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199107 American Renaissance

199107 American Renaissance

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American Renaissance, July 1991. What is Racism?; Those Awkward Asians; “Civil Rights” and Hypocrisy in Washington; California Dreaming; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters from Readers
American Renaissance, July 1991. What is Racism?; Those Awkward Asians; “Civil Rights” and Hypocrisy in Washington; California Dreaming; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters from Readers

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Published by: American Renaissance on Dec 19, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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by Thomas Jackson
Everyone talks about"racism" but no one everdefines it. AR's assistanteditor has given it a try.
here is surely no nation in theworld that holds "racism" in greater horror than does the United States.Compared to other kinds of offenses,it is thought to be somehow more rep-rehensible. The press and public have become so used to tales of murder,rape, robbery, and arson, that any butthe most spectacular crimes areshrugged off as part of the inevitabletexture of American life. "Racism" isnever shrugged off.For example, when a whiteGeorgetown Law School student re- ported earlier this year that black stu-dents are not as qualified as white stu-dents, it set off a booming, nationalcontroversy about "racism." If the stu-dent had merely murdered someone hewould have attracted far less attentionand criticism.Racism is, indeed, the national ob-session. Universities are on full alertfor it, newspapers and politicians de-nounce it, churches preach against it,America is said to be racked with it, but just what
racism?Dictionaries are not much help inunderstanding what is meant by theword. They usually define it as the belief that one's own ethnic stock issuperior to others, or as the belief thatculture and behavior are rooted inrace. When Americans speak of ra-cism they mean a great deal more thanthis. Nevertheless, the dictionary defini-tion of racism is a clue to understand-ing what Americans
mean. A pecu-liarly American meaning derives fromthe current dogma that all ethnicstocks are equal. Despite clear evi-dence to the contrary, all races have been declared to be equally talentedand hard-working, and anyone whoquestions the dogma is thought to benot merely wrong but evil.The dogma has logical conse-quences that are profoundly important.If blacks, for example, are equal towhites in every way, what accountsfor their poverty, criminality, and dis-sipation? Since any theory of racialdifferences has been outlawed, theonly possible explanation for black failure is white racism. And since blacks are markedly poor,crime-prone, and dissipated, Americamust be racked with pervasive racism. Nothing else could be keeping them insuch an abject state.All public discourse on race todayis locked into this rigid logic. Any ex- planation for black failure that doesnot depend on white wickednessthreatens to veer off into the forbiddenterritory of racial differences. Thus,even if today's whites can find in their hearts no desire to oppress blacks,yesterday's whites must have op- pressed them. If whites do not con-sciously oppress blacks, they mustoppress them
consciously. If no ob-viously racist individuals can be iden-tified, then
must be racist.Or, since blacks are failing so terriblyin America, there simply must be mil-lions of white people we do not knowabout, who are working day and nightto keep blacks in misery. The dogmaof racial equality leaves no room for an explanation of black failure that isnot, in some fashion, an indictment of white people.The logical consequences of thisare clear. Since we are required to be-lieve that the only explanation for non-white failure is white racism,every time a non-white is poor, com-mits a crime, goes on welfare, or takesdrugs, white society stands accused of yet another act of racism. All failure
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Non-whites are said tofail only because whitesare "racists."
American Renaissance - 1 - July 1991
Vol. 2, No. 7 July 1991
What is Racism?
There is not a truth existing which I fear, or would wish unknown to the whole world. – 
Thomas Jefferson
tory charity tax that Americans areobliged to pay every time they go tothe hospital.Insurance companies are hardlyhappy about charity taxes, but theysimply raise their rates to cover them.In my state, Blue Cross and BlueShield estimates that 30 cents out of every dollar it pays out is spent onmandatory charity. My guess is thatmost of it is spent on city dwellers.People who use Blue Cross would probably be correct to assume that 30 percent of their premiums go for char-ity – a "donation" that is not tax de-ductible.Susan Rossi, Paterson (NJ)Sir – Your June article, “The LateGreat American Public School," points out how quickly American cit-ies chew up school superintendentswho try to beat a high school educa-tion into generations of welfare-bredghetto dwellers. Part of the trouble isthat schools must now make up for debauched or even completely absent parents.Officials at Bronx Regional HighSchool, for example, recently foundthat ten percent of their students wereliving on the street – their parentsdead, in jail, derelict, or simply unac-counted for. The school recently got$l million dollars from the state andthe city to build a dormitory for stu-dents who had no place to go, and lo-cal papers have been cooing over theidea of "boarding school" for the un-derclass. Some have even started talk-ing about "Exeter in the Bronx."Fine. Let's all raise a glass to"Exeter in the Bronx." However, thereis something that everyone seems tohave lost sight of. There is a reasonwhy public schools are day schools. Itcosts a lot money to house and feedchildren, and the taxpayer has alwaysexpected parents to handle that. WillBronx Regional start a trend? Willghetto children all start going to tax-supported boarding schools?It has become virtually unamericanto expect people to look after their own children. Anyone who actuallydoes so is by definition thought to bein a position to look after everyoneelse's. As usual, the poor, bloody mid-dle class pays the bill for spongers andlosers. Name Withheld, New York (NY)Sir – I was pleased to see mentionin your June issue of the decision toinstall metal detectors at the SunriseMultiplex Cinemas in Valley Stream(NY). Valley stream is just inside Nassau County on Long Island, veryclose to the border with Queens. It hasa population of 35,000 that is over-whelmingly white, and many recentarrivals are escapees from the morassthat New York City has become.The Sunrise, which is just a few blocks from the Queens border, wasoriginally patronized by local whites.It was a pleasant, spacious moviecomplex with 14 different screens.Over the past few years, it has be-come the virtually exclusive preserveof blacks who come from Brooklynand Queens, claiming – no doubt cor-rectly – that the theaters in their neighborhoods are not nearly soagreeable. Whites no longer go to theSunrise.The new clientele has completelychanged the character of the complex.In the last three years, 135 cars have been reported stolen from the parkinglot, and assaults have become com-mon. Lawlessness reached a peak lastChristmas, when two groups of blacksopened fire on each other during ascreening of 
Godfather Part III.
Four  people were hit in the crossfire andone was killed. Everyone arrested inconnection with the shooting was black, and lived across the border inQueens.In March, the Sunrise redesignedthe lobby around a new security sys-tem. Patrons must now pass throughmetal detectors, and there are 36 tele-vision monitors that survey theaters,American Renaissance - 2 - July 1991
 Letters from Readers
 lobby, and parking lot. The new"security" measures have been widelyreported but white patronage has not picked up. Valley Stream residentsare hardly reassured to think that wereit not for metal detectors, the gentle-man in the next seat might be carryinga gun. Even without guns, blacks are boisterous theater-goers, who reactvery belligerently to requests that theykeep quiet.The Sunrise is a perfect exampleof what your June issue described astaking place in cities all over Amer-ica. What were once pleasant placesinhabited and patronized by whitesare being ruined by demographicchange. – Name withheld, Valley Stream(NY)Sir – Your June cover story aboutthe decay of America's cities was alltoo accurate. As a hospital worker, Ican attest to another sad change thatresults when non-whites move intothe city and whites move out.All hospitals treat a certain number of patients who have no insurance andwho cannot pay their bills. They payfor this by slapping a surcharge on the bills of people who can pay. In subur- ban hospitals, the surcharge may be aslow as four percent, while in city hos- pitals the additional charge for indi-gent patients can be as high as 60 per-cent.Some hospitals clearly list themarkup as a "charity surcharge,"while others simply pad all the other items on the bill. If it were not for thefact that most non-charity patientssimply turn the bills over to insurancecompanies, there would be a greatdeal of screaming about the obliga-
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or misbehavior by non-whites isstanding proof that white society isriddled with hatred and bigotry. For  precisely so long as nonwhites fail tosucceed in life at exactly the samelevel as whites, whites will be, bydefinition, thwarting and oppressingthem.This obligatory patternof thinking leads tostrange conclusions. Firstof all, racism is a sin thatis thought to be commit-ted almost exclusively bywhite people. Indeed, a black congressman fromChicago, Gus Savage, andColeman Young, the black mayor of Detroit, have arguedthat only white people
 be racist.Likewise, in 1987, the affirmative ac-tion officer of the State InsuranceFund of New York issued a company pamphlet in which she explained that
whites are racist and that
whites can be racist. How else couldthe plight of blacks be explained with-out flirting with the possibility of ra-cial inequality?Although some blacks and liberalwhites concede that non-whites can, perhaps, be racist, they invariably addthat non-whites have been forced intoit as self-defense because of centuriesof white oppression. What appears to be non-white racism is so understand-able and forgivable that it hardly de-serves the name. Thus, whether or notan act is called racism depends on therace of the racist. What would surely be called racism when done by whitesis thought to be normal when done byanyone else. The reverse is also true.Examples of this sort of doublestandard are so common, it is almosttedious to list them: When a whiteman kills a black man and uses theword "nigger" while doing so, there isan enormous media uproar and thenation beats its collective breast;when members of the black Yahweh cult carryout ritual murders of ran-dom whites, the media aresilent (see
of March,1991). College campusesforbid pejorative state-ments about non-whites as"racist," but ignore scurri-lous attacks on whites.At election time, if 60 percent of the white votersvote for a white candidate, and 95 percent of the black voters vote for the black opponent, it is whites whoare accused of racial bias. There are107 "historically black" colleges,whose fundamental black-ness must be preserved inthe name of diversity, butall historically white col-leges must be forcibly inte-grated in the name of . . .the same thing. To resistwould be racist."Black pride" is said to be a wonderful and worthything, but anything thatcould be construed as an expressionof white pride is a form of hatred. It is perfectly natural for third-world im-migrants to expect school instructionand driver's tests in their own lan-guages, whereas for native Americansto ask them to learn English is racist.Blatant anti-white prejudice, in theform of affirmative action, is now thelaw of the land Anything remotelylike affirmative action, if practiced infavor of whites, would be attacked asdespicable favoritism.All across the country, black, His- panic, and Asian clubs and caucusesare thought to be fine expressions of ethnic solidarity, but any club or asso-ciation expressly for whites is by defi-nition racist. The National Associationfor the Advancement of Colored Peo- ple (NAACP) campaigns openly for  black advantage but is a respelled"civil rights" organization. The Na-tional Association for the Advance-ment of White People (NAAWP)campaigns merely for equal treatmentof all races, but is said to be viciouslyracist.At a few college campuses, stu-dents opposed to affirmative actionhave set up student unions for whites,analogous to those for blacks, Hispan-ics, etc, and have been roundly con-demned as racists. Recently, when thewhite students at Lowell High Schoolin San Francisco found themselves to be a minority, they asked for a raciallyexclusive club like the ones thatnon-whites have. They were turneddown in horror. Indeed, in Americatoday, any club not specificallyformed to be a white enclave butwhose members simply happen all to be white is branded as racist.Today, one of the favorite slogansthat define the asymmetric quality of American racism is "celebration of diversity." It has begun to dawn on afew people that "diversity" is alwaysachieved at the expense of whites (andsometimes men), and never the other way around Noone proposes that HowardUniversity be made morediverse by admittingwhites, Hispanics, or Asians. No one ever sug-gests that National His- panic University in SanJose (CA) would benefitfrom the diversity of hav-ing non-Hispanics on campus. No onesuggests that the Black CongressionalCaucus or the executive ranks of the NAACP or the Mexican-AmericanLegal Defense and Education Fundsuffer from a lack of diversity. Some-how, it is perfectly legitimate for themto celebrate
. And yet any
American Renaissance
Jared Taylor, Editor Stephen Webster, Assistant Editor James P. Lubinskas Contributing Editor George McDaniel, Web Page Editor  — — — — — — American Renaissance is published monthly by the New Century Foundation. NCF is governed by section501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; contribu-tions to it are tax deductible.Subscriptions to American Renaissance are $24.00 per year. First-class postage isan additional $6.00. Subscriptions to Canada (first class) and overseas (surface mail)are $30.00. Overseas airmail subscriptions are $40.00. Back issues are $3.00 each.Foreign subscribers should send U.S. dollars or equivalent in convertible bank notes.Please make checks payable to: American Renaissance, PO. Box 527, Oakton, VA22124. ISSN No. 1086-9905, Telephone: (703) 716-0900, Facsimile: (703) 716-0932,Web Page Address: www.amren.com Electronic Mail: AR@amren.com
 American Renaissance - 3 - July 1991

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