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The Tourist - Spoilers, Recap, And Photos

The Tourist - Spoilers, Recap, And Photos

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Charles Heiskell Kope on Dec 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“The Tourist” – Spoilers, Recap, and Photos
December 19, 2010
“The Tourist” opened in theaters on December 10, 2010 with an awesome cast including JohnnyDepp and Angelina Jolie. With such huge names in the film, I thought this film would be worth a viewing.After paying the ticket price and sitting down in the dark theater, I relaxed and awaited the film to start.The trailers I had seen for this film portrayed it as somewhat of an action or thriller film, and with thestars from “Tomb Raider” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” this is what I was expecting for this film.The film started out from the perspective of a couple of surveillance officers in Paris, Francefollowing Elise, Jolie’s character, to a café. They watched as she ordered her usual meal; tea with orange juice and a croissant. As she was eating her lunch, a courier approached her with a letter. After readingthe letter, Elise burned it; following the instructions provided. She left the café and got on the 8:33 trainat Lyon station to Venice, as the note instructed. The note also instructed her to “find a man and makethem think he is me.” At this point in the film it is not revealed to the audience who ‘me’ actually is.Following the instructions, Elise sits with a man named Frank, played by Johnny Depp, who is sittingthere reading a book and smoking an electronic cigarette. Frank is an American math teacher visitingItaly, and is surprised by Elise’s forwardness. Elise then strangely requested that Frank asked her todinner. He replied, “Would you like to go to dinner?” Elise said, “Are you asking?” Frank tried again, thistime stating, “Join me for dinner.” Elise this time retorted with a shake of her head and said, “Toodemanding.” Finally, Frank correctly responded with a very graceful, “I will be eating dinner later. Iwould like it very much if you would join me.” Elise smile and accepted.At this point in the film, it was still rather early and I was curious as to what was going on. It wasnot explained who sent neither the note nor who Elise was working for. At this point I also rememberthinking to myself,
why is Johnny Depp playing a nobody-math-teacher? 
I found the plot of the storyway too simple for the big celebrities they cast in the film.Anyway, as Frank and Elise are dining on the train, officers were scanning photos of him todetermine his identity. His photo was sent to the police through a camera capable of uploading imagesto the network. After sending out an order to apprehend him at the train station in Venice, theauthorities sit back and wait for the results to come through. The facial recognition specialistdetermined his true identity, which was not that of the man they were looking for. The man they hadbeen looking for is named Pierce, and is wanted for sealing over 700 pounds from a gangster. Withoutconfirmation on his theorized identity, the authorities called off the apprehension.I will admit that this film did get rather intense as the heat was on Frank. I empathized withFrank in as much as he was a tourist in a foreign country and he was stuck in the middle of obviously anelaborate conspiracy to frame him. It seemed undeserving and unfair for him to be stuck in thatsituation. I also felt that Angelina Jolie’s gigantic eyes and bony face made her look evil and malicious.But then again, this is simply my opinion.Frank and Elise went their separate ways when they got off the train. Frank began to orienthimself by checking a map when Elise called to him from a boat in the canal outside the station. Frankgot on the boat with her and accompanied Elise to her hotel. When checking in at the hotel, she gaveher name and referred to Frank as her husband. Curious but keeping quiet, Frank followed her up to herelegant suite, where he made himself comfortable. Frank noticed Elise had some fancy new garmentsand jewelry left in the room by the concierge of the hotel. He asked her who left those for her, and if it
was presumably her husband or boyfriend, what he was like. Afterward, Frank and Elise went out todinner and had a good time before returning to the hotel room together. Frank noticed some flowersleft in the room that had not been there before. Elise walked over and checked the card, finding aninvitation to a ball. Elise walked over to the window and leaned out, noticing an officer in a boat takingphotos of her, unbeknownst to Frank. He walked up to join her, and Elise turned around and kissedFrank on the lips, posing for the camera. It was clear to me now that she was attempting to set him upfor something. Elise turned around, went into the bedroom, and said goodnight to Frank, saying that shehoped the couch would be comfortable enough for him. Frank and Elise got ready for to go to sleep onthe couch and the bed, respectively. Frank awoke to find the concierge next to him, preparing hisbreakfast. Frank was confused and responded, “I didn’t order any breakfast.” The concierge continuedto inform him that Elise had ordered breakfast for him before she left. Frank quickly got up and went tothe bathroom to gather his senses. As the concierge was leaving, two men entered the room. Noticingthey had guns, Frank locked himself in the bathroom and searched for an exit. Finding his only hope of fleeing out of a window, he takes this opportunity and begins to run across roof after roof of Italianbuildings while being chased by two strange, armed men.Elise noticed Frank running across the buildings in his pajamas being chased by two men.Unknown to everyone, the authorities were also watching Elise along with Frank, running along therooftops. Frank ran from building to building until finally climbing onto a balcony. With no other option,Frank climbed over the railing and jumped off the balcony just as the men were about to catch him. Hecrashed through an awning, onto a fruit stand, and knocked an officer into the canal. As he ran away, hewas arrested for assaulting an officer, and was incarcerated. Frank was then questioned by Italian policeand was then locked in a holding cell while he was being processed. The night of his stay, a man enteredFrank’s cell, telling him that he was in danger. The man handcuffed him, for protection he said, andloaded him onto a boat. When the boat arrived at an undisclosed location, the man got out and walkeddown the dock, leaving Frank handcuffed to the boat. When two other men showed up and paid Frank’sunknown kidnapper, it was clear to him that he was being traded for the bounty on Pierce. Unable toescape, Frank scrambled for a way off the boat. All of a sudden, Elise came to the rescue on anotherboat, and threw Frank a rope. He attached the rope to the part of the boat to which he was handcuffed,and held on tight. While the men were distracted, Elise put the pedal to the medal, towing the boathaphazardly down the canal.After a long and comedic chase, Elise finally gets Frank on the boat, removes his handcuffs, andabandons him on a dock with cash and his belongings. As she speeds away, Frank says “But I love you.”Elise continues on her boat up the canal. She stops at a Law Enforcement Building, gives her name andidentification number, and goes inside to meet her boss. As it turns out, Elise had been working anundercover case to catch Pierce, the thief. However, rather than doing her job, she falls in love withPierce and fails to give the authorities any information that would be useful to them. All of a sudden,after meeting Frank, Elise was willing to do her job and hand Pierce over to them. The officers then drawup a sting operation in order to catch Pierce incriminating himself over an audio recorder. The stingoperation was going to take place at the ball to which Elise had been invited in the hotel room.However, in the middle of the sting operation, Frank shows up to woo Elise, stealing her opportunity tocapture Pierce. As a result, the authorities pick up Frank and hold him in their van as they conductanother sting operation in order to make sure that he will not mess it up as he had done in the ball.However, when Frank saw that Elise’s life was in danger, he escaped the authorities and entered thesituation, pretending to be Pierce to save her life.
The ending of this film is the only scene I will not discuss. I have left out some key points so thatyou will have to go see this movie for yourself. All in all, the ending is not at all what you would expect,and I believe that if this plot summary held you this far you might want to invest in a ticket.On a more critical note, I do not think it was necessary to put such big name celebrities in thisfilm. It seemed to be more of a laid back comedy that is fun to see every once in a while if you are nottoo interested in following a complicated plot. This film has a very simple plot, involves a love story, amystery identity, spies and police, and plenty of action and comedy. There are no real hardcore violentscenes, nor is there particularly a lot of bad language. However there is a death scene involvingaggressive strangulation that I do not believe is appropriate for children, and there are a few momentswhere there is an F-bomb or two dropped. If these things make a bad movie, then by all means avoid it. Igive this film my recommendations if you enjoy an easy-to-watch comedy about two attractive, A-listcelebrities.Referenceshttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt1243957/

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Thinking about seeing the new Johnny Depp/Angelina Jolie movie "The Tourist?" Here's a surprising review, photos, and some spoilers.
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