify the historians of the future.In the meantime, Canada has en-countered the obstacles that besetevery experiment in multi-racialism.
Two Immigration Policies
Since the Province of Quebecgoverns so many of its own affairs,Canada has something close to twoseparate immigration policies. TheQuebec policy, which was supposed tobolster the francophone, or French-speaking, character of the provincehas been a disaster.In 1976, when the all-but-separatist
won provincial con-trol, it appointed as its first immigra-tion minister a priest and retired mis-sionary to Africa, Jacques Couture.Mr. Couture was determined to dotwo things:bring more French-speakers to Quebec and open theprovince to the poor and suffering. Inwhat could not have been a more dis-astrous choice, he decided on Haiti asthe perfect source for new Quebeck-policy favored theblackest and the poorest. NewCanadian citizens suddenly began toappear with legal first names like Pas-Besoin (not needed) or Assez-Filles(enough girls). These are names thatHaitians give an unwanted child whenthey already have seven or eight theycan’t feed.The population of Montreal, wheremost of the Haitians ended up, is now
percent non-white. Thanks to Mr.Couture, it got an instant underclassthat behaves almost exactly like itscounterpart in the United States.Black neighborhoods have becomeviolent, crime-ridden, drug-soddenslums. French newspapers have in-vented a new word to describe thetransformation:
or to be-come like the Bronx.Without somuch as a hint of the “400 years of slavery and oppression” that is sup-posed to account for black failure inthe United States, Canadian blacksare in exactly the same social andAmerican Renaissance
March 1991
I was fascinated to read in“Clinging to Stereotypes” (AR, Feb.1991) that more that half of all whitepeople are willing to tell a pollster,face to face, that they think blacks andHispanics are less intelligent thanwhites. My newspaper, the
San Jose Mercury News
carried an AssociatedPress report on the same survey, inwhich it mentioned that whites think blacks and Hispanics are lazier thanwhites and more likely to be on wel-fare, but it didn’t report the findingson intelligence! I suppose in this town,newspaper editors are so afraid of theintelligence question, that they don’teven dare report what white people
Michael Halloran, San Jose (CA)Sir
Your report on what whitesare prepared to say about minoritiesalmost had an air of relief about it.You seem to be saying that if 56 per-cent of whites are able to look aroundand conclude that blacks are moreprone to violence than whites, then thetriumph of egalitarian propaganda isfar from complete. Is this reason torejoice?In fact, the rates of violence amongblacks, not only in the United Statesbut in Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean,England, etc. are so high that weshould probably be more concernedabout the other
percent who havebeen persuaded that black mayhem issome kind of environmental accident.Yes, it may be that some of those in the
percent really do think that blacksare more violent, but are afraid to sayso to an interviewer. But which is bet-ter? Either they have been persuadedto believe something for which there isAmerican Renaissancepractically no evidence, or they havebeen intimidated into pretending tobelieve it.Name withheld, New York (NY)
We have now seen
counts of this
were asked not only about blacks and 
but about Jews and 
Southern whites. Newspapers have not seen fit to
the attitudes towardsthese last two groups. Some non-whites
were asked about their attitudes towards
different racial groups as well, but the
was so small the results are con-sidered “statistically
has written for a copy of the
survey, and 
a more com-
 plete account of its contents.
I enjoyed Mr. Edwards’
at the Crossroads (AR,
Feb. 1991). It is true that Americansat leastpretend to believe that it ispossible
even desirable
to build anation without regard to what Mr. Ed-wards calls “the age-old ingredients of nation”:language, culture, religion,race, etc.This
only one example of the will-ful ignorance of the past of whichAmericans are guilty. Of all nations,none
probably more intent on con-stantly “reinventing” itself than theUnited States. There
even a majorgrant-making foundation that proudlybills itself as “a catalyst for change.” Inwhat other country do people talk soglibly of “families in transition,” “thenew face of corporate America,” “so-cial change” and, worst of all, “libera-tion” and “empowerment”?All of this stems from arroganceand ignorance. It takes a great
of both to dismiss history, to assume thatone’s own generation has finally dis-
covered the truth, that the experienceof millions of people and thousands of 
years can be tossed out as
“racist” or
“sexist” or “elitist” or simply "old-fashioned.”Mr. Edwards, we are told, is a his-torian. I suspect that his appreciationfor the past is an
essential part of hisunderstanding of the Americanpresent.I hope to see more of hiswork.-Jonathan Rattner, BowlingGreen (KY)Sir
What was the point
of African
 Adventures (AR,
You tellus
that riots have been set off inNigeria because people think thereare witches on the loose who can stealgenitals with a hand shake. You saythat in Zimbabwe, the followers of awitch doctor thought he could liveunder water for two days and weredisappointed when he drowned. Fine.Everyone knows that there is plentyof stupidity all around the world.Many people are even open to the ideathat there is a particularly exotic formof African stupidity, traces of whichwe can detect in the United States.Even so, your story was a cheap shot.Isn’t your magazine about America,rather than some kind of below-the-belt travel guide?Susan Pope, Sacramento (CA)Sir
In her article on how theFrench look at the United States
Jan. 1991),
Evans seemssurprised that French journalists candiscuss America’s racial problems sodispassionately, and yet seem blind tothe fact that non-white immigration toFrance is creating the very sameproblems for them. But aren’t French journalists doing exactly what oursdo?
The New
York Times
will tell you all
about ethnic violence in Yugoslavia,tribal massacres in Zimbabwe, orreligious warfare in Sri Lanka and thePunjab. But does it ever draw con-clusions from this about where “diver-sity” is likely to lead the United States?The same blindness is found on bothsides of the Atlantic.W.J. Reid, Springfield (MO)
March 1990
American Renaissance
Samuel Taylor, EditorThomas Jackson, Assistant EditorCarol Fusco, Business ManagerWilliam Robertson Boggs, Contributing EditorMarian Evans, Contributing Editor
B-B--American Renaissance is published monthly by the Jefferson Institute.Subscriptions are $20.00 per year.For first class postage, add $10.00.
Subscriptions to Canada (first class) and overseas (surface mail) are $30.00.Overseas airmail subscriptions are $40.00. Foreign subscribers should sendU.S. dollars or equivalent in convertible bank notes.Please make checks payable to: American Renaissance, P. 0. Box 2504Menlo Park, CA 94026. Facsimile: (415) 321-1483.
 page 1
economic position as their brothers tothe south.Other aspects of Mr. Couture’s ex-
periment mirror the United States.Although Quebec could not possiblyhave recruited more poverty- and
crime-prone immigrants, their failuresare inevitably blamed on white racism.Whenever a white policeman shoots ablack criminal, for example, there areshouts of “racism.”Journalists and even the police have
been so intimidated by charges of racism that it is nearly impossible toreport on the extent of black crime in
Quebec. In one notorious case last fall,
police arrested hundreds of Haitianswho had forced women into a hugeprostitution business. The
invariably white-were treatedabominably. Some were branded likecattle. Others were forced to eat their
own menstrual tampons. Some of theHaitians liked to shove a gun barrel up
a woman’s vagina and threaten to
shoot her.
American RenaissancePolice are normally eager to
publicize big successes, but not in thecharged, whites-are-always-to-blame
racial atmosphere of Quebec. As the
 Montreal Gazette,
which finally broke
the whole sordid story explained
“police say they could
hardly afford to call a news conference
to say they had been arresting young
Haitians by the hundreds.”
Even the arrest of men who forcewomen into prostitution and makethem eat tampons is a delicate,
ficult thing if the men happen to beblack. Canadians hardly take a back seat to Yanks when it comes to tying
themselves into knots over race.The
Rest of the
Immigration policies in the rest of 
Canada have not been so catastrophic
as in Quebec. Nevertheless, inproportion to its population of about26 million-one tenth that of theUnited States- Canada is taking inseveral times more immigrants. In
1987, its
1 5 0 , 0 0 0
immigrants were, per
capita, 2-l/2 times the United States’600,000. Whites were still nearly aquarter of the Canadian immigrant
stream, as opposed to about one tenth
for the United States. In 1987, the
largest single group was Asians, at 44
percent. African and Caribbean
blacks were 13 percent and Hispanicswere 11 percent. Since 1980, only half of all immigrants to Canada have beenable to speak English or French.
One hundred fifty thousand new-comers every year aren’t enough forImmigration Minister Barbara Mc-
Dougall. Despite a recent Gallup Poll
that found only 17 percent of 
Canadians favoring more immigra-tion, she has announced a five-year
plan that will bring in 250,000 a year.
In proportion to population, that is
 four times
the rate in the United States,
and the vast majority will continue to
be non-whites. At a time when the
Canadian government, like that of the
United States, is sinking ever deeper
into debt, it has earmarked more thanhalf a billion dollars to spend on reset-tlement costs.
Outside of Quebec, where blackshave created terrible problems,
Asians have attracted the most atten-
tion. Vancouver, on the British
Columbia coast, is their favorite des-tination, and the metropolitan area of a little over one million now has more
than 200,000 Asians. This figure in-cludes Indians, Pakistanis, and Mid-
dle Easterners, as well as Chinese and
Koreans. Some of these groups have
large families; an astonishing 55 per-
"Vancouver will be anAsian city very
cent of Vancouver’s elementaryschool students list a language other
than French or English as their nativetongue. “Vancouver will be an Asian
soon,” predicts Frank Ogden,
a prominent Canadian thinker.
Canadian policy towards HongKong has been the very reverse of Quebec’s policy towards Haiti. ForHong Kong residents who fear theconsequences of the Chinese take-
over in 1997, Canadian citizenship has
essentially been put up for sale to
anyone with at least $150,000 to invest.
If a nation is going to dilute its racialand cultural heritage through im-
migration, it might as well take in therich and hard-working rather than the
poor and idle. Nevertheless, thispolicy clearly shows that Canadian
citizenship has ceased to be an organicbond that holds a people together and
is nothing more than a bureaucratic
detail.Race Relations, Canadian Style
The Canadian attempt at
multi-racialism has resulted in the same dis-
possession of whites and fanaticalanti-racism as in the United States.
Old-time Vancouver residents who donot wish to see their beautiful coastal
March 1991

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