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AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season 1 Recap and Spoilers – E01

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season 1 Recap and Spoilers – E01

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Charles Heiskell Kope on Dec 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AMC’s “The Walking Dead”: Season 1 Recap and Spoilers – E01
December 13, 2010
This article is about AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season 1 Episode 1 and is Part 1 of 6 articles.The first thing I did when I heard AMC was creating a television series based off the comic series,“The Walking Dead” was leap out of my chair and do my happy dance. Not only was there finally goingto be a television series about living in a post-apocalyptic, world in which the dead have risen, but it wasgoing to be based off Robert Kirkman’s amazing comic series, “The Walking Dead.” Needless to say,before the beginning of the season, I had already read each and every issue of the comic series inpreparation for the premier of “The Walking Dead” this past Halloween, 2010. Every week, I was gluedto my television for an hour in horror and suspense as I watched Rick Grimes cope with his world onscreen.The first episode of the season was entitled “Days Gone By,” an appropriate title to a reader of the comic series as it was the title of the first issue of “The Walking Dead” (Image Trade Paperback). Theepisode begins as we are introduced to the main character, Officer Rick Grimes, and his coworker, ShaneWalsh, played by Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal, respectively. Rick gets shot in the line of duty, and istaken to the hospital where he lay in a coma for quite some time. When he finally comes to, he finds thehospital void of all life. When he leaves the hospital into the outside world, he realized the situationextended further than he had ever expected. Dead bodies lay on the street; some covered in shrouds,and many flies swarming the corpses, aiding the decomposition.Focused on finding his family, he wanders home in search of his wife and son, Lori and Carl,played by Sarah Wayne Callies and Chandler Riggs, respectively. On the way, he meets a man, MorganJones, and his son, Duane, respectively played by Lennie Jones and Adrian Kali Turner, taking refuge in aneighbors’ house. After being mistaken as an undead attacker and nearly being knocked back into acoma by a shovel, Morgan and Duane explain to Rick the dire situation they are all facing; the world hasbeen overrun by corpses who have risen from the dead. Outside, Morgan’s undead wife, played byKeisha Tillis, was still wandering outside the house in search of living flesh. After returning home insearch of Lori and Carl, he discovers that they are gone, and items were missing from his home, such asphotos and mementos. After determining from this evidence that they had left for safety camp, Morganinformed him that such a camp had been assembled in Atlanta. Rick and Morgan headed for the PoliceStation where Rick had once worked and loaded up on weapons and supplies. After saying his goodbyesto Morgan and Duane, Rick headed off for the city in search of his wife.Upon his arrival in the city, Rick was met by hordes of the walking dead. Rick was cornered andsought cover inside of an abandoned tank. With mobs of walkers scratching at the tank, he saw no hope.All of a sudden, a voice broke the air. It was the radio. “Hey you… Dumbass… Yeah, you in the tank. Cozyin there?”I thought this was an amazing episode. Everything from the cast to the particular camera anglesof the scenes, I thought this pilot was an amazing episode. Everything came together beautifully. Theintensity of the first scene with the car chase was very engaging, and was a great hook to the firstepisode. The way they transitioned Rick going from the scene of the shooting to waking up in thehospital was perfect and followed the comic book very closely. This episode was in no way to the “t”with the comic series, but it had enough of the originality that made me comfortable. This included therelationship between Rick and Shane, meeting Morgan and Duane, and the scene where Rick rides on
horseback into the city to find his family. These relationships were monumental in the comic series, andI am very pleased to see their transition to the screen. I was also very excited to see the scene with Rickriding alone into the city with the stopped, dense traffic appearing to have been headed in the oppositedirection. This was a very powerful scene in the comic book, and I feel the shot in the series paid greatrespect to the work of Tony Moore, illustrator of the early issues of “The Walking Dead.”Referenceshttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt1520211/ http://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=669591&AffID=702435P01

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